How to boost metabolism quickly by diet and exercise

how to boost metabolism

If you inherit your parents’ slow metabolism, you will be thrilled to hear this: you are not stuck with it. It does not matter if you are looking to lose some inches off your waist or just want to maintain your current figure, boosting your energy & metabolism is always a good thing. It is scientifically proven that there are some methods that you can use in order to trick your body into burning calories more effectively, which work even better when you go to the gym. Eating properly is also one of those methods. This article will show you different ways on how to boost metabolism to a higher rate in order to burn more calories burn fat fast.

How To Boost Metabolism Quickly – Diet And Exercise Methods

1. In The Morning

  • Have breakfast every morning

have breakfast every morning download

In case you do not provide food to your body each morning, it will turn into starvation mode. Therefore, your metabolism will start to crawl like a turquoise in order to maintain energy. It is the best that you serve yourself a hearty breakfast every day.

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, those who consume 22 to 55% of their whole day’s calories in the morning gained merely 1.7 pounds on average in four years, and those who took in less gained almost three pounds. Moreover, in another study, those who usually skipped breakfast had about 4.5 times risk of having obesity, compared with those who did not. You should have breakfast with foods that take a long time to be digested and are able to make you feel full longer. It is suggested that you mix complex carbohydrates with lean protein and good fats.

drink caffeine

According to the journal Physiology & Behavior, those who had caffeinated coffee have their metabolic rate increased by 16 percent, comparing to those who had decaf. Caffeine increases your heart rate as well as breathing speed which result in stimulated central nervous system.

  • Chug that glass of cold water

chug that glass of cold water download

According to the scientists at the University of Utah, those who chugged eight to 12 eight ounces glasses of water each day had much higher and faster metabolic rates, compared with those who had mere four glasses. Because your body needs to heat the cold water to the temperature of your core, a few calories may be burnt during this process. Although the amount of burnt calories are not much, but creating such a habit can create a great process with zero effort.

2. When You Go To Work

have protein for midday meals download

You will be able to build muscle and lose weight much faster if you add protein into each meal. Even if you are relaxing and not doing anything, muscle can burn more calories than fat can. Try to add about 30 grams of protein in each meal and you are good to go.

drink green tea

It is necessary if you want to boost your metabolism to a higher rate since it includes ECGC, a plant compound that speeds up the fat burning process. According to a study, those who drank about four cups per day for 3 months dropped 4.6 percent of their total body weight. According to another study, you can burn 50 calories if you drink about three cups of green tea a day. This means that you can drop five pounds a year just by drinking green tea. You can try to receive better results by dipping the tea bags into the water for about four minutes and then have it while it is still hot.

  • Consume dairy

consume dairy

There are times when you just cannot resist the temptation of KFC and McDonalds. When that happens, do not be terrified. You can undo the damage by consuming a snack which is rich in calcium. For example, eight ounces of milk or six ounces of low fat yogurt. By doing this, the calcium will help speed up the fat burning process, which supplements cannot do.

  • Divide your meals

divide your meals

It is necessary that you divide your meals into smaller portions. This makes sure that you eat more often during the day while still not eating too much. Your metabolism rises each time you eat. Therefore, eating regularly takes part in your weight loss journey.

3. When You Go Grocery Shopping

  • Opt for organic products

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It is obvious that you cannot fill your motorbike engine with pesticides. According to Canadian researchers, those whose fat cells contain the largest number oforgan chlorides, which are chemicals in pesticides, are the most susceptible to disruptions in mitochondria activity and thyroid function. This means that their metabolism stops. Therefore, it is necessary to fill your shopping list with organic products in order to boost your metabolism and make it work properly.

  • Eat chili peppers

eat chili peppers

It is scientifically proven that capsaicin, contained in chili peppers, has the ability to speed up the metabolism. According to the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitamin ology, your body will produce heat and boost the activity of your sympathetic nervous system if you take in about one tablespoon of chopped red or green chilies. By doing so, your metabolism rate will increase by 23 percent temporarily. Therefore, you should keep chilies in your refrigerator and add it to your daily meals such as salsas, pizzas, stir fries or pastas.

  • Consume iron

consume iron

To women, it is inevitable to lose iron while being on period each month. This may decrease your metabolism rate since iron takes part in carrying oxygen to the body muscles. If the level of iron decreases, muscles are not provided with enough oxygen, your energy sinks and your metabolic rate goes straight downhill. Therefore, try to store cereals, beans, spinach and broccoli in your kitchen.

4. When You Do Exercises

  • Do intervals

do intervals

Everyone wants to know how to work out in less time yet with the same efficiency. In that case, what you need to do is to intensify your workout routine and then you will get rid of the same amount of calories or even more in less time.

  • Slow down

slow down

When you are training your strength, it is necessary to count to 3 whilst lowering the weight down to the starting position. This may sounds bad to you since taking things slow may increase the chance of breaking down the muscle tissues. However, it is a great thing to do actually. According to researchers at Wayne State University, in 72 hours after your workout session, the recovery process will speed up your metabolism rate. Moreover, it is crucial that you use heavy weights which make you struggle in order to finish the final reps.

  • Consume fish oil supplements

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According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the activity of your fat burning enzymes will be boosted if you combine your daily exercise with fish oil supplements. Those who consumed 6gr of fish oil each day and did exercises three to four times a week lost 3.4 pounds after 3 months, while those who did not take fish oil supplements experienced less weight loss.

5. How To Boost Metabolism At Home

  • Eat fish

eat fish

Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely good and necessary for your health. They are contained in fat fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines. According to the National Institutes of Health, these kinds of fats will send to signals straight to your own brain which trick it into thinking that you are full enough. By taking a 3.5 ounces serving of salmon, you will get 90 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin D. This means that you will be able to prevent calories cravings.

  • Try not to drink

try not to drink

By having something equivalent to two mixed drinks as well as two glasses of champagne, you will put a long pause on your fat burning process. According to the researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, this happens because once you drink alcohol, your liver will start to convert it into acetate and use it as fuel instead of fat.

  • Go to bed early

go to bed early

If you do not have sufficient amount of sleep each night, the amount of ghrelin and leptin produced by your body, which help control energy use as well as appetite, will be significantly reduced. According to the researchers at Stanford University, those who had less than about 7.5 hours of sleep each night witnessed an increase in their body mass index. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you have at least eight hours of sleep every day.

Being able to boost the rate of metabolism is significant to those people, who want to lose weight as well as stay fit. Learning how to boost metabolism quickly by diet and exercises is very important because they are healthy ways that help you help you shed extra fat without harming your body. Hopefully after reading this article, you will be able to find how to boost your metabolism rate higher and achieve your fitness goals with diet & exercise. If you find this “How to boost metabolism quickly by diet and exercises” article useful, please feel free to let us know what you think by leaving a comment down the section below or if you have any questions related to this article, please do not hesitate to reach us at any time.

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