13 relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks and stress

relaxation techniques for anxiety

When it comes to relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks and stress, it seems quite abstract to you because you are not a psychologist or therapist. However, simplify the concept of relaxation techniques. Make use of these techniques by doing practical things for stress reduce. In this article, I am going to show you simple yet effective tips and techniques to control stress and have balance in life. Check out all the tips on our Vkool site right now!

Top 13 Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety Attacks & Stress

1. Exercise Moderately

exercise moderately

Daily exercising is responsible for producing endorphins, a hormone which is responsible for creating a feeling of happiness. Do exercise regularly to relax your mind after handling a stressful business or a stress-filled schedule.

Exercise in a place where is quiet, peaceful that allow you to get rid of noise, people, work, worry and pressure. If you do exercise in a gym, opt for a room that you are not distracted by smell, dirt and negative thoughts around you. If you want, do mindless repetitive workouts such as running or swimming.

2. Do Your Favorite Activities

do your favorite activities download

To get relaxed, you can raise your high spirit to do any favorite activities you want. For instance, you can meet some friends and have interesting talks or cook stuff and enjoy the foods and times with them. There are various ideas for you to keep your mind active everyday such as playing sports or reading book. Just do what you love and the activities will clear your foggy mind and help you fell more relaxed and balanced.

3. Sip Warm Drinks

sip warm drinks

Hot drinks can help relieve stress and tension. Look for some hot drinks that are free from alcohol and lack caffeine, as these ingredients stimulate depression and anxiety.

Among these drinks, green tea is the most powerful herb that can help you fight off anxiety fast. This herb contains useful anti-oxidants and chemicals linked to relieving stress. Actually, drinking green tea iced or hot both can give you great benefits. So, it’s your choice to sip it in the way you like.

sip warm drinks

Beside green tea, you can drink warm milk. Milk is considering bed-time drink. It helps soothe your mind because it is high in tryptophan. Tryptophan is responsible for creating more serotonin in the brain. Mix milk with honey for a sweeter relaxing treat. Instead of choosing warm milk, you can drink coffee that gives you the same relaxation. However, you should find a de-caffeinated drink as it does not stimulate hyperactivity.

Keep in mind that you can drink most warm drinks but avoid adding too much sugar.

4. Occupy Yourself In Mindless Activities

occupy yourself in mindless activities download

To relieve stress, you may have to use weird relaxation techniques for anxiety. Among these techniques, consider occupying yourself in mindless activities. Do something that does not require you to use your conscious mind. For instance, you can try drawing or doodling an abstract image that is inspired naturally. In fact, in daily activities, your mind is forced to concentrate on steps of action. But as an art, drawing enables your mind to get rid of stressors in life. You can leave your drawing pen in any place. Your mind is free so that you can have great ideas to draw awesome drawings.

Avoid doing things that require too many movements and things that make you very busy, as they can induce stress and anxiety rather than reduce these bad conditions.

5. Listen To Chill-Out Music

listen to chill-out music download

It is clear that music can help reduce stress and anxiety. However, when it comes to relaxation techniques for anxiety, it is necessary to talk about music therapy. Of course, rock or rap can pick your mood up as a therapy, but I am going to talk about chill-out music. This type of light music is titled like that because of its benefits for chilling out and relaxation.
Avoid music with load vocals and music that is performed with heavy instruments. Your brain needs soft and sweet melodies to relax your mind and get calm.

listen to chill-out music download

Chill-out music includes white noise and nature sounds which are designed to help you fall in a deep relaxation. Look for natural sounds of forest, ocean, or find some samples of white noises to listen to.

Among relaxation techniques for anxiety, binaural beats are considered a special type of sound and music that can produce high alpha waves in the brain and help relax effectively. Find some versions of binaural beats and add them to your favorite music site to listen to daily. Especially, it is recommended listening to music that has repetitions in it, but not much vocal. A lot of genres of electronic music include this music style such as trance, trip-hop, house and trap.

6. Spend Time With Your Pet

spend time with your pet download

Studies point out that people spending their time with pets and touching animals have decreased blood pressure and they are less stressed rather than individuals who hardly come in contact with pets and animals.

If you do not have any pet, or you are not allowed to raise any pet at home with other family members, try borrowing a friend’s dog or visit your friends’ and play with their pets. Taking for a walk with dogs, cuddling up with neighbors’ cat and show your friendliness with animals.

spend time with your pet download

According to psychologists, playing with animals or pets is actually a therapy among effective relaxation techniques for anxiety. Especially, it is recommended to let children play with pets to stop crying. Even, it is said that pets can help prevent autism in toddlers and young children.

7. Support Someone

support someone

What are the next relaxation techniques for anxiety? Is it necessary to give it a name for each technique? I don’t care about it much. I just focus on things and activities that are helpful for people with anxiety and stress.

And here come a new activity for you to get rid of anxiety and relax your mind. Supporting someone, you are able to. Sometimes, you do not aim to do anything for relaxation. But if you are kind to help someone, this will be the quickest way to relieve stress and feel happy again. Why can you support to some work in this great way? Simply, when you can help someone, you become important to them. You will form positive feelings to forget your bad side, your bad situation or anything you are not happy at that time. This actually is a psychological therapy you should encourage yourself to do if you have any chance.

8. Try Aromatherapy

try aromatherapy

This is another one among natural relaxation techniques for anxiety. This works for you when you relax with soothing scents and aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, rose or lavender essential oils.

Dab a proper amount of our favorite essential oil around the 2 temples, the inside of the wrists and elbows. Also, you can apply the oil to some warmest places on the body as the oil will diffuse the scent further and faster.

Besides, aromatherapy home fragrances and mists can be used to create your own relaxation sanctuary in your bedroom. Engage them in candles and mists to make your home smell natural and peaceful.

 9. Stay Away From Social Media

stay away from social media download

Many people get stress with social media. Find out your stress to know whether you are suffering from it or not. Then, stay away from your phone, laptop, computer, Facebook and other social accounts.

Think about this stressor seriously. If social network is actually a big stressor in your personal life, remove it for a period of time or limit signing in your social accounts. Deactivate the accounts for several weeks until you feel that are stressful-free. 

10. Stay Alone

stay alone

Maybe your social relationships and business make you feel stressed. To get rid of this situation fast, you should stay alone. Think nothing. Just recall your peacefulness and safeness. Then, you will feel better. Try this and experience it each time you get anxious or stressed or depressed.

If you have spare time, go out of your living place. Explore a new land to get rid of your business, and other stressors.

In another way, you can find peaceful time away from relationships. Let give yourself time to think about yourself as a way to reset your mindset and make it sharper. 

11. Optimize Your Nutrition

optimize your nutrition download

Dieting is a part of relaxation techniques for anxiety. Clean up some harmful ingredients or mind-robbing molecules from your kitchen such as alcohol, refined sugars or caffeine. Also, try to maintain your regular diet plan to avoid stress of starvation.

Besides, supply your body with supplements to lift up your mood such as multi-vitamin, including vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin C, zinc, pantothenic acid, magnesium and other essential minerals and nutrients.

12. Learn New Skills

learn new skills

Instead of staying in a place and suffering from anxiety, you should activate your positive mind and spirit to learn new things such as doing yoga, practicing meditation, doing muscle relaxation, taking hot bath, learning a new sport, getting a massage, playing a new instrument and a lot more.

Try to balance your mind and body with mental and physical training. For instance, you can do yoga, as this activity requires you to combine different skills to perform, including physical movement, meditation and breath techniques.

13. Try Herbs

try herbs

Herbs are a part of powerful therapy and a part of lifestyle. Herbs used to balance and adapt your response to anxiety and stress, are called adaptogenic herbs. Some typical ones among adaptogenic herbs include ginseng, ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, cordy ceps and Siberian gingseng. If these herbs are available in your living place or local stores, try some as relaxation techniques for anxiety and depression.

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I’ve shown you the top 13 relaxation techniques for anxiety. Choose some practical ones to lift up your positive mood and get rid of stressors quickly and naturally. For any feedback about this article of relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks and stress, show your comment at the end of the post.

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