Top 18 health benefits of getting up early in the morning are revealed

benefits of getting up early

We all know that becoming early risers comes with many benefits, but not everyone can acknowledge all the health benefits of getting up early in the morning. Some studies have correlated waking up early with success. Here,  uncovers some remarkable benefits reaped by early risers.

18 Health Benefits Of Getting Up Early – Start Becoming An Early Riser

1. Earn Better Grades

earn better grades

When it comes to benefits of getting up early, especially to students, better grades are the first one. According to a prestigious study, it is pointed out that those college students who identified themselves as “morning people” seem earn a full point higher on their GPAs than those who are not or are “night owls”. Of course, good grades will help them secure better their career chances.

2. More Proactive

more proactive

Early risers tend to be more proactive. In reality, they are more likely to agree with statements like “I feel in charge of making things occur,” and “I spend time on identifying those long-term goals in my life.”

3. Anticipate Problems

anticipate problems

A research showed that those early risers were more likely to anticipate their own problems as well as minimize them more effectively compared to other “night owls”, which also lead to more successful in their career.

4. Have More Time

have more time

The next one in this list of health benefits of getting up early in the morning is that you will have more time to do things in a day. The math is simple, right? Everyone is different, yet most people need about 7-8 hours each day to sleep for recovering from hardworking. It is possible for you to oversleep, and when you do this, you are wasting your precious time. This could also be said for the flip side, if you spend one hour on bed turning at night, you are losing time. If the quality of your sleep improves, you can spend 30 minutes less in bed, this could add up to great amounts of time.

5. Better Plan 

better plan

You have many goals in your life and you wish to gain all of them, right? The goal might be the desire of purchasing a big house, having a high and stable income, or looking for promotion. You goal can be anything yet the key to gaining them is to plan how you will achieve those goals. Your plan will be divided into tasks and sub tasks. It is necessary for you to make sure that each day, you finish these small tasks that sum up to gain little things in your life.

If you wake up early and spend at least 15 minutes each morning on planning about what things need to be done in that day and which order you will do them, then your day will go smoothly. You could maintain a dairy where you could write down your daily tasks. Mornings are considered as the best time for everyone to do this activity. This could be the time for you to have a cup of tea while thinking about how to plan your day and make it bright.

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6. Promote Productivity

promote productivity

How does getting up early in the morning can help you increase productivity? Because you wake up early, then there will be fewer distractions in those early hours so you could do more with minimal interruptions.

Also, after having a good night’s sleep, the human brain is fully charged and ready to work hard. If you wake up in the proper time, you are at your effective best and will get everything done better and quicker. In other words, it is claimed that morning people can make better decisions, seems better at planning and setting goals.

On the other hand, waking up early might find you grumpy in the beginning yet once you get familiar with this habit, you will have much more energy to start a new day.

7. Time To Exercise

time to exercise

A lot of successful business people get up early for doing exercise. Working out in the early morning is considered as one of the best manners to get your new day going. Not only does it helps you enhance energy, but it also allows you to sleep better at night. People who exercise to close to the bedtime might have harder time to fall asleep.

Also, getting up early for doing exercise helps you boost metabolism. Thus, from today, you should make it your morning routine. It may take time for you to get used to, yet once your body get familiar with this, you will feel great. Avoid skipping or snoozing. Lying in your bed for additional hours in the morning will not help your day go anywhere.

8. Get Better Sleep

get better sleep

According to sleep experts, if people go to bed early and wake up earlier, their body will be more in tune with the circadian rhythms of the earth, which will offer more restorative sleep.

9. More Optimistic

more optimistic

There are numerous of studies all over the world showing that early risers exhibit characteristic traits such as being agreeable, optimism, satisfaction, and conscientiousness. Those night owls, on the other hand, might exhibit traits such as pessimism, depression, and being neurotic, when linked with intelligence and creativity.

10. Easier Commutes

easier commutes

Who likes rush-hour traffic? No one. Early risers report easier, less congested commutes because of leaving earlier the crowds. Commute early and avoid all of it.

11. A Quiet Hour

a quiet hour

Those people who arrive at their office before their colleagues report that the first hour or two provide uninterrupted, quiet time to concentrate.

12. Family Time

family time

If you wake up early in the morning, you can spend more time with your family member. Rather than bringing work home, you could relax and unwind. Also, it is a good time for you to have a healthy breakfast. How often do you skip breakfast? Actually, breakfast will fuel your own body after a whole night of fasting. Spend time in the early morning making healthy, nutritious breakfast that could supply yourself as well as your body with the right nutrients and energy you need to for the entire day.

13. Be More Cheerful

be more cheerful

Early risers are often happier and even more positive than “night owls”, according to a report from the journal Emotion. Those morning individuals report feeling healthier, possibly as their daily routines are more in sync with the 9-5 system society is officially structured around.

14. Enjoy The Sunrise

enjoy the sunrise

Waking up early will help you have time to watch the sunrise. Particularly, this is the exact time for you to relax. Relaxation is really not wasted time. If you do not have time to relax at the end of the day, then do it right in the beginning of that day. To relax effectively, you can try meditating, deep breathings, or visualizing. That way, you will create a peaceful mind state to charge your body throughout the rest of the day.

15. Experience The Nature’s Beauty

experience the nature’s beauty download

Early morning is good for appreciating wonders of the nature. You can go out in the park and listen to the chirping of birds or watch the flowers blossom. In the early morning, nature is at its best because everything is natural and quiet. This will assist you in improving your mental health.

16. Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Normally, you wait a bus and reach office in just 30 minutes, this will lead to lots of stress within your mind and begin your day on such a bad mood could be bad in the long run. Getting stressed is the last thing you want in the morning. When getting up early, you will have time to do everything properly, not in hurry.

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17. Relaxation


In normal days, you wake up after hitting the snooze button several times, then recognize you are going to be late. After that, you rush to go out as quickly as possible and you are stuck in morning traffic and even battle for parking a slot. When sitting at the desk, you are really ready to relax. The issue with that is the morning time is when your own brain is the most sharp.

Thus, upon waking up, you should give yourself time to read newspaper, watch the morning news, workout and eat breakfast. Also, spend time on writing down the 3 things you are really thankful for. It will get your brain operating and get you in the best mood as you realize that it is rather easy to find 3 things.

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18. Change The World

change the world

This is the last but not least important when it comes to benefits of getting up early in the morning.  Well, this seems so crazy, but just 30 minutes of getting up early might change the world, or at least your life. Getting up early every day could truly make a huge difference in your own life. Imagine waking up early, then you will be more productive, make more money, meet more people, get more deals done. That will change your life drastically.

This “18 Health Benefits Of Getting Up Early In The Morning” article offers you the full list of what you can get if becoming a morning person. After reading through the writing, do you realize how great you will be when being an early raiser? Share your thought with us if you want to comment on this article or any lifestyle topic in and we will respond all soon.

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