Top 14 Health Benefits Of Kimchi

health benefits of kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional food of Korea. It is made from vegetables known as cabbage, a range of seasonings and spices. Kimchi has been a staple of Korean for many years and it is famous not only in this country but also all over the world. So, what makes then become popular like that?

The appetizing taste of kimchi that is admired globally has a super supplement of health benefits. And this assertion, of course, has been proved by many types of research before. It is a high fiber; a nutrient-rich and low-calorie dish with a large amount of vitamins including vitamin A, B1, B2 and vitamin C. Plus, kimchi also contains required amino acids and minerals like calcium, iron, and selenium. The dish has a noticeable amount of powerful antioxidants so that it provides the additional probiotic benefits in the formation of lactobacillus bacteria. There are some other healthful components presented in kimchi such as carotenoids, capsaicin, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and isothiocyanates along with a low level of sugar and fat.

All of these benefits of kimchi above are enough to persuade you to have a try on this fermented dish. You may be surprised at its taste and how it helps your body health. In this article, will present you top 14 health benefits of kimchi. This article listed the best advantages of kimchi from reliable sources so that you can absolutely believe in.  However, it is only for the informational target and it is not aimed to give medical advice. Continue reading this writing to understand more!

Top 14 Health Benefits Of Kimchi That Amaze You

1. Aids In Healthy Body Development And Boosts The Clear Vision

benefits of kimchi - aids in healthy body development and boosts the clear vision

A content of 100 grams kimchi contains 18% of the day-to-day value of vitamin A providing that a person consumes a diet of 2000 calories per day. This vitamin A, known to create benefits of kimchi, is also an antioxidant that helps you in eliminating free radicals, a cause of cancer, in your body. So, the vitamin A from kimchi plays an important role in the development of the healthy body.

In addition, this vitamin A from kimchi is always known as an essential nutrient supplement to the eyes. It can maintain a clear and healthy eyesight.

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2. Aids The Immune System

benefits of kimchi - aids the immune system

One of the benefits of kimchi is aiding the immune system. Kimchi is very rich in phenolic components and flavonoids. The range of ingredients such as peppers, ginger, garlic used in the preparing step of kimchi is all super protectors because of their usefulness for the immune system. Not only does they aid in fighting infections, but they are also are valuable in treating cold and flu symptoms.

According to some research, kimchi makes the immune cells more active and the antibodies more abundant. Eating kimchi can give 75% immune cell activity while consuming a high cholesterol diet just gives 55% and a normal diet gives 68% immune cell activity.

3. Boosts The Digestive Health

benefits of kimchi - boosts the digestive health

Another of benefits of kimchi is the ability to promote digestion. The reason is that it has a source of probiotics formed within the process of fermentation in its preparation. This fermenting process of kimchi not only promotes its taste but also produces healthy bacteria known as Lactobacillus which is beneficial in keeping a healthy and stable state of intestinal flora.

In addition, kimchi is made from cabbage that is always famous for its detoxification qualities and usefulness of removing the wastes and toxins. Therefore, it helps clean up the intestines and boosts the better integration of nutrients in the body. The fiber content of kimchi can also prevent constipation and is good at stabilizing the bowel movements.

4. Prevents Cancer 

benefits of kimchi - prevents cancer

Another typical one of benefits of kimchi is the ability to prevent cancer.
It is really a valuable food that helps reduce the risk of various cancers development. A study conducted on kimchi has pointed out its anti-cancer properties that the cabbage presented in it has healthful flavonoids, a factor able to inhibit the development of cancer cells.

Another potent cancer fighter presented in cruciferous vegetable, cabbage, is glucosinolates. Glucosinolates can break down to create isothiocyanates that are famous for their effectiveness against the growth of cancer.

5. Treats Diabetes

benefits of kimchi - treats diabetes

Kimchi is also helpful in diabetes. A study carried out on type-2 diabetic people who ate kimchi indicated the anti-diabetic properties of this Korean traditional dish. The study pointed out the lower levels of fasting glucose and a better glucose tolerance after consuming kimchi.

The study also revealed that a normal or low-fat diet with kimchi can be more useful in diabetes than any high-fat food.    

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6. Treats Gastric Ulcers

benefits of kimchi - treats gastric ulcers

Kimchi has good effects on gastritis and peptic ulcer disease that is caused by helicobacter pylori bacteria. A research conducted with kimchi has indicated that its antagonistic activity contributes to the richness of Lactobacillus bacteria that prevents the harmful pathogens from interacting with the gastric cancer cells of human body.

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7. Reduces Cholesterol

benefits of kimchi - reduces cholesterol

If you consume kimchi on a regular basis, your level of cholesterol will be reduced. It is also one of the noticeable benefits of kimchi.

Garlic used in the preparation of kimchi is very rich in allicin and selenium. Allicin is a distinguished component helping lower the cholesterol levels so that the risk of growing cardiac disorders like heart attacks or stroke will be reduced. In addition, selenium also has a protective role in the artery walls because it prevents the formation of plaque and decreases the risk of disorders known as atherosclerosis.

An investigative study has shown that fermented food, kimchi, helps lower the LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol along with the concentrations of blood glucose in the body.

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8. Removes Obesity

benefits of kimchi - removes obesity

As mentioned, kimchi has a rich source of lactobacillus bacteria that is utilized by the human body for its proper functioning. This healthy bacterium also aids in losing weight by decreasing the blood sugar levels and controlling the appetite. Plus, the fiber content of kimchi can keep you always feel full or satisfy the hunger for a longer duration, so it prevents you from regular and overeating.

A study carried out on obese patients indicated the good effects of kimchi on the human body for body mass index or body fat that helps reduce the growth of factors involved in metabolic syndrome.

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9. Helps Lose Weight

benefits of kimchi - helps lose weight

It is estimated that there are 40 calories in each 150 grams of kimchi. However, it’s not a matter that kimchi also helps carbohydrate metabolism to promote you to lose weight. Plus, the capsaicin presented in chili peppers of this Korean traditional dish can boost your metabolism and urge you to use your excess energy, so it increases the weight loss.

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10. Be Antioxidants

benefits of kimchi - be antioxidants

Kimchi is very rich in powerful antioxidants that are all natural scavengers.  The antioxidants along with flavonoids and phenols existed in the dish can protect your body from the oxidative damage or bad influence of oxygen free radicals.

11. Gives A Glowing Skin And Shiny Hair

benefits of kimchi - gives a glowing skin and shiny hair

One of the benefits of kimchi is its contribution to the beauty of skin and hair. Not only does it make your inner beauty shine, but it also makes your outer appearance prettier as well. The reason is from the selenium presented in garlic of this chilly dish can help your skin and hair always healthy. For example, eating kimchi regularly is an effective way to prevent the long-run wrinkles. Additionally, selenium is an essential part of glutathione, a promoter that reproduces vitamin C and reserves it. So the vitamin C, an excellent nutrient for skin and hair, will be stronger and more effective in the human body.

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12. Prevents Aging Properties

benefits of kimchi - prevents aging properties

Kimchi is known to have the anti-aging qualities because of its antioxidants and vitamin C that are mentioned above. Some studies conducted to confirm the anti-aging activity of this dish have shown that kimchi can help regulate and attenuate the inflammation, a cause of quick aging process. It has also revealed promising results that kimchi can reduce oxidative stress in skin cells, inhibit the lipid peroxidation and especially extend the life span. All of these benefits make kimchi become an ideal dish for women on over the world.

For instance, you can see that the Korean often look younger at their age. It is dependable on their traditional dish, kimchi. After 2 weeks being fermented, kimchi is very rich in anti-oxidants that reduce the rate of the aging process. It also restricts the oxidation of cells, makes you look younger, relaxed and carefree even though you’re under any stress or at your high ages.

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13. Prevents Atopic Dermatitis 

benefits of kimchi - prevents atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a common disease of women who have a weak skin health. But the lactobacillus bacteria presented in kimchi makes it become an excellent remedy. The dish has its therapeutic effects on the skin disease like atopic dermatitis caused by the increasing levels of skin lesion (edema and hemorrhage) or immunoglobulin E. A study conducted in this respect has indicated that healthy bacteria existing in kimchi has good effects on atopic dermatitis and is beneficial in reducing the inflammation

14. Has Culinary Usage

benefits of kimchi - has culinary usage

It may be the most common one of benefits of kimchi. It is prepared and used in many different varieties. It is also an excellent pre-meal appetizer and side dish. Kimchi can also be added to many kinds of soup, stew or rice dishes. So, kimchi is not only popular in Korea, but it also appears in the cuisines of many countries in the world.

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If you want to know more about benefits of other ingredients, please go to our main Health Nutrition page. After reading the article of top 14 health benefits of kimchi, hope that it can help you find out the best benefits of kimchi. However, the article is only for the informational purpose; therefore, you should see your doctor in order to get the advice. If you have any question, please leave the comments below, I will respond you as soon as possible.  And if you know other health benefits of kimchi, please leave them below.

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