8 Main uses of biotin for health and beauty

Biotin is one of the important nutrients for your body. It is a coenzyme as well as a form of vitamin B. Sometimes it is called as vitamin H, Appearex, vitamin B7, biotina, and coenzyme R. Now you are wondering to know how much biotin you should consume per day, right? This is your needed answer. For children in the age of under six months, they just need to take 5 mcg per day. The children who are from 7 months to 12 months ought to take 6 mcg a day. 8mcg per day is the amount intake of 1 – 3 years old children. The amount intake of children from 4 to 8 years old is 10 mcg per day. Meanwhile, who are from 9 to 13 years old had better take 20 mcg per day. If you are a teenager, you need to take 25 mcg per day. When you are older than 19, you need to consume 30 mcg biotin per day. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding women have different amount intake. Pregnant women had better take 30 mcg per day while breastfeeding women need to take up to 35 mcg biotin per day. And when you take enough biotin, it will bring a lot of uses for not only your health, your hair but also your skin and your nails. Do you want to know them? If your answer is “yes”, please go on reading this article on our page Vkool.com which will introduce to you top 8 main uses of biotin for health and beauty. This article listed the main uses of biotin from reliable sources. However, it is only for the informational target and it is not aimed to give medical advice. Continue reading this writing to understand more!

Top 8 Main Uses Of Biotin For Health And Beauty

Here is the list of uses of biotin which is very helpful for you.

1. Solving Hair And Nails Problems

uses of biotin - solving hair and nails problems

As you know one of the main elements which help hair and nails become healthy is the biotin.

Although the research supporting the effects of this nutrient on hair growth is very little, there is also the strong evidence which supports a deficiency causing hair loss. Therefore, nowadays many companies add biotin directly on their hair products.

Besides, biotin also helps you to have good nails too. Just like hair, it helps to thicken the nail cuticles as well as prevent breakage. To have healthy nails, you can choose the caring nail products which contain biotin.

Anyway, using these products cannot bring more effects than taking biotin by the oral way.
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You can add these ingredients in your diet every day such as salmon, eggs, peanuts, soy nuts, chicken and so on. However, you just need to take an enough amount of biotin as mentioned above.

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2. Improving The Health Of The Skin

uses of biotin - improving the health of the skin

Another use of biotin is to improve the health of your skin. Lack of biotin may lead to various skin problems; for example, acne, dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis and itchiness. And Fyshe says that vitamin B plays a key part in the nerve system’s function as well as affects hormone function. In addition, if your skin is not nourished from inside out, the toxic will take shape throughout the nerve system along with manifesting itself on the surface of your skin.

Thus, you should consume enough amount of biotin every day if you want to have healthy skin. You can apply some masks which made of eggs or wheat germ.

Another way to take biotic is to use some skin products or skin moisturizer which includes biotin inside.

Eating salmon or chicken every day is also a good way to take biotic. You can choose the way to make this food as you like such as frying, steaming, boiling or stir-frying.

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3. Losing Weight

uses of biotin - losing weight

When talking about uses of biotin, we can forget that biotin can help to lose weight. It plays an important role in giving the metabolic function a support. It works as a coenzyme in order to help to break down the food, especially carbohydrates. Moreover, your resting metabolic rate can be increased and the food can break down more quickly when you consume biotin adequately. That’s why there is a link between biotin and speed up weight loss.
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But the study is still preliminary and biotin cannot act as a pill which helps you to lose your weight.

On the other hand, biotin is used to pair the supplement with your healthy diet as well as the exercise in order to help you have slim-down goals. Furthermore, it is very easy to find biotin in a lot of food such as walnuts, whole grains, chicken and so on.

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4. Lowering Cholesterol

uses of biotin - lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the enemies which may lead to heart attack or stroke when the level of cholesterol in your blood is too high. In this case, biotin also plays a very important role in lowering cholesterol. Some preliminary studies show that biotin is able to help to decrease the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

So what you need to do is to consume biotin every day. However, pay attention when you eat raw eggs or drink raw egg shake, be careful that it can decrease the amount of biotin you are transforming.

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5. Regulating Blood Sugar

uses of biotin - regulating blood sugar

One of the wonderful uses of biotin is regulating blood sugar. A research of the Alpha Therapy Center which is in Corpus Christi, Texas showed that a combination between biotin and chromium picolinate is capable of improving the glycemic control from overweight to obese people with type two diabetes, particularly the patients with poor glycemic control on oral treatment. Other study showed that lack of biotin has been able to link to the impaired glucose tolerance as well as decrease the usage of glucose.
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Thus, it is very necessary to consume biotin every day. You can eat whole grains cereals, eggs, Swiss chard, chicken and so on.

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6. Treating Candida

uses of biotin - treating candida

The reason why you ought to consume an enough amount of biotin is to treat Candida which is a parasitic fungus sometimes causing thrush. It is believed that biotin can prevent the yeast from modifying into its fungal form.

If you want to prevent this, just consume these foods. The foods you can find out biotin are oatmeal, beans, bananas, cauliflower, chocolate, molasses, mushrooms, and so on.

Or you can take the drug or supplement which contains biotin too.

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7. Fetal Development

uses of biotin - fetal development

A research in the Journal of Nutrition shows that pregnant mice which lower biotin have more opportunities of having babies with congenital malformation. What about the pregnant women who are the lack of biotin? The answer is the same. The babies of low biotin pregnant women have more chances of having the malformation.

So in order to promote the baby’s health, doctors always advise the pregnant women to take biotin supplements along with folic acid.  And to be safe, they ought to consume fruits or vegetables containing biotin such as soybeans, mushrooms, bananas, cauliflower and so on

8. Energy Production

uses of biotin - energy production

Another use of biotin which we ought to mention is the energy production. Being one part of the vitamin B family, it plays an important part in manufacturing energy in your body. And during the metabolic process happens continuously, protein, fat, and carbohydrate will be broken down into amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose. Biotin along with the rest of vitamin B is the essential nutrient for shifting these macronutrients into fuel in order to provide power for all the cells in the body. Moreover, you will feel tired all the day if you don’t supply biotin stably.

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If you want to know more about uses of other nutrients, please go to our main Health Nutrition page. After reading the article of top 8 main uses of biotin for health and beauty, hope that it can help you find out some uses suitable with your situation. However, the article is only for the informational purpose and biotin may cause some side-effects; therefore, you should see your doctor in order to get the advice before consuming biotin. If you have any question, or you know other uses of biotin, please leave them below.

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