How to relieve anxiety attacks naturally without medication

how to relieve anxiety attacks

Anxiety comes often can cause serious mental health for the sufferers. Taking medications for anxiety may cause more serious problems. Instead, they can learn simple yet effective tips to get rid of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Here are the most effective ways on how to relieve anxiety attacks naturally without medication. Check out this article on VKool and make use of all these tips to balance your mind and body without anxiety fast.

How To Relieve Anxiety Attacks Naturally Without Medication

1. Practice Body Scan Meditation

practice body scan meditation download

The first one in powerful way on how to relieve anxiety attacks naturally without medication, this is the body scan meditation technique. It is not different to progressive muscle relaxation, instead of relaxing and tensing muscles. Simply, you have to focus on sensations in your body parts.


  • Lie on the back, arms relaxed, legs uncrossed
  • Focus on the breathing that allows the stomach to rise when you inhale and to fall when you exhale
  • Breathe in and out deeply for 2 minutes until you feel relaxed and comfortable
  • Turn the focus to the toes of the right leg. Notice any sensation you have while focusing on the breathing
  • Imagine that each breath is flowing to the toes
  • Continue focusing on this body part for 1 to 2 minutes

practice body scan meditation

  • Move to the left foot. Tune into any sensation you have in that body part
  • Imagine that each breath is flowing from the left foot
  • After 1 or 2 minutes, move the focus to the right ankle and then repeat this
  • Next, move to the hip, thigh, knee and calf and repeat this sequence for the left leg
  •  Move up your torso through your abdomen and lower back, the chest and upper back and shoulders.
  • Pay high attention to any body part that causes discomfort and pain
  • Next, move the focus to fingers on the right hand
  • Then move to the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm and wrist

practice body scan meditation download

  •  Repeat for the left arm.
  • Next, move to your neck and finally all the face, the top and back of your head
  • Pay attention to the scalp, temples, forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, tongue, lips, chin and jaw
  • After finishing the body scan, try to relax in stillness and silence
  • Note how you feel
  • Then open the eyes slowly
  • Make some stretches

2. Alter Stressful Situations

alter stressful situations

Stress is inevitable in modern life. If you cannot avoid stress, you can still alter it. Here are some tips for you to alter stressful situations:

  • Express your real feelings, instead of keeping them inside. If someone or something is bothering you, find someone to share your mood.
  • Be more assertive.  Do the best to stop and prevent problems. If you try your best and complete it, you will feel satisfied and relaxed, then.
  • Manage the time better. You may get more anxiety because of your poor time management. To deal with it, you need to plan things properly. When you reach the goal you have set, you will feel happy and keep things go on track.

3. Do Rhythmic Exercises

do rhythmic exercises

Next to effective ways on how to relieve anxiety attacks fast are doing rhythmic exercises.

There are different rhythmic exercises such as walking, cycling and running that are effective for relieving anxiety and stress.

When you exercise, focus on the body’s movement and the way you breathe. If your mind tent to wander to other anxious thoughts, return your mind to focus on your rhythmic movements and breathing.

For instance, if you walk, focus on each walking step, feel each your step touching the ground. Besides, focus on the rhythm of your breath while you are moving, and engage your senses to feel smell, wind, movements against your face and body.

do rhythmic exercises

To get rid of daily anxious and stressful situation, schedule a time to do rhythmic exercises regularly. Do it once or twice a day. Stick with this schedule and make it go on track.

If you don’t have time to go out or do long exercises, practice medication and breathing techniques in your own room for at least 30 minutes per day.

If possible, combine your exercises with meditation such as doing yoga or Tai chi. They are powerful physical exercise to achieve mindfulness and get rid of stress. Avoid doing exercise when you fall asleep. Do it at the morning and after you finish your work. Also, do not practice the exercises when you are hungry or too full. These situations just give you more stress and you won’t get rid of uncomfortable and anxious feelings effectively.

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4. Avoid Unnecessary Stress

avoid unnecessary stress for better life

You sometimes create serious stressful situations. This is due to the way you think about stress. Avoid unnecessary stressful and anxious situations, be positive and everything will be solved. You should not create too much pressure on your mind. Learn to say no with tiredness, depression and worry.

If someone asks you about your feeling, answer that you are alright and everything will be ok. You can do it and you have to force it to conquer stress.

avoid unnecessary stress

Moreover, avoid talking to people who often stress you out. In addition, take control of stressful situations, avoid stressful topic and make a to-do list in order to actively deal with anxiety attacks. For instance, you get anxious with evening news, so you should turn off the TV. If you have to buy things in the market, buy something online. If you don’t like politics or religion, do not talk to those who often mention to these topics. To relieve anxiety, you should make a detailed to-do list or a detailed schedule to do things throughout a day, a week and a month. As a result, everything will be controlled and you will be active to solve the things without panic or anxious attacks.

5. Change Yourself To Fix Anxious Situations

change yourself to fix anxious situations for women

When it comes to natural ways on how to relieve anxiety attacks, don’t forget to change yourself to fix your anxiety. All depend on the way you think and act.

Reframe problems. Try viewing stressful situations from positive perspectives rather than being stuck in stress and depression. Also, learn to have a full picture about advantages and disadvantages of stressful situations in your life. They are struggles that you have to overcome and if you can beat it, you will be stronger. When you are losing your control and direction, think about the worst time you have passed, then you will be more confident to get rid of the upcoming struggles and difficulties.

change yourself to fix anxious situations for men

Don’t be too serious. To get rid of anxiety, you sometimes need to adjust some standards and feel satisfied with the things you have tried your best. Stop blaming yourself if you get failure. Don’t follow perfectionism. Instead, do your best and improve it in the next time. Get closer to your family, your good friends in order get their encouragements and support. Besides, remember to keep your chin up and focus on positive thoughts.

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6. Adjust Your Attitude

adjust your attitude

Same to your perspective in solving anxiety attacks, you should adjust your attitude to get rid of anxious situation fast.

Eliminate words such as “must”, “should”, “never” and “always” when you are anxious because they block you in negative thoughts and you won’t take action to do something better.

Don’t try to change something that are uncontrollable. If you do that, it will just be a way you have to bear more pressure.

adjust your attitude

Moreover, though someone cannot help you in order to solve your problems directly, share your feelings to reduce a part of your anxiety and depression.

In addition, don’t get angry or hate someone. Learn to forgive and you will achieve peacefulness within yourself. Just focus on yourself, change your attitude before taking action and change other people’s attitude.

7. Make Time For Relaxation

make time for relaxation download

We’ve talked about mind managements to relieve anxiety. Next, let’s talk about practical activities to relax your mind. As I mentioned above, you can do outdoor activities, meditations in order to get rid of anxiety. Besides, you can do a lot of other things to eliminate stress and anxiety. For instance, you can spend time on engaging your senses in nature, playing with your pet, calling a friend for gossip, taking a long bath, having a massage, listening to music, working in the garden, drinking tea or coffee, watching a movie or doing anything that can help you relieve anxiety attacks.

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8. Have A Healthy Lifestyle

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Last but not least among ways on how to relieve anxiety attacks, you should have a healthy lifestyle to cope with anxiety daily. In general, a healthy lifestyle is the way you balance your life with your good physical, mental and emotional health.

To do that, you should exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, lose your excess weights, treat your diseases, quit cigarettes, alcohol, have good sleep, have good relationships and a lot more.

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have a healthy lifestyle download

Hope that these 8 ways on how to relieve anxiety attacks naturally without medication are useful for you. Make use of all these tips to get rid of anxious situations and improve your health and life soon.

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