How to declutter your life and reduce stress – 11 tips

One of the reasons that cause stress and affect your life is excessive clutter. It takes your time as well as your finance and drives you in chaos. It seems to be a challenge to you in case that you don’t know what should be done first. However, don’t worry; you just need to follow these small steps that can help you tackle clutter. Therefore, on Vkool, I would like to share with you 11 tips on how to declutter your life and reduce stress. I hope that you will find them interesting.

Discovering 11 Tips On How To Declutter Your Life And Reduce Stress

1. Donate Your Old Unused Books To A Local Library

how to declutter your life-donate your old unused books to a local library

It is tricky to remove books that you have not used for a long time. We all know that books provide us knowledge and useful information in variety of fields. However, they are not valuable in case of lying on the shelves. You would rather donate those books to libraries rather than keep them in a corner somewhere. As the result, you can enjoy more space at the same time; other people can read a lot of interesting and useful books.

So, it is beneficial both sides. Therefore, it is a good way on how to declutter your life.

2. Replace A Pile Of Books With An EBook Reader

how to declutter your life-replace a pile of books with an ebook reader

One of the effective ways on how to declutter your life is to replace a pile of books with an eBook reader. We all may know the benefits of an eBook reader. Firstly, it is convenient to bring eBook reader to anywhere you want. You just need a smart phone or a laptop to read books. Secondly, switch to eBook reader, you can remove a big pile of books to have more space. This is a way to declutter your shelves. Equally important, digital library is a huge resource of information that you can learn more in different fields.

3. Donate Or Throw Away Stuff You Did Not Use

how to declutter your life-donate or throw away stuff you did not use

Your collection of clothes may pile up over time. Then, your house is full of stuff such as books, CDs, clothes that may occupy a large space. Such things may be the factors distract you and increase stress. Removing them is the suggestion for you. You just need a box to stuff them, and then you can sell, throw away or donate them depending on you.

4. Review Your Expenses And Monthly Bills

how to declutter your life-review your expenses and monthly bills

You should control your finance by keeping track of your daily expenses. By this way, you can know clearly what you spend monthly. Moreover, it can help you avoid buying the unnecessary things. Write down all expenses in a note book. From that, you decide what should be set aside to save your budget.

5. Buy Better Quality Items

how to declutter your life-buy better quality items

Buying the quality items is one of the methods on how to decluter you life. The low-quality and cheap items cannot be long-lasting. As the result, you have to replace them frequently.

Over time, they pile up and your house is flooded by such stuff. It is recommended that you should buy the high-quality products to avoid the clutter, although you have to pay much money for high-quality products compare to the cheap ones. But it doesn’t mean to encourage you to spend for branded products. In some case, the low-priced items are the best choice. You can save money if having the right choice.

6. Start With Your Desk

how to declutter your life-start with your desk

There are many factors that affect your life and your work and cause stress and pressure. The work area has a big impact on the working productivity, therefore it is needed to decluter your work area. You should tidy everything on the desk and from the drawers. Sort out the materials and files and remove all the stuff as much as possible. The working environment has a big impact on working attitude. Try to keep your work place clean and neat in order to enhance the working productivity. By this way, it can help you stay energized at work.

7. Decluter Your Computer

how to declutter your life-decluter your computer

Try to keep the desktop clean by removing all icons, files and programs which are not necessary. They are the main factors that slow down your computer. You have habit of bookmarking some sites that you find them interesting. But actually, you hardly read them again. Even to your smart phone, don’t install unnecessary apps. Especially, for working, when turning on the computer flooded with stuff, it may distract you and cause the headache at work.

8. Simply Your Rooms

how to declutter your life-simply your rooms

Your rooms are full of clutter but you don’t know how to start. I will give you some guides. First, you clean up all things on the floor. You can sort out them to throw away or donating them depending on quality. Then, you move to tidy such things to countertops, shelves, tops of dressers.

9. Tackle The Closets.

how to declutter your life-tackle the closets

You may tend to store everything that is not used in closets. It can be a great place to remove things out of your sight. However, you should try to sort out the things whether keep or throw them away. Basing on its quality, you can donate them. So, try to clean and wipe out the unnecessary things. A specific place is needed to store them.

10. Reduce Commitments

how to declutter your life-reduce commitments

We have to solve a lot of things in different fields of life such as home, work, school, hobbies. Our mind is full of commitments and you don’t know what should be the priorities. Here are some suggestions for you. Look at the list of commitments and choose what you want to do most and really enjoy it to invest your time and your effort.

You know time is gold, so you should not waste your time on nonsense. Therefore, just spend time on activities that bring you value because trying to fulfill all the commitments sometimes may cause you stress and anxiety.

11. Reconsider Your Routines

how to declutter your life-reconsider your routines

Have you ever thought about reconsidering your routines? It seems to be the effective way on how to declutter your life and reduce stress that you should take consideration. Many activities take place in a day and you have to deal with them. However, not many people set up daily routines themselves. That may lead to a chaotic situation causing stress and reducing productivity. Write down all things and make a daily or weekly plan. It may bring you the sense of order to your life.

I have just recommended you 11 tips on how to declutter your life and reduce stress. Do you find them interesting and helpful? Let me know by leaving the comment and joining the discussion. I am willing to respond to you.

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