How to make a girl fall in love on first date quickly – 7 tips

how to make a girl fall in love

You are ready for the first date. Your feeling is nervous, your heart is beating rapidly and your hands are sweating. Here are the useful tips on how to make a girl fall in love on first date quickly for you.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love On First Date Quickly – Top 7 Effective Ways

how to make a girl fall in love

How many times do you want to approach to a girl but keep failing? If the answer is yes, you are not the only guy who often makes a lot of frequent mistake on a first date with a girl. Some men also feel nervous before planning for a date. The reason is they do not know how to react with the girl politely and gently and how to keep a deep voice in order to impress their masculinity. The ways to use body language are also important to make a huge impression on a girl. Therefore, to help your guy, I want to introduce some tips on how to make a girl fall in love on first date quickly on These 7 secrets will help you get the girl you like.

1. Know What The Women Want: 

how to make a girl fall in love

It is the first secret on how to make a girl fall in love on first date quickly that you should not ignore. When you know the women want, you can make your girl impressed and happy to be with you. Many men have misconceptions when they see the strict long requirement list. However, a study carried out by Eastwick and Eli Finkel, Ph.D., of Northwestern University, showed that most of women are attracted by the men’s sincerity which comes from real insight. If you try to agree all what she says and what she wants you to be, you are presenting your weak and submissive personality to her. She may see you as a boring guy. You are not her best soul mate, therefore, you need to be someone interesting and unique.

2. Be Friendly On A First Date: 

how to make a girl fall in love

The common mistake many men make is to want keep their information from the girls they date. It is the bad way if we ask how to make a girl fall in love. For example, when the girl asks you what you did for living, the bad answer is “I would rather save that information for the next date”. That is the issue because she may feel that you are not friendly and open to her. You do not impress her. My good advice is being friendly as possible as you can. Smile and a good contact really make a good impact.

3. Care Your Appearance: 

how to make a girl fall in love

It is not strange when people judge others by their appearance. We all do that. Shanghong Luo, Ph.D., at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington conducted a study which suggests that in five minutes of the first date, we do not know anything about that person except his look. You may think it is difficult because we can not change the way what we look like. Of course, we can not change our appearance but we can change our clothes and its effects. As a man you do not need to be tall or handsome. To have neat and stylish appearance as well as fitness is all what you need to make a good impression with a girl.

4. Place Everything On The Table: 

how to make a girl fall in love

If she likes you, she wants to know more about you. Therefore, it is the fourth secret on how to make a girl fall in love on first date. Most of people are attracted to someone who has the same interests and hobbies. The more you show your insight and clear feeling, the more both of you can find your connection. It is great to meet those who can connect with. Being open to her is the way to make the girl remember.

5. Have A Conversation: 

how to make a girl fall in love

Conversation is the effective tip to make an atmosphere become friendlier and more familiar. You need to aware that it is the first date when both of you have never met before. It can easily fall into the awkward situations. Asking a girl how to make a good impression on her, she will say that she wants to go on another date with the man who can react and make a good communication. So ask question, respond and listen carefully while revealing information about yourself. That tip is simple, right?

6. Make A Clear Feeling And Show Her Signs That You Would Like To Go Out Again: 

how to make a girl fall in love

If you like her and enjoy the date, it is the time to tell her your clear feeling. You may send a note, email or just talk to her directly. You will lose the chance to meet that perfect girl if you keep walking around and wonder in your head. Remember: Be genuine and positive.

7. Be Polite: 

how to make a girl fall in love

Last but not least, if you do not want the girl on the first date to be disappointed, you need to be polite. The most common mistake is to keep watching your watch while talking to a girl. When she is on date, she wants you to focus on her not everything surrounding. Although you do not intend to be impolite, she may feel that you are ignoring her and do not like her much.

These are 7 secrets on how to make a girl fall in love quickly. I hope that this article I want to share with you is effective and help you to get ready for a date. If you have your own experience and want to express, please leave your comments below. I am glad to hear your opinions. Thank you for reading.

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