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A testosterone booster that makes basic claims about how it can improve the user’s life but doesn’t set itself apart in any way from the countless other options on the market. Read our full breakdown to learn where and how the product comes up short and if it does anything well. To continue just scroll down and click on the table of contents.

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Testoboost Overview

Testoboost is a testosterone booster that also seeks to provide benefits to the user’s sexual performance. The product primarily promotes its ability to help the user build muscle mass, but it believes that the testosterone boost that it provides also allows the user to experience in increase in their libido and sex drive, as well as more energy on a day to day basis.

The product is manufactured and sold by a company that goes by the name BioScience Nutrition, based out of Wilmington, Delaware. Their website doesn’t sell the products directly, but does offer a link to the Amazon page through which it can be purchased. A month’s supply, containing 90 capsules, and advises users to take 3 capsules every night, just prior to going to bed. Also included on the bottle is contact information for the manufacturer, such as a phone number and an email address.

There does not appear to be any sort of free trial or money back guarantee that is offered regarding this product.

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Testoboost Claims

The claims made by the product are pretty standard and general for a testosterone booster. It primarily states that the increase in testosterone that it will provide will lead to an increased energy level that will allow the user to conduct more intense workouts more often and build the lean muscle that they desire. Additionally, testosterone can provide benefits for the user’s performance in the bedroom by increasing their libido and sex drive. It also states that users may experience a boost in their ability to focus or think clearly.

Beyond that, they make claims regarding the product’s safety by stating that it is produced in FDA and GMP certified facilities, and they only use ingredients that are natural and have been tested for purity. Overall, there is nothing about the claims that jumps out to grab your attention or set the product apart from the countless other testosterone boosters that are available for purchase on the market. The claims that it makes regarding the improvements to the user’s sex life are too vague to get excited about and are not backed up with even an attempt at any sort of reliable evidence.

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Testoboost Ingredients

The ingredients for Testoboost are shared by the product in addition to a view of the supplement facts label and the specific dosages are included as well. This level of specificity can allow users to be more informed about what they are putting into their bodies prior to actually using the product. That said, we still have some questions and concerns regarding a few of the ingredients that are used and their potential effects on users. Here is a list of all the ingredients included in the formula:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Chrysin
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Saw Palmetto Berries
  • Hawthorn Berries
  • Cissus Quadrangularis

Among the ingredients there is some potential to be had. Tribulus Terrestris is useful for training the body and mind to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within their systems. Horny Goat Weed can help to increase testosterone levels, as well as blood flow within the body, which can be beneficial for achieving erections. Tongkat Ali is another testosterone booster that can also function as a natural aphrodisiac, allowing users to get in the mood for sex easier.

However, some of the ingredients we view as a cause for concern. Hawthorn Berries are mostly used to treat heart conditions and battle high cholesterol, but have no known use for improving sexual performance, and they can lead to potential side effects such as nausea, sweating, insomnia, and agitation. Cissus Quadrangularis is a vine that usually found in Africa or Asia and is used as an alternative to taking steroids, but can cause users to suffer from gas, diarrhea, headaches, and issues with sleep.

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The Science Behind Testoboost

One of the main issues in evaluating this product is that it simply does not make the effort to provide the user with much information that will allow them to make an informed decision. It offers many run-of-the-mill descriptions about the product’s effectiveness, but practically nothing that is scientific or verifiable. This is a serious issue in gaining the user’s confidence and trust.

The advertising for the product provides the ingredients and their dosages, which is something, but is the bare minimum users should expect from the manufacturer. As far as explaining how the product actually works there is some very short description of the function of each ingredient, but nothing beyond that. No specific figures, clinical studies, or testimonials from doctors to support the product, but instead they use some official looking graphics on the label and in the advertising to give users the impression that it is official or backed up by something. This seems intentionally misleading by the manufacturer to distract from the fact that there is nothing of substance scientifically in their product.

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Word on the Street About Testoboost

Through the Amazon page for Testoboost there is over 1,000 consumer reviews made available. At first having so many consumer reviews to look over may seem like a positive, but when there is such an absurdly high number, it is often a sign that at least some of the reviews are faked or created by the manufacturers to paint the product in a better light. That said, there were still plenty of real reviews that discussed the pros and cons of the product.
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Among the reviews there are concerns that many of the 5-star reviews that they product has received are not from real consumers.
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The users who were critical of the product have stated that they followed the directions exactly, made changes in their lifestyle, and still did not see any noticeable results: “Was hoping to get great results, but was let down. Didn’t see any gains or extra energy. Going to use a different product.”

The reviews that specifically addressed the product’s effect on their sex life were similarly unimpressed. Even worse, some users reported that they experienced serious side effects from using the product, with one stating: “This product raised my blood pressure extremely high just days after I started using it, and I started experiencing serious vertigo.” We were aware of some potential side effects that the product could have but those side effects sound even worse than what we were expecting.

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Is Testoboost Worth a Try?

Because of a complete lack of any clinical or scientific evidence to support the product, and a high number of concerning customer reviews, we believe that Testoboost should be avoided. As we discussed, the advertising for the product is extremely generic and fails to do anything to set itself apart from the competition. Furthermore, it does not even try to provide anything resembling real science to back it up.

The formula for the product uses some quality ingredients, but uses some potentially harmful ones as well. Based on some of the reviews that we read, there seems to be a chance that it could lead to serious and long-lasting side effects, so we cannot endorse it. Additionally, there is some concern that many of the positive reviews offered through the Amazon page for the product are not legitimate and may be faked by the manufacturer. This would represent a serious breach of trust on the part of the manufacturer and could actually put some users in serious danger.

Testoboost is not worth your time or your money, and it is definitely not worth risking your health over.

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Testoboost vs Testoboost XL

Despite their very similar names, the two products are produced by different manufacturers. Testoboost XL does use some of the same ingredients as Testoboost, but also uses some other potentially dangerous ingredients such as Yohimbe. Also, Testoboost XL is not made available for direct purchase, but rather only available through the often misleading and frustrating free trial method which will automatically sign users up for automatic shipments of the product without their knowledge.

Testoboost vs Test Boost Elite

Test Boost Elite is similar to Testoboost in that it is also a testosterone booster and offers similar benefits such as increased stamina, higher libido, sex drive, and an ability to add the lean muscle mass that you seek. However, Test Boost Elite is another product that is only available through unofficial websites that only offer it via a free trial method that ends up charging the user an outrageously high price for the product that they do not make clear ahead of time.

Testoboost vs Max Nitric Oxide

Max Nitric Oxide and Testoboost claim to provide similar benefits but take different routes to get there. While Testoboost is a testosterone booster, Max Nitric Oxide aims to increase the level of nitric oxide that can lead to the veins widening, which will allow more blood to flow throughout the body, thereby delivering nutrients where they need to go and allowing the body to experience more energy and productivity. Unfortunately, Max Nitric Oxide does not provide the user with a full list of ingredients that they use, and much like Testoboost, they fail to provide many details about the working process of the product.

Testoboost FAQ

  1. Where can I view reviews of Testoboost?

The place with the most amount of consumer reviews for Testoboost is its Amazon page, which contains over 1,000. However, be aware that many users have expressed concern that some of the positive reviews are fakes.

  1. Is there a free trial of Testoboost offered?

No, it does not appear that there is a free trial of Testoboost currently being offered.

  1. What sort of side effects should I be aware of with Testoboost?

Based on the ingredients that are used, insomnia, sweating, headaches, diarrhea, and general agitation are all possibilities. Some users also reported more serious side effects like increased blood pressure and vertigo.
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  1. Is Testoboost a scam?

It does not appear that the product is a scam, as it is sold through a reputable retailer in Amazon, however that is no guarantee that it works.

  1. What are some benefits of boosting your testosterone?

Benefits of boosting your testosterone can include more energy, ability to add lean muscle mass, increased confidence, and a higher libido and sex drive.

  1. Where is Testoboost for sale and for how much?

It seems that the primary place through which Testoboost is sold is Amazon, offering a one-month supply for $23.95 plus shipping and handling charges.

  1. Is there an official website for Testoboost?

There is an official website for the product manufacturer BioScience Nutrition, but it does not appear that there is an official website that is dedicated just to Testoboost.
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  1. How are you supposed to use Testoboost?

Testoboost comes in bottles containing 90 capsules, and users are advised to take 3 capsules each night just prior to going to bed.

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So What Really Works?

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