Belly Dancing Course Review – Does Mariella’s Course Really Work?

Updated: 08/08/2024

To give you the full overview of Belly Dancing Course, I am glad to introduce the complete Belly Dancing Course review, containing 7 sections below:

1. What Is Belly Dancing Course?

2. How Will Belly Dancing Course Help You Dance Sexily?

3. How Will Belly Dancing Course Benefit You?

4. How Much Does This Program Cost?

5. What Will Get From Belly Dancing Course Package?

6. Is It Guaranteed That Belly Dancing Course Will Work For You?

7. Does Belly Dancing Course Give Any Support?

Belly dancing course review

What Is Belly Dancing Course?

Belly dancing course real user reviewBelly Dancing Course, an intensive, at-home comprehensive belly dancing program designed by Mariella Monroe, who is a professional belly dancer and certified dance trainer. She has been dancing for about 18 years with the worldwide experience. Also, she contributed a lot of valuable ideas to a variety of dancing magazine as well as other publications. This Belly Dancing Course review is designed basing on the sharing of Anh Nguyen, who is a real user of this product. Start from a new beginners to belly dance, Anh Nguyen now develops her dancing skills and is able to dance sexily and professionally just by learning the whole course of Mariella Monroe in a fraction of time. Anh Nguyen claims that this course is by far the easiest and most efficient program to learn everything about belly dancing. The total course is really perfect for beginners or more seasoned dancers who are looking for a review of technique. Unlike other traditional belly dancing classes, with Belly Dancing Course, users can learn to dance from the privacy of their own home with one-on-one private coaching. So, what makes this Belly Dancing Course different from others? This program comes with the coaching of 3 expert teachers that means you will be able to get diversity in teaching styles and a better practicing experience thanks to specialization.

The entire Belly Dancing Course review aims to show people different styles of belly dancing and what they can learn to perform professionally 5 distinct dances styles on their own schedule. Especially, with the private coaching through Skype and email, as a learner, you will be never alone with your questions. In fact, none of the belly dancing courses available online provides such interactivity. Move through 8 hours of video, learners can get closer to the way up to complex combinations, warm-ups, cool downs plus music. Believe it or not, this is the perfect opportunity you have been waiting for to take your dancing skills to the next level, quickly and easily. Keep reading this Belly Dancing Course review to discover more about what Anh Nguyen appreciated when learning this product!

How Will Belly Dancing Course Help You Dance Sexily?

The Belly Dancing Course review covers the most typical features of this online belly dancing guide. The program consists of more than 50 step-by-step videos, 8 hours of no-fluff, simple-to-follow guidelines, 1 hour of music rhythm. Every segment and move introduced in this course is divided into sections for easy following with advanced, complex combination movement at the end of every video for seasoned dancers. Hence, no matter you are a newbie to belly dancing, or you want to improve your current dancing skills, this product will perfectly provide you with what you need. Importantly, the movement begins slowly, then progresses to full speed. Anh Nguyen – a real learner – shares that with 3 different trainers, she has experienced various coaching styles and levels of challenge. By covering the most popular dances styles, this guide is considered as the most comprehensive course on the market. Here are 5 common styles:

  • Egyptian Oriental
  • American Cabaret
  • U.S Tribal
  • Turkish Didem
  • Gothic and Tribal Fusion

belly dancing course

Being embedded by the fast-track strategy of coaching beginners and the nurturing, supportive style as well, this course will take you from fundamental to advanced combinations in the early hours of learning. Additionally, within this e-guide, you will get the perfect accompaniment to the video training by getting over one hour of amazing audio showing great music of widely acclaimed global recording artists.

Anh Nguyen also shares that what she like about belly dancing, in general, and this Belly Dancing Course, in particular, is the great workout she gets as she moves various body parts, subjecting her body to a comprehensive exercise which assists her in toning abdominal muscles, look sexy, and stay fit. Besides, another positive effect is that it can enhance correct posture and also helps her to be much more confident.  In short, the advice is presented in user-friendly, simple format but very practical, so you should not overlook anything it supplies.

Belly dancing course reviews

How Will Belly Dancing Course Benefit You?

This might be the next question you have when reading my Belly Dancing Course review, right? Actually, developed by professional belly dancer, this comprehensive guide takes learners through an interesting process of making acquaintance with belly dancing. In detail, you can take a closer look at what you are going to discover in this high-caliber multimedia course:

  • Every movement of 6 dance styles
  • Tips to select costumes and music
  • Rhythmic hip as well as rotations
  • Shiver, twists, and shimmy
  • Forth and back steps, camel rocks
  • Pelvic tilts, and figure eights
  • Torso rotation and undulations
  • Belly dance percussive hipwork
  • Combining hipwork and footwork
  • Moves and accents of upper body
  • Combining upper body accents and fluid hipwork
  • Simple and challenging hipwork combination
  • Advanced fluid movements
  • Movements to improve flexibility
  • Ways to relax with music
  • And much more

belly dancing course book

On the other hand, once becoming a member of Belly Dancing Course, you will have three options of watching training videos, which are:

  • Download: you can download all videos to your own computer and watch them over again freely
  • Streaming: this way allows you to watch the video lessons instantly through a member area. Because there is no expiry date, so you will have lifetime streaming access
  • DVD: if you do not favor online watching, then you can get all videos on DVDs and watch them at anytime.

Here are users’ opinions about this program:

Belly dancing course customers testimonial

Belly dancing course customers review

How Much Does This Program Cost?

Let me ask you one question: how much you are willing to spend to be a master of belly dancing? Is it hundreds, or even thousands of dollars?  Not only it takes you money to be a professional belly dancer, but it also takes too much attempt and time from you to do so. Nevertheless, with Belly Dancing Course, customers just need to spend a one-time payment of $47 to get an instant access to all videos and bonuses of this package. There are just a few spots left for the coaching and they will go quick. Keep in mind that the whole course is always available through immediate download, DVDs, and online streaming, so you can watch all videos in only 5 minutes.

Belly dancing course order

What Will Get From Belly Dancing Course Package?

Ladies, listen! The author wants to make sure that all of you have everything you need to instantly guarantee the success of your own attempts to learn belly dancing. Thus, if you take action right now, apart from the main guide, you can receive 7 super bonuses, including:

Belly dancing course package

  • Bonus 1: The guide of 25 Fundamental Foundation Drills
  • Bonus 2: The guide of Combinations And Performances
  • Bonus 3: The guide of Dancing For Weight Loss And Muscle Toning
  • Bonus 4: Videos of Sexy And Sensual Dancing Tips
  • Bonus 5: The guide of Costumes And Accessories
  • Bonus 6: Free Lifetime Updates
  • Bonus 7: Free Private Coaching With Mariella Monroe

The main guide plus with the bonuses above act as a “custom-made” guide to guarantee you are always on track, are always encouraged by the author.

Now, with this Belly Dancing Course review, you have all necessary information about the content of this program. Is it attractive enough to stimulate you to take the first move now?

Is It Guaranteed That Belly Dancing Course Will Work For You?

belly dancing course 60 day money backWell, what if I told you that you can learn this course without fee? Would you try it then? In fact, this is the deal. You just have to pay for the Belly Dancing Course if it actually worked for you. In case you are not totally satisfied with the results gained, your full investment will be back within 60 days from the date of order. No hassle or complaint. This is the most confident commitment to ensure for the quality of this product. You have nothing to lose. So, do not hesitate to get for yourself one course!

Does Belly Dancing Course Give Any Support?


If you are not clear about any aspect of this product, just simply refer the FAQ page or submit a question here to get the best answers from the producer.

The whole belly Dancing Course review above hopefully can help you get the real review of this product.

Leave your words at the comment section to share your thoughts with us.

Now, take action to learn belly dancing with Belly Dancing Course!

Belly dancing course order

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