How to treat cholera at home – 10 natural ways

how to treat cholera

Cholera is the disease which most of us have come across at some point of our live, if not in actual life, then probably in literature or movies. Cholera is an infectious disease resulted by a comma-shaped bacterium named Vibrio Cholerae which leads to acute diarrhea and an intestinal infection via ingesting of contaminated water or food. Cholera is most popular in children under 5 years old yet is not limited to any age group. Within 1-5 days of ingesting the cholera bacterium, an individual will develop cholera symptoms which range from mild to severe.

The symptoms of cholera contain stomach cramps, dry skin and mouth, watery diarrhea with a fishy smell, excessive thirst, low urine output, dehydration, heart palpitations, low blood pressure, sunken eyes, restlessness and irritability.

Potentially being a life threatening disease, cholera requires awareness and early recognition of its symptoms so as to avoid complications as well as fatalities.

Because cholera is highly contagious, you had better take precautions to stop the spread of this infection and get appropriate treatment. If your condition is not too severe, you could use a number of natural ways on how to treat cholera at home without too much cost. Check out from!

How To Treat Cholera At Home – 10 Safe And Effective Ways 

how to treat cholera

1. Drink More Water 

how to treat cholera

This is the basic step you should take to treat cholera at home – rehydration. Because of diarrhea, there is a higher risk of dehydration and this could worsen your own condition. Thus, drinking plenty of water and or increasing your fluid intake will help keep your own body hydrated, yet not any type of water. You had better drink water purified with chlorine and iodine or bottled water. For a more careful method, you had better boil water before drinking it.

Aside from water, you should also drink butter milk, coconut water, orange juice or herbal tea during the day.

2. Probiotic Yogurt

how to treat cholera

With the quality of improving immune system, probiotic yogurt is a good solution for your cholera. It includes healthy bacteria which enhance digestion and help defeat the bacteria leading to cholera. You just need to consume 2-3 cups of plain probiotic yogurt every day till you get a permanent relief. Add some banana slices to the yogurt to get additional benefit. You could also create a delicious smoothie added with yogurt and then drink it a few times per day for quicker recovery.

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3. Ginger 

how to treat cholera

Ginger is a natural antibiotic which could help in defeating infection and curing cholera, so if you are looking for a good way on how to treat cholera at home, do not overlook ginger. Also, it could help you get rid of some cholera symptoms, such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

You should grate a small piece of ginger and then mix it with one teaspoon of honey. Then, you eat this good mixture slowly to promote the digestive process.

As an alternative, you could make a fresh ginger tea by simply adding a few thin slices of ginger to one cup of water. Then, add several black peppers, mint leaves, and holy basil leaves. You then need to boil the water for several minutes before straining it up and add some a small amount of honey to it. It is recommended to drink several cups of this tea till you get good results. You should avoid using ginger if you take blood thinners.

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4. Homemade ORS

how to treat cholera

If you want to replenish the lost fluids and salts due to diarrhea, then you should consider using oral rehydration solution (ORS) to help lessen the symptoms and support rapid recovery. Use ORS which is approved by WHO to treat your cholera at home.

You just need to mix a half of small spoon of salt and 6 small spoons of sugar in about 4 cups or 1 liter of plain water. Then, drink this solution as many times as you could till you can recover entirely.

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5. Lemon 

how to treat cholera

Lemon might be the simplest tip on how to treat cholera you could do at home as it has antibacterial property. In fact, it helps in destroying harmful bacteria within the intestines as well as digestive system that lead to cholera. In addition, thanks to the vitamin C in lemon, it could help boost your immune system to enhance the recovery process.

What you need to do is to extract the juice of a half of a lemon and then mix it in 1 glass of plain water. Then, add salt, honey to it before stirring well. You should drink this solution at regular intervals till you can recover well. However, it is recommended not giving honey to children under 1 year old.

6. Zinc Supplements 

how to treat cholera

According to a study, it is found that zinc supplements could be useful for decreasing the severity as well as duration of cholera in children. Having more than 200 human enzymes that can defeat the infection and also enhance the immune system, zinc is a good idea for those who are looking for ways on how to treat cholera.

Children with diarrhea because of cholera are recommended to take 10-20 mg of zinc each day. In addition, you should also include some foods which are rich in zinc such as brown rice, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, garlic and lentils into your diet.

7. Cloves

how to treat cholera

Use cloves to treat your cholera as they can help ease your abdominal discomfort. In addition, the chemical compound discovered in cloves – named eugenol – could help damage the intestinal bacteria as well as parasites that could result in or even worsen diarrhea.

You can make use of cloves for your cholera treating purpose by putting 10-15 clove buds in 5-6 cups of plain water. Then, boil the water till the amount of water is decreased by half. After that, you strain and let the solution to cool down. You should drink it at your regular intervals till your condition gets better.

8. Fenugreek Seeds

how to treat cholera

Another good way to treat your cholera is to use fenugreek seeds as they are high in mucilage content, bulking up your stool and reducing the severity of your condition.

Mix 2 tablespoons of the plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder and a small amount of roasted cumin seed powder together. Next, you take this solution twice to thrice per day to get fast recovery.

Alternatively, you could add 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder to 1 glass of the warm water. Drink the solution twice per day till your condition gets better.

Nevertheless, these methods are not suitable for kids.

9. Onion

how to treat cholera

Being effective in treating cholera, according to Ayurveda, onion can help anyone with mild condition of cholera get rid of their problem with ease. It is because onion has antibiotic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, relieving the symptoms of cholera such as restlessness, thirst, and dry mouth.

You could prepare a good paste of 7-8 black peppers and ½ onion.

Then, you split this paste into 3 equal doses, and have each of them throughout the day for about 1 week.

An alternative is the combination of 2 teaspoons of white onion juice and 2 teaspoons of bitter gourd juice. Then, add about 1 teaspoon of the lemon juice to it. After that, you drink this twice per day till you get a good recovery.

10. Turmeric 

how to treat cholera

The final tip on how to treat cholera at home is turmeric, according to Ayurvedic medicine. This is reckoned as one of the most effective solution for symptoms of cholera.
You need to soak 1 tablespoon of the raw turmeric root pieces in a small amount of lemon juice for about 2 hours. Then, you remove the turmeric pieces out of the lemon juice, let them dry under the sunlight.

After the turmeric pieces get dried, you then grind them well into a good powder, store them in the air-tight container. After adding1/4 teaspoon of this good powder along with 1 small amount of honey to one cup of the hot water, you drink it two times per day till you get good recovery.

Yet, you should make sure that you should not take high doses of the turmeric as they might make your own case of diarrhea worse.
There, you have learnt 10 out of most effective tips on how to treat cholera at home naturally. These remedies are all natural and easy-to-do at home. Yet, if your condition does not get better after following some of the recommended remedies, you should consult your doctor right away.

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