Top 7 smart, low cost home organization tips and ideas

home organization tips for small spaces

“Organize” is a familiar word on many of today’s popular decorating shows. Most families has theirs struggles with clutter. Here are top home organization tips you can use right now or space out over the course of a year. Even if you just follow some of these tips each week, in one year from now, I bet that your home will eventually be organized.

Home Organization Tips – Get Your Home In Order Easily

1. Kitchen Stuffs  

home organization tips and tricksIt is good for you to organize the cabinets into some categories like plastic containers, glasses, plates, and sippy cups. You should place the plates and the glasses on different shelves. Likewise, other stuffs should be also. By this way, you and other family members will know where things go.

With the food, you should group them together in a pantry, keep similar items together in order access easily.

Purchase a pretty spice rack, which can work well for the kitchen cabinets. Place used spices on the front of that rack and others towards the back.

If possible, you should dedicate one drawer or cabinet to these plastic containers. It is recommended that people should make use of stackable containers for maximizing the space. You also need to create the habit of cleaning the fridge frequently or every time you get new groceries. Then, dispose all of old or inedible food as well as anything that your family will not eat to make your fridge fresher and have more space.

2. Bathrooms

In order to organize the countertop clutter, you had better buy the plastic tub which has a handle on top. Then, place your accessories like lotion or spray in that tub before placing under the counter. When you want to use the tub, take it out and put it back when finishing with it.

For the purpose of organizing the shower or bathtub, you can place the soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body wash in the shower caddies. There are a variety of organizers present in the department stores that give you many options.

If you want to keep the shower doors clean, then make use of a water squeegee. When you finish your showering, just wipe down those doors with that squeegee to get a dry and clean shower door.  

The next idea of organizing bathrooms is to store reading material in the decorative magazine rack, hang scissors and nail clippers from it.

home organization tips guide

Opt for some unused or old items in the bathroom to throw away if necessary, such as makeup, old razors, lotions, sunscreen, or perfume.

Install some hooks on the bathroom’s wall or on the back of the bathroom door to hand robes and towels. Additionally, take advantage of drawer organizers for your jewelry, makeup, ponytail holders or other items. You can put a clock in the bathrooms so you will not have to say excuses for being late.

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3. Drawers 

All the clothes kept in the closet should be grouped neatly by kind. For example, you can arrange some types of clothing: with men’s underwear, you can fold them and place them in rows. But, women’s undergarments might be a little more challenging. They should be kept to one particular of the drawer. You should use drawers which are divided, or boxes, or see-through bags. Remember that specialized inserts, such as necklaces, rolled ties, or folded handkerchiefs should be placed separately.

4. Closet

home organization tips for working momsWhen it comes to home organization tips, closet should be one of the first places necessary to be organized. It is great for you to place baskets in the closet for laundry and dry cleaning. With clothes, sort through, find out anything that you do not wear anymore and donate them to a local charity. This should include clothes which are out-of-date, or no longer fit, or have not been worn for over one year. Besides, with shoes, you should also similarly.

Another tip is to separate the clothes by season. In case that you have a tall closet with some rows and hanging rods, try placing clothes of current seasons on the lowest level. Place the out-of-season clothes on the taller rods.

You can categorize the clothes by their purpose, including casual, work, cold- or hot-weather clothes, and formal ones. Store clothes which you want to save in the vacuum-sealed plastic bag. These bags will compress clothing, making it easier to fit under your bed or in the closet. Just save only the clothes which you absolutely wear.

5. The Fireplace

In fact, the fireplace is often overlooked when organizing the house. If there is a gas fireplace in your home, you will not have to worry about cleaning ashes as well as storing firewood. But, in case that you have a typical wood-burning fireplace, the stone or bricks footing around the fireplace’s base should be used for the purpose of decorating. The fireplace tools need to be kept well organized with separate hangers. It is better for you to keep your wood tidy in a certain large wood basket which has fireproof possibility, in a tin bucket, or a metal cradle. Make sure that you just keep on hand the wood that you need to a single fire to prevent a mess of too much wood.

home organization tips and ideas6. Laundry

Most families today seem to need more than one laundry basket. If you want to presort or your family is large, then use a couple of laundry baskets. When presorting the clothes before washing, just use hampers for making the process much easier. Choose three mesh baskets with different colors, like bright colors, darks, and whites to put on the shelf. They can help you keep your dirty laundry organized for easy washing. Ensure that the dirty clothes will be separated from clean laundry which is waiting to be folded.

7. Miscellaneous

When it comes to home organization tips, you had better make sure that things in your own house have their own places. Remind your family members to clear their messes. For instance, if you take it out, then you need to put it back its initial place, if you open it, remember to close it, if you make a certain mess, the clean it up, etc.

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  • Wastebasket

You need to put the wastebaskets in every room, then place some unused trash bags on the bottom of every one. By this way, you can eliminate countless trips to take new trash bags and you also show family members place to throw away all of the trashes.

  • Mittens, Gloves, And Scarves 

Scarves can be generally hung up to make them accessible and to air them out; however, they could be stored and folded in baskets and bins in your closet, in cubbies in the entryway, or on the shelves. In other words, gloves as well as mittens should be kept in couples and need to be kept in the storage which allows air to circular around.

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  • Umbrellas

You need to store your umbrellas standing up. If you lay them on their side, their ribs might be damaged. Let the umbrellas stand up to allow air to circulate around them so that they will dry quickly when used to go in the rain. But, this does not mean that you have to find somewhere to get an actual umbrella stand. Make use of wire-mesh or wicker baskets to hold the umbrellas.

  • Infant Toys

In case that you have an infant, controlling the toys is a must. You can create a bag for the small toys which your kid loves the most.

Use a backpack or a fabric bag to fill the toys before putting it on floor next to your child’s crib when he / she is in that crib. As infant makes a chaos of things within their own reach, so you need to place additional stuffed animals, toys for the later ages, or learning toys together by kind on the high shelf.

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  • Nightstands

home organization tips for small spaces
Ideally, your nightstands’ top surface should be large that you can place at least a book, an alarm clock and a light onto. It is ideal if the nightstands have drawers so that you can put items which detract from your bedroom decoration, like prescription medicines, or the television remote control. In case that you have some medications as well as other items used while you are in bed, try to buy a multiple drawers. Then, you can use the underneath shelves for concealing magazines or books.

  • Grocery List

Try making a detailed grocery list on the computer from the Word document. Then, categorize those groceries into several sections, like dairy, frozen, etc. In each category, you can list the items which you buy most often. It is good for you to organize that grocery list according to your manner of shopping.

Then, you print it out and keep one copy handy for the next week. Once you see that you are low on a product, or you want to buy new things, simple highlight every item that you need. Add new item if necessary and delete the items that you feel no longer purchase.

Besides, you should also create more spaces on that list for some miscellaneous items so that other family members could write down when necessary.

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In general, the goal of organizing is not to make your house pristine, yet to make your current life more functional and organizational. Try to work with all of the above home organization tips then you can reduce clutter, create a neater house, and enhanced productivity. Most important, you will have more time for your family and yourself as well.

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