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Updates: 07/11/2024

Most of us are too busy so we barely have time to think about our own life and dreams. Life seems to be so much busier than it used to. Work demands so more, and kids have increasingly packed schedules. We all want to live a simple life without stress or anxiety, yet most of us have not quite figured out how to gain it. This article will reveal to you top easy ways to simplify your life and mind. Read on now!

Best Ways To Simplify Your Life – Top 24 Easy Tips Revealed

1. Make A List Of Important Things In Your Life

ways to simplify your life reviewThe question here is: what is the most important thing to you? You need to value from 4 to 5 things that you want to do most in the life. In fact, simplifying start with the priorities when you are trying to make room your life so that you are going to have more spare time for these things.

2. Assess Your Commitments And Time

After knowing the most important things to your life, then it is time for you to look at everything you have in your own life, from hobbies to work, home and other business aspects. Just think about which of them can actually give you the real value and which ones you love doing the most. Which of these are in line with the 4 or 5 things listed above?

Then, once you have evaluated your commitments, start evaluating your time. How do you spend each of your days? What do you do from waking up to going to sleep? Just make a complete list and evaluate whether they are in line with the priorities. If not, eradicate the things that are not, then concentrate on important things. Try to redesign your day.

3. Eliminate Stress

ways to simplify your life bookIf possible, you should create a morning routine that will affect the rest of your own day in a positive way. Learn to eliminate stress in your current life can make your mind much lighter, thereby simplifying your life. Add meditation into your morning routine so that you will have more peace and calm throughout the day.

4. Simplify Tasks

Those people who often get stress as their work day is made up of too much work tasks. If you simply try to eliminate all the tasks on your to-do list, then you will hardly get everything done. Even, if things get worse, you cannot get the most important one done. So, concentrate on the necessary tasks and abolish the rest.

5. Say “Yes” Less

This is considered as the key habits for those people who try to simplify their lives. Over extending yourself might complicate your life. It is better for you to learn to say “no” when you cannot or do not want to do something. You do not owe anyone an excuse or a reason. If you cannot say no, then you might take on too much.

6. Control Your Communication

As usual, our life are often filled with a large number of communication means, such as IM, cell phones, paper mail, email, Skype, Twitter forums, and so one. If you spend time on them, they can take up your whole day. Hence, the advice now is to put a limit on your communications. Spend limited time on email, IM, or phone calls. Set a proper schedule and stick to it.

There are a lot of useful ways to simplify your life and mind, if you want to know more, you should read the Simplify book.

7. Limit Your Media Consumption

ways to simplify your life guideSimilar to the above tip, however, this is not suitable for everyone. In case that media consumption is actually critical for you, then you can skip this. In fact, in these days, media communication is dominating our life. The common media means are TV, Internet, radio, magazines, etc. So, do not let it. Just simplify your life as well as your information by controlling over it.

8. Do What You Want

If you have spare time, make sure that you spend it on doing what you love and want. To do this, go back to the list of 4 or 5 things you have just listed out. Do those, and nothing else.

See: simple tips for life control.

9. Spend Time With Your Loved

Whether those people are your partner, children, parents, best friends, or whoever, just finding time to do simple things with them, or talk to them can make you feel happier and more beneficial.

10. Spend Time For Yourself

When it comes to easy ways to simplify your life and mind, alone time is great for you, though some people do not welcome or are uncomfortable with it. It can take practice from you to get used to the quiet, making room for the inner voice. Although it sounds new-agey, it is strongly calming. This quiet is essential as you will find out what is really important to you.

11. Drive Slowly

ways to simplify your life pdfYou and I, due to the busy life, often rush through traffic, getting frustrated and stressed out. Yet, this can endanger us as well as other people in the meantime. Driving slower can keep you safer and also is better on your fuel bill. This could be incredibly peaceful. Just take a try.

12. Live In The Present

Living in the present could make a great difference in simplifying your current life. In simple words, live here and now. Keep aware of your life and of what is going on within and around you. It can do wonders for your own sanity.

13. Define “Enough” Point

You had better know what “enough” is in order to simplify your life. Often, we want to get more and more, without limitation. Of course, you can get more clothes and shoes. More stuff as possible. Yet, when will you stop? Most of us do not know and we keep doing more and more. It is vicious cycle. So, your task now is to get off that cycle by figuring out how much is enough.

14. Eat Healthy

Perhaps, you are wondering how healthy eating can simplify your life. Think about the opposite. Once you eat greasy, fatty, salty, sugary, and fried foods day by day, you obviously will increase your doctor visits over the long term. Being unhealthy is also a complicated thing that you need to avoid. Eating healthy will simplify your own life in the long run.

There are a lot of useful ways to simplify your life and mind, if you want to know more, you should read the Simplify book.

15. Exercise

ways to simplify your life downloadAgain, this will go along the above tip, because it simplifies your life. However, it even goes further. Exercises can help burn off anxiety and stress, also makes people feel better naturally. Is it great?

16. Simplify Your Financial Life

Finances allow us to thrive by running a car, buying a house, and taking vacations in expensive places. Rather than resorting to the temptation that might put pressure and stress on your life, you should find out the best ways to simplify your life in mind in terms of finances.

  • Create a proper budget that you can manage easily. Regardless of your income, you should manage it for the future.
  • When you have to buy something, just pay cash. Paying cash will force you to see exactly how much you have, thereby preventing you from losing sight of your real-dollar outflow. If you do not have the money, you will not buy it.
  • Consider carefully before buying anything as you might not actually need it.

17.  Take Breaks

Regardless of your job, and you passion, breaks can be essential part of rejuvenating your life. Life will become much more complex if you stop seeing things afresh. Therefore, make sure that you give yourself enough breaks, from morning coffee and lunch, to vacations.

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18. Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Fact is, most negative feelings and emotions are entirely useless. Resentment, hate, bitterness, and jealousy cannot improve your life quality. Therefore, you had better take your own responsibility for your destiny. Just forgive past hurts and replace negative beliefs and thoughts with positive ones.

19. Meditate

ways to simplify your life programYes, meditate for about 20 minutes per day. This can help you eliminate stress and anxiety in daily life naturally. Sit still and do nothing.  Think nothing, say nothing. Meditation does not take from you too much time. In fact, it gives you time. You do not need to follow some complicated meditation tips, just simple meditating techniques can help you stay calm for good.

20. Simplify Your Connections

Relationships with other people are good, yet constant streams of distraction are not good. Thus, you need to learn what to log off your Facebook account, power off the phone, and not read a text. Just concentrate on the important things, not the urgent. Sometimes, a gradual flow of distractions from others might make us feel important, needed or wanted, but feeling important and accomplishing important are totally different things.

There are a lot of useful ways to simplify your life and mind, if you want to know more, you should read the Simplify book.

21. Apply The Simplified Approach To Simplify apply the simplified approach to simplify

This way advices you to identify what is the most important to implement and eliminate everything else. Don’t sweat because of the simplification process or you may be overwhelmed by replacing all things you feel complicated in your life. From the outset, you should realize that:

  • Simplifying your life is a long process like a journey, but not a destination.
  • Don’t judge yourself severely in this process. Just keep learning as you go.
  • Occasionally, other people around you will be under pressure by your need to simplify. You should hope they can simplify their life as you do. Even when you are confident enough, you can help them.

22. Prepare Quick Meals prepare quick meals

You should look for simple and quick recipes to cook. The most significant during your meals is that you can spend more time enjoying the meal with your friends as well as your family members in place of complicating the cooking.

In the beginning, you need to look in your refrigerator to know which ingredients you have. Get access to the internet for the quick recipes. Avoid finding too many recipes, you should look through 5 recipes and choose the best one, instead. And then, decide the major ingredient that you like to prepare your meal.

You can apply this method at the weekend and invite your loved to join. Talking and enjoying dishes with your loved can help you relieve stress and be more optimistic.

23. Simplify Your Parenting

Today, a lot of societal expectations have led to a parenting revolution. Parents have to do everything for their children such as concerning their homework; tying their shoelaces and so on…You should reduce your concern by doing these things. Rather than, you let your children do themselves. This is a simple thing for you to simplify your life as well as to allow your kids to be more independent.

  • Don’t prepare lunch, don’t wash the dirty clothes. Hope your children to do things at the right age stages.
  • Encourage all children to complete a chore chart. You can let them wash dishes, clean the table or sweep the house. Allow your children to explore the nature and push them outdoors. Your kids will be more mature and they can take care of themselves without you. Don’t be scared or worried about the challenges they will face up to. These challenges will teach your kids a lot in the future.

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simplify your parenting

24. Prepare Celebrations And Presents

When you feel depressed, you can prepare some small gifts for yourself as well as for others. For example, you can buy a bunch of flowers for your mother, a tie for your father. Imagine that how happy and surprised your parents will be. Another way to improve your mood is that you can buy a T-shirt or anything for yourself. Through the simple ways, you will feel balanced in your life.

Small celebrations in your home are also amazing because your feelings are shared. Your family is a place you can think about when you face up to severe difficulties.

To live a simple life, from now, stop judging yourself and begin simplifying every aspect of your life. Right here, you have the 24 best easy ways to simplify your life and your mind with just some quick steps. Why don’t you give them a try?

Leave your comments at the end of this post of the best ways to simplify your life and mind to let us know your thoughts. We will respond all soon!

There are a lot of useful ways to simplify your life and mind, if you want to know more, you should read the Simplify book.

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