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They took the money and ran away, no official website exists anymore and you can only get this on EBay. No real explanation is provided to help prove any of the intended health claims either, so realistically there’s no reason to try it. Find out what we uncovered about the male enhancement Zenerx by skimming the table of contents.

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Zenerx Overview

You don’t even get the full ingredients list on their only official seller’s page. The company as decided to become strictly a seller to EBay, and they do not give any reliable proof to showcase exactly why anyone should invest in this product.

All you get are the same exact kinds of supposed health benefits that the average male enhancement product claims to offer. We also saw that the company was poorly reviewed, and many said that they would not honor their previous money back guarantee. There really isn’t a single reason why anyone should have faith in this brand; no evidence of any kind is ever given.

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Zenerx Claims

The only source for information is on their EBay page and according to this site, it is intended to produce “immediate… long-term male enhancement”. They also add how this can make erections stronger, improve stamina, energy, confidence, improve body functions, make sex more enjoyable, and improve your partner’s pleasure.

All this sounds great but they offer no actual evidence to back it up. This includes testimonials, all you’re presented with are simple claims that any supplement can make. There really is no reason to believe them at their word.

The official says that the company is closed, but they still offer sales on their EBay page. A reason why they may have decided to take this route is because of the complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. There were customers who complained that they never got their money back, even though they were told it was backed by a return policy.

Some even said that the company wouldn’t respond to requests to get a refund, they were ignored and never contacted back. This is why they have a C+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. On Pissed Consumer they also have 9 complaints, all related to the side effects and shady business practices. The lack of a refund made a customer say:

“Zenerx… is a scam”

They apparently did not attempt to correct the situation in which this customer had side effects and they still could not get a refund. There was another man who said their personal information was sold and that they started receiving advertisements from other companies.

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Zenerx Ingredients

It’s not yet 100% verified that the following are used,  the only way we know these are supposedly added is because we found an old ingredients list from a 3rd party website. We don’t want to say for sure if these are still used, but at some point this was the official ingredient list:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Catuaba Bark
  • L-Arginine
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Maca Root
  • Cnidium
  • Epimedium
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Jujube
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Niacin
  • Mucuna Pruriens

If this is all truly used then for the most part they use well-regarded and established ingredients. It’s all natural and they don’t add any stimulants. You get Korean Red Ginseng for general wellness and circulation, Maca for libido and vigor, and Tribulus Terrestris, a general aphrodisiac which can make engaging in sex easier.

Other great ingredients include L-Arginine, an amino acid that can make it easier to keep blood flow going. A lot of support is offered from each ingredient. The problem remains however you won’t know for certain what the full dosage strength. By not knowing this key piece of information, there’s no way to two for certain if they include it in a meaningful enough amount.

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The Science Behind Zenerx

There is no proof ever provided. All you have to go by are claims and the hope that other 3rd party websites are accurate about what’s included. For unknown reasons the only source for reliable information is their EBay page where they fail to mention a single ingredient.

The results are intended to be immediate but without knowing the dosage strength there is no way to know if this is true. Even though what may be the ingredients seem like a good blend, without the actual potency its unknown if they include everything in meaningful enough amounts.

If it’s underdosed then it would be unlikely to cause potential benefits. It’s really impossible to determine much more about this brand until they publish detailed information. Claims aren’t good enough to suggest the use of any supplement, no matter how good they make it seem.

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Word on the Street about Zenerx

“I make sure I’m in good health at my age and even with a small amount I had shortness of breath and it just didn’t work”

“every time I take it I end up getting bad coughing spells and lightheadedness to the point I feel like passing out. I don’t think it’s worth the trouble”

“This is a total scam and it didn’t work. The only time I took it I ended up with rapid heart rate and it made me so uncomfortable”

“These side effects are real difficultly to work with and they last for a couple of hours. These nasty symptoms are best avoided; wish I could get my money back”

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Is Zenerx Worth a Try?

There’s no real reason why anyone should try it, the information is lacking and the company fails to give their case. When a company decides to no longer market their brand and only sell it on an easy to set up EBay page, it’s clear they have given up on making a great product.

They no longer off a money back return which according to their Better Business’ Page, used to be an issue. Instead of correcting this they have decided to completely avoid it altogether, not giving customers the ability to get their money back in case it doesn’t work.

You also won’t know for certain what the ingredients are until you get their product. They have no actual supplements facts list, nor do they ever list any of their ingredients. This is no way to take a supplement; you may end up getting a brand which cheap or low dosage strength which is ineffective and worthless.

The sales price is high without there being any reason to justify why it should be this much. Because of all the lacking details there is no good reason to suggest this brand over other male enhancement products. You risk wasting your time, money, and possibly negatively affecting your health.

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Zenerx vs Virectin

If you were to look at only the ingredients in Virectin you would think it’s a great supplement, a lot of it is useful for male enhancement. The problem is that they decided to use xanthoparmelia scabrosa, a controversial ingredient which is best avoided. There’s the risk factor for actual cell death if it’s taken.

Another major issue is the fact this was banned in Germany since it was considered to be just as strong as a prescription brand. Many who tried it had similar experiences, a lack of positive change.

Zenerx vs VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a strange supplement. They use a lot of ideal ingredients which can help boost male enhancement. The problem is that for some reason, the large majority of consumers said that it failed to offer any benefits. What’s most alarming is that quite a few users had side effects which forced them to stop using it.

There were also many complaints against the company because of their alleged lack of customer service support. The unexpected and unwanted charges were a main problem. Some said that the shipment never came, yet they were still charged.

Zenerx vs Viagra

You may not be able to use Viagra safely. It’s a prescription ingredient that may cause side effects if you don’t take it exactly as a physician advises. There’s also the need to avoid mixing it with other substances including alcohol.

The cost is going to be more than what you’d expect for a supplement. Though Viagra is popular it does not mean it’s going to be worth it. Those who have issues with their heart or blood pressure would be advised to avoid it, as it may make these problems worse.

Zenerx vs Androzene

The majority of customers said Androzene didn’t work, and some even said they experienced side effects. This may be because they use 3 controversial ingredients, the stimulants guarana and yohimbe may cause side effects.

They even add xanthoparmelia scabrosa, an ingredient which can cause cell death. There’s good reason why this is suggested to be unsafe by many 3rd party review websites. It’s clear this is a very poor supplement, it’s just not worth it when you factor in the possible issues. You also have to pay a premium of $137.99 for a 30 day supply, much more so than the average.

Zenerx vs Extenze

The fact Extenze had to pay out class action lawsuits and was found to engage in unfair business practices are just part of the concern. Even their formula is controversial; the fact they have decided to keep using the stimulant yohimbe is a serious potential problem.

The company also had to reformulate after adding a now banned ingredient. This was seen to be a potential hazard after it was revealed in studies it could cause serious side effects. In judging Extnze now, there were a lot of issues customers experienced.

Zenerx FAQ

  1. Can I get Zenerx at GNC and what’s the price?
    It is not offered at GNC.
  1. Where can I find Zenerx in stores?
    You can’t, the only known and trusted source is through the companies EBay seller page, no other place sells Zenerx. It’s not in any physical locations.
  1. What are the full Zenerx ingredients?
    No official listing is ever provided but it’s believed they use the following: Catuaba, ginkgo biloba, L-Arginine, Korean red ginseng, maca, tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, cnidium, zinc, mucuna pruriens, niacin, and jujube.
  1. Are there any Zenerx side effects to worry about?
    Uncommon side effects happened but only a few customers reviewed it. The majority said it caused symptoms which ranged from general stimulant side effects and illness.
  1. What can you tell me about Everest Nutrition, the makers of Zenerx?
    They still have a website up but they don’t offer any information about why they are only doing sales on EBay. All they say is that the company is closed, yet they still sell their supplement. It’s unknown if this means that they no longer make it fresh.
  1. Does Walmart sell Zenerx and if so, for how much?
    No sales are offered on Walmart, only through their EBay profile.
  1. Where can I get Zenerx for sale?
    The only source is on their official EBay page, and they offer discounts if bulk amounts are purchased.
  1. What do unbiased Zenerx customer reviews have to say about it?
    Most of the criticism was due to the lack of benefits and side effects. Generally you’ll find people saying that all it did was produce side effects.
  1. Can I get Zenerx on Amazon?
    No, it used to be listed there but it is no longer available. A few customers have a discussion there however.
  1. What are common Zenerx reviews?
    Ever since the company stopped selling this on their website it became harder to find and as such, reviews died down. The few available reviews said that it didn’t work at all and some had side effects including rapid heart rate, blurred vision, and coughing.

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So What Really Works?

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This doesn’t rely on any short lasting or cheap stimulants which can lead to side effects. Everything is added in the amount you would hope for in order to help maximize sexual vigor. There’s also a lot of great feedback from customers who said they were able to perform in the bedroom just like they used to. Learn all about why we choose Viritenz and favorited as the best supplement for male enhancement this year.

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