Top 13 Benefits On What Is Vitamin B12 Good For In The Body

what is vitamin b12 good for

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin which can keep the red blood cells and nerves strong and healthy. In reality, it is responsible for the appropriate functioning of some important body processes.

Actually, it is possible for the body to suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12. This shortage is usually reported with the popular symptoms of tiredness and fatigue.

For those heavy drinkers and smokers, strict vegetarians and pregnant as well as bread-feeding women, and the elderly, the vitamin B12 supplements are required. The human body, especially the digestive system, sometimes cannot be able to absorb this vitamin in nature well. This occurs when n individual has pernicious anemia, celiac disease, a parasite, Crohn’s disease or a bacteria growth in small intestine. Those having these problems might need vitamin B12 supplements.

So, how much B12 do you need?

The amount of vitamin B12 you need is determined mainly by your current age. Below are the Dietary Reference Intakes built by the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine, in micrograms:

  • Birth-6 months: 0.4 micrograms
  • Infants from 7 to 12 months: 0.5 micrograms
  • Children from 1 to 3 years: 0.9 micrograms
  • Children from 4 to 8 years: 1.2 micrograms
  • Children from 9 to 13 years: 1.8 micrograms
  • Teens from 14 to 18 years: 2.4 micrograms
  • Adults: 2.4 micrograms
  • Pregnant teens and women: 2.6 micrograms
  • Breastfeeding teens and women: 2.8 micrograms

Vitamin B12 can be found in foods like meat, fish, and dairy products. It could also be made in a laboratory. It also may be found in some fortified cereals and nutritional yeast.

Now, what is vitamin b12 good for in the body? Read on the following list to discover a series of positive effects of vitamin B12 on health, skin and more – collected by!

13 What Is Vitamin B12 Good For In The Body– Benefits For Health, Skin, Hair And More 

1. Eczema 

what is vitamin b12 good for

When applied to the human skin, vitamin B12 might help in fighting eczema. According to a study, people who used the vitamin B12 cream had experienced a great reduction in the severity of their eczema.

2. Protect Against Certain Types Of Cancer 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Vitamin B12 can help particularly with certain types of cancer, both preventing them from happening and helping to cure it if it is already there. The cancers are lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancer among many other types of cancer. These are common and most deadly cancers out there, so it is worth checking out your own vitamin levels, containing vitamin B12 to see if you are lacking in a certain type of vitamin or not.

3. Protect Heart Health 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Heart health protection is one of the answers for the question of “What is vitamin b12 good for?” This is also one of the most appreciated benefits of vitamin B12.

Heart diseases of all kinds are the top killer of Americans, so it is absolutely worth taking time to warrant that your own vitamin B12 levels are in proper order.

It is shown that vitamin B12 can improve cardiovascular system in general, and a shortage is usually seen in those people with heart problems.

Because the human heart is one of the most vital organs, so it is crucial to take appropriate and good care of it, and whilst one particular vitamin B12 will not be a miracle answer, it could help if incorporated in a comprehensive approach.

4. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Vitamin B12 has been credited for assisting people in treating and preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease. If your family has many members suffering from Alzheimer’s or you are anxious about coming down with it in your future, then it is a good idea to begin eating more those foods with high amount of vitamin B12. Do not just rely on a multivitamin or synthetic source; in fact, all of the natural strategies are best for both the mind and body.

5. Happiness And Health 

what is vitamin b12 good for

If recently, you feel constantly low in energy level, then it can be that you are not getting enough vitamin B12. Aside from other B vitamins, B12 is well-known for its ability to keep you feeling energized and alert. It is also the answer why many kinds of energy drinks contain vitamin B12 in their ingredients. However, you had better take vitamin B12 in the natural form, from foods, rather than from unnatural sources.

6. Reduce Depression 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Many vitamins containing D have been said to be helpful in dealing with depression, and vitamin B12 is not different. Make sure that you maintain your vitamins at the optimal levels. However, just doctors can let you know for sure, and it is relatively easy and quick process to complete. By that way, you will know precisely which kinds of vitamins you need more and which ones are good on, rather than playing the guessing game.

7. Metabolize Proteins 

what is vitamin b12 good for

It is said that one of the major features of vitamin B12 is that it plays a vital role in protein metabolism, which might trickle into a few areas of the human body. Normally, people do not notice these benefits when their vitamin B12 level is balanced, and they might not even be able to realize a reduction if they begin to run low.

8. Great For Brain Health 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Aside from helping preventing Alzheimer’s, this vitamin also supplies benefits for the brain health, and helps in preventing the so-called “brain shrinkage”, leading to the conditions like dementia when people get older.

9. Good For Digestion 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Vitamin B12 can help the digestive system properly function, and you will realize that once you do not get enough amount of it. In that case, you will be prone to suffer from constipation as well as an unhealthy digestive system. Because sluggish digestive system could result in general toxicity within the human body, it is crucial for you to keep things moving at a steady pace.

Do so by eating more foods which are rich in fiber and high in the proper mix of vitamins.

Check out: nutrition tips for digestion

10. Improve Skin Health 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Vitamin B12 supplies good benefits to the skin, thereby assisting in repairing damaged skin cells and keeping your own skin looking its best. Getting the good mix of B vitamins could help many conditions ranging from redness and dryness to acne as well as other blemishes. If you want to have radiate and clear skin, then it is simply something you really do not want to run low on.

11. Good For Hair

what is vitamin b12 good for

Often added to those commercial hair care products, vitamin B12 has the ability to add healthy look and shine to hair. Yet, you can still get the required amount of vitamin B12 through your daily foods. And, you can even make your hair shine more if you use a topical treatment including this type of vitamin. Contain chicken, eggs, and other seafood to your daily diet because they are rich in vitamin B12, without having to purchase those costly hair products.

12. Good For Nails 

what is vitamin b12 good for

Not only will vitamin B12 be good for your skin and hair, but it also helps your nail health a lot. This is particularly true if you are running low in this kind of vitamins. Yet, in case you have not, then you may not notice any difference. Yet, if you notice your nails unhealthy, then you might not take enough vitamin B12. Check out your vitamin intake and see what could be improved.

13. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

what is vitamin b12 good for

High blood pressure is considered as one of the most popular illnesses recent days, and is one which usually requires medications to treat. In fact, it is rather difficult to control the blood pressure just by willing yourself to do it. However, having the right amounts of vitamin B12 could get your own body to begin responding on the physiological level, so it is not necessary for you to think about reducing your blood pressure, it only occurs naturally because your body get what it needs.

After knowing the answers for the question “What is vitamin B12 good for?”, you might wonder that how you can know if you have vitamin B12 deficiency, right? Well, a simple blood test could determine the B12 levels in a human body. If your energy level is low, and your stores are low as well, your doctor might prescribe a proper supplement. The supplemental vitamin B12 is nowadays available in tablets that dissolve under your tongue, in pill form and in a gel that you can apply inside nostrils. Sometimes, you doctor might prefer to resort injections to enhance B12 levels.

Also, you should be aware of the amount of vitamin B12 in your diet, yet you do not need to overly worry about if you are not in a certain at-risk group. The best way to get vitamin B12 is through the food you eat. Go for a well-rounded diet which contains fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Regardless of what benefit you want from it, vitamin B12 can be extremely beneficial to your body, so if you have any comment about this “What is vitamin B12 good for in the body” article, share your thoughts with us by dropping words below the nutrition post. We will feedback soon.

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