How To Stay Young And Healthy Longer – Top 20 Tips Revealed

Wishing for the fountain of youth? You might not need it. We have run rounded up secrets, tried-and-true beauty tips, and the ultimate advice on how to stay young and healthy longer that help you fight aging naturally. Check out them now!

How To Stay Young And Healthy Longer – Top 20 Tips

1. Keep Healthy Weight

Often, people tend to have a habit of eating about three big meals per day. Yet when you want to lose weight or get in shape, it is better for you to create right habits of eating which mean you should eat smaller portions, and more than three times per day. By this way, you will enhance your metabolism and make it easier to maintain your great figure. According to some studies, the ideal eating habit is from 5 to 6 meals per day with smaller portions. Besides, in order to overcome overeating naturally, you should also drink at least one glass of water before and after eating. It depends on your preference. When drinking water, you will fill in the space in your stomach and feel satisfied without overeating. Moreover, your body will stay hydrated well.

2. Use Sun Screen

how to stay young lookingWe all know that ultra violet rays are not good for the human health. UV rays might cause extremely huge percentage of wrinkles as well as other signs of aging. When it comes to sun screen protection, there are two kinds: physical and chemical-based SPFs with the UVA and UVB protections. In case that your skin is sensitive, then you should use the sun screen protection cream with natural ingredients and minerals such as titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Besides, you need to pay attention to protect your skin from sun damage when going on holidays.

3. Give Yourself A Break

When it comes to tip on how to stay young, studies show that stress can cause physical changes in the body that can accelerate aging. The production of hormones cortisol and adrenaline lead to enhanced blood pressure and increase heart beats. Today, when stress trigger seems unrelenting, chronic production of adrenaline and coritisol take a heavy toll on the physical as well as emotional health. The most efficient way to relieve the destructive chain of events is meditation, which is also called as “the relaxation response”. Each day, you can spend 10 to 20 minutes to sit in a quiet place, close the eyes, relax the muscles, roll the head, neck and shoulder, then breathe deeply. When done, keep the eyes closed for several extra minutes. Then, you can slowly allow daily thoughts to flow back into the mind. Or, another method to relieve stress is to implement some simple yoga routines or something repetitive and active, like running or jogging, instead. Try to focus on your belly breathing and get the to-do list out of the head to relax the whole body.

4. Moisturize Your Skin

There are many products on the market, which can help you hydrate and nourish your skin. If your skin is sensitive to the cosmetic creams, then you could use natural products, like rose hip oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, and so on. The main point you need to know here is to take care of your skin and never leave it lack of moisture and dehydrated.

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5. Avoid Spending Time With Negative People

You had better avoid spending time with those individuals who often complain about how old they feel. Those people just pull you down with them as well as make you feel old too. So, you had better surround yourself with people who act and feel young and healthy, both outside and inside. Make it your rule and keep your company positive.

Also, never say or think something like you are too old to do anything. This is considered as a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will become old when you make up your mind to be.

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6. Consume Fat

The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, walnuts, and seeds can help stabilize the mood, improve bone strength, and prevent visible signs of ageing via decreasing inflammation in the body. As omega-3s can promote the ability of the body’s enzymes to pull fat out of storage and use it as energy; therefore, it keep your body healthy and your own skin radiant. It is recommended that people should eat a large amount of fatty fish like wild salmon and walnuts. If you cannot take enough the intake of omega-3s from diets, you can consider fish-oil supplements.

7. Drink Red Wine

how to stay young at heartDrink red wine in moderation can help people reduce the risk of obesity-related deaths and lessen the chance of developing diabetes as well as liver problems. As some studies, grape-seed procyanidins found in red wine can reduce arterial clogging, leading to lower blood -cholesterol levels and a decline in deaths due to heart disease. The recommended consumption of red wine people should consume is no more one 5-ounce glass per day in order to maintain good health.

8. Treat Yourself Kind 

Treat yourself regularly to wonderful little things, particularly if they seem unnecessary and frivolous. This can remind you that you are wonderful and once you feel wonderful, you will feel better. Go to the bookstores or buy yourself shoes and hats which you love.

9. Make Love

how to stay young pdf

People who enjoy sex can live longer than those who do not. Actually, if you double the amount of satisfying sex, it could add up to 3 years to your own life. Besides, those people who maintain a happy relationship and regularly make love look about 10 years younger than their own physical age. Healthy and sex life could also help you stay beautiful as well as young for a long time. When making love with the partner, the body will cultivate the “hormone of happiness” that not only helps strengthen your immune system and promote the happiness and satisfactory, but also helps you live longer and younger.

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10. Let Your Brain Operate

Brainy activities can stimulate new connections between nerve cells and might even help the brain generate new cells, producing neurological “plasticity” and forming a functional reserve that provides a hedge defeating future cell loss.

You can take courses, or try “mental gymnastics” like word puzzles and math problems. You should also do experiment with something that requires manual dexterity and emotional effort, like painting, drawing, and other crafts.

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11. Care For Your Feelings And Emotions

how to stay young looking after 40People who are anxious, sleep-deprived, depressed, and exhausted might score poorly on the cognitive function tests. However, poor scores do not necessarily project an increased risk of cognitive reduction in old age, yet great mental health and restful sleep can be certainly critical goals.

12. Get Beauty Sleep

The fact is getting adequate sleep can help you boost the energy levels drastically, relieve stress and keep your weight healthy. It is recommended that people should get at least 6-7 hours of sleep each night in order to feel and look younger than their real age.

13. Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals and also are good sources of phytochemicals, which protect the body from aging and disease. Try to add power foods, like lettuce, spinach, asparagus, carrots, and cabbage to your current diet plan to regenerate your mind and your body naturally.

14. Sweat It Out

how to stay young guideStudies indicated that the most efficient form of exercise and the kind that could help you stay longer and younger might be short, fast, and intense kinds of anaerobic exercise. This type of physical activity can be the most powerful body-fat burning, muscle toning, and anti-aging substance known in science. Thus, no matter what your normal exercise routine is, you should add short intervals to fight off aging.

Also, using your muscles might help your mind. Exercise can also spur the development of new nerve cells and boost the connection between the brain cells. Exercise is able to lower the blood pressure levels, boost cholesterol levels, defeat diabetes, and decrease mental stress, all of which will help your heart, your brain, and your whole body.

15. Continue Working In Retirement

This is not least important tip on how to stay young as it is at the end of this list. A lot of studies showed a correlation between early retirement and early death. Just some extra years of early retirement can reduce your life expectancy. Many people could not wait to retire, as their jobs are tiring and stressful. And, they do not take enough vacations. However, having a job can help you so much. You can learn new things via working, and developing your social networks. Work, both actual and volunteer, is considered as the solution to keep people living to advanced ages. If the current full-time career is to taxing, you can work part-time, or switch to a less stressful job, and volunteering.

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16. Travel Travel

Next to tips on how to stay young and healthy longer, you should maintain traveling as an interesting hobby. Never stop it even when you are getting older. This is the secret to a healthy mind and open heart. In addition, travelling helps you know more about the world and the strange regions. You need to have the right medication and know the places of escape routes. However, if you are a healthy person, you should travel as a young-heart person, not a young-of-age person. You can write about your traveling trip in a diary, a notebook, or a book. In this way, you can remain your memories and increase the inspiration for others. It will be a significant reminder for you.

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17. Feel Aging As An Opportunity

You may not know that self-perception of aging has a considerable influence on survival than cholesterol levels and blood pressure. To know this, many researchers conducted a study about functional health with people aged 50 or older during the course of 18 years. The people who can outlive demonstrate a positive vision about their future and their capability of function. They believed aging has no effects on them and they can climb stairs, work full time, and do house work. They can live about 7 years longer than people who have less positive viewpoints about aging.

18. Ignore Negative Stereotypes Related To Aging ignore negative stereotypes related to aging

A study of North Carolina State University showed that negative stereotypes will badly affect memory performance. People were exposed to bad words related to aging including “senile”, “cray nky”, or “feeble” , and good aging words like “active”, knowledgeable”, and “accomplished”. Adults aged from 57 to 82 years old performed more badly on memory tests if they were exposed to the bad stereotypes before having the tests. In contrast, they can perform better like people in their teens if being exposed to the good stereotypes.

There are a lot of other useful ways to stay young and healthy longer. Here are the best guide to stay young & strong for men, and the best guide to keeping young & healthy women should read.

19. Set Goals For The Future set goals for the future

Regardless of your age, you should draw up lists of things you have to do. This is really significant, especially for retired people. Working can keep you younger; however, there are many activities that can make you stay young and healthy heart. Instead of looking forward to life without intentions in the future, you need to have personal targets and aspirations, and professional ones. Your targets don’t need to be great, they are just simple like career goals, interest goals (start a new hobby, read more books, travel…), cognitive goals (learning a new language), and nutritional goals. Targets can greatly make you grow and improve at any age.

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20. Don’t Act Your Age don’t act your age

The secret of psychological health is the way you feel inside. It doesn’t depend on your chronological age or your appearance. Don’t feel old because this can prevent you from taking part in some interesting activities. You should avoid feeling too old to join a physical activity like hiking a mountain. Once you join, your muscles will work and start to shrink ad your bones will get smaller. To avoid this, you should continually do exercises as you age.

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Getting a healthy lifestyle and longer life expectancy is the desire of everyone, from men to women. However, in order to stay young, it is critical for you to maintain a well-balance physical and mental life. Following all of the 20 tips on how to stay young introduced above will help you get closer to your desire.

Leave your comments at the end of this post of how to stay young and healthy longer to let us know what you think. We will answer all soon!

There are a lot of other useful ways to stay young and healthy longer. Here are the best guide to stay young & strong for men, and the best guide to keeping young & healthy women should read.

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