The Jazz Booking Guide Pdf Review – Does It Work?

the jazz booking guide

The Jazz Booking Guide is no longer available to the public, there were many negative reviews and feedbacks from customers using The Jazz Booking Guide please check out Music Marketing Classroom instead.

How To Get Gigs – Author’s Claims

The Jazz Booking Guide book will show users secrets that most jazz musicians can never know about having gigs. In addition, the book also reveals how a small number of jazz musicians go to over the world and play the top festivals at the same time as the majority earns fewer than twenty thousand dollars a year with an empty calendar. The author claims that he can help jazz musicians get rid of this above problem by following techniques, guides, and tips that he introduces in this book. In many years later, James Taylor has built up a contact list of more than nine thousand jazz club managers, jazz festival directors, jazz booking agents and concert presenters. Therefore, in this Jazz Booking Guide, the author provides users with an individual list of more than 9,000 jazz promoter, jazz festival, jazz agent, and jazz club contacts.

How To Get Gigs – About The Author: James Taylor MBA

James Taylor is the developer of The Jazz Booking Guide, and this guy also is the famous instructor of Jazz Musicians or artist manager. This man has worked with a lot of well-known jazz artists such as Didier Lockwood, Bireli Lagrene, Bill Wyman, Antonio Forcione, Claire Martin, Martin Taylor, Jamie Cullum, Stephane Grappelli, and much more. In addition, James Taylor also is the owner of website and P3 Music Ltd. If people want to contact this man, people can check out at info(at) or here.

How To Get Gigs – How The Jazz Booking Guide Book Works

When becoming members of The Jazz Booking Guide program, people can get a Jazz Booking Guide that covers fastest way to get jazz gigs. In this book, jazz musicians will find out:

  • The reasons for why almost press packs sent to jazz promoters are disregarded.
  • Ways to get more jazz gigs worldwide
  • Ways to gain jazz festival as well as club gigs while they sleep through the use of outsourcing.
  • Ways to use Parkinson’s Law to achieve more bookings in less time.
  • The reasons for why 20 percentages of the jazz musicians get eighty percentages of the gigs.
  • The reasons for why contacts on their own aren’t good enough.
  • Ways to increase their return on time as well as investment when dealing with jazz promoters.
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  • Ways to using Google Ads that help jazz musicians increase their income by 150%.

Getting jazz gigs with the jazz booking guide

In addition, The Jazz Booking Guide provides users with:

  • 54 page Jazz Booking Guide e-book
  • 2,200 jazz promoter contacts
  • 2,700 jazz festival contacts
  • 3,000 jazz promoter contacts
  • Template emails along with contracts

Besides, members of this program will receive a special report on getting jazz Gigs that lasts 50 pages, word for word scrips and techniques to boost their live career, and newsletters and articles to help them establish the kind of career as a musician they have always wanted.

For a limited time James Taylor also offers some free bonuses:

  • Introduction to the Guide audio book
  • 1,400 jazz agency contacts
  • Marketing for Jazz Musicians audio book

Our website provides many reviews and writings that contain lessons as well as instructions for becoming professional singers. People can check out Superior Singing Method, and Singorama to get more knowledge about music business.

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Jazz Gigs – Pros of The Jazz Booking Guide Book

  1. The Jazz Booking Guide covers detailed instructions that help jazz musicians understand with ease
  2. The Jazz Booking Guide is known as a self-treatment program that jazz musicians can generally perform at their own home
  3. The Jazz Booking Guide provides with audio book and step-by-step techniques that help jazz musicians follow with ease
  4. The Jazz Booking Guide provides everything jazz musicians need from how to get jazz gigs to how to build a list of contact
  5. James Taylor offers a 24/7 support via email
  6. James Taylor offers a policy of back money within 8 weeks if The Jazz Booking Guide does not work for users.

jazz booking guide review

Jazz Gigs – Cons of The Jazz Booking Guide Book

The Jazz Booking Guide covers many strong points; however, it also has some disadvantages. You do not expect that The Jazz Booking Guide is a perfect course, which teaches you to get jazz gigs with ease in some days. It depends on you and your time and effort.
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Jazz Gigs – Conclusion

This full The Jazz Booking Guide review is made by me truthfully to see whether The Jazz Booking Guide works for your problem or not. In my opinion, you should try it.
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jazz booking guide

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