21 Hair Care Tips For Natural And Fine Hair At Home 2024

Updates: 05/1/2024

Getting gorgeous hair is the dream of every girl. So, how can you do that? Fortunately, it is not necessary for you to go to a hair salon or expensive hair products to have hair that looks professionally cared for and styled. Read on top powerful hair care tips for natural and fine hair at home 2024 here to discover the secrets of healthy hair.

I. Hair Care Tips For All Types Of Hair

1. Wash Hair   

How often you wash your hair should be based on the type of your hair and how much oil your scalp produces.

  • In case that your hair is oily, you need to wash your hair more often than other types of hair.
  • If you have chemically treated hair, then, your hair might be drier, so you had better wash it less regularly.
  • When people get older, the scalp might make less oil; therefore, they will not need to shampoo as often. Yet, in case you see flakes in the hair, it means that you might not be shampooing enough. As a result, you may suffer from dandruff or other scalp diseases.

 2. Choose Good-Quality Shampoo

choose good-quality shampoo

It is recommended that people should use shampoos which do not include sulfates or parabens. Sulfates are the chemicals which make shampoos lather up. And, parabens are actually preservatives which lead to eyes problems and irritation. All of these chemicals are not good for your hair as well as the environment; thus, you should try to use shampoo with nature cleansers.

Additionally, it is great for you to use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Go for the shampoo which works for you. For instance, in case your hair is colored, then you had better use a shampoo which is designed for color-treated hair. In other words, if your hair is currently ruined or chemically treated, you can take advantage of a “2-in-1” shampoo. No matter how much it costs, a lot of shampoo as well as conditioner brands supply the same benefits. 

3. Focus Shampoo On Your Scalp

focus shampoo on your scalp

When washing the hair, you should focus on cleaning primarily your scalp instead of focusing on washing the total length of your hair. If you wash your hair solely, then you might create flyaway hair which is coarse and dull.

Then, after shampooing, you should use conditioner to make your hair smoother, unless you can use a “2-in-1” shampoo that will clean and condition your hair. Making use of the conditioner will significantly improve the look of damaged or weathered hair by enhancing shine, reducing static electricity, boosting strength and providing a natural shied from harmful ultra violet rays.

While putting conditioner on your hair, put it on the tips of the hair. As conditioner could make fine hair look limp, they just should be used on the tips of your hair, not the length of hair or the scalp.

4. Do Not Brush The Hair Too Much

do not brush the hair too much

The next one in a list of hair care tips I want to introduce to you is about brushing. In fact, brushing your hair can stimulate the follicles leading to increased hair growth, yet brushing too much will damage your hair strands, resulting in split ends and frizz.

5. Beware Of The Sun

Remember that hot season could be extremely damaging for the hair. The harmful rays and scorching sunlight from the sun might turn your hair rough, dry, and damaged looking. In order to prevent this from happening, you had better not go out when the sun is at its peak during the afternoon hours.  In case that you have to go out that moment, ensure that you cover your head with a hat or use an umbrella or wear a scarf. Then, applying a serum or a leave-in onto your hair could protect your hair from damage of heat because it acts like sunscreens for the hair.

6. Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem, particularly in the winter. This involves in the flaking white dead skin of the scalp.

It is considered as a scalp disorder which affects a large number of people all over the world. If you are suffering from this problem, then you need to apply several dandruff removing techniques. When you have dandruff, do not overlook it. Make use of dandruff-removing shampoos as well as conditioners which are available in the market. In case these products do not work for you, then you need to consider stronger solutions like nizoral antifungals. Or, you can take advantage of traditional methods for treating dandruff like Neem egg yolk, or black pepper.


7. Water Temperature

Did you know that the water temperature used when you wash hair can determine your hair quality? You should wash the hair with lukewarm water. Such extremely temperatures, like too hot and too cold water all damage the hair follicles. Always wash hair with water an optimum temperature. Particularly, you had better avoid using hot water, even during winter because it is so damaging for the hair. A lot of hair experts recommend people to give their hair with tea-water so that their hair will be shiny and smooth.

8. Trim The Hair

trim the hair

Trim your hair frequently in order to guarantee your hair growth and eliminate split ends. Get your own hair trimmed at least one times in six month for maintaining its health. However, a lot of people who want to grow their hair longer avoid trimming it because they do not want to shorten their hair’s length. That is untrue. If you regularly trim your hair, then you can stimulate hair growth. If not, the split ends will start traveling up the length of your hair and damage your hair much further. Hence, get your hair trimmed as often as possible to retain healthy and long hair.

9. Heat Treatment

Maybe, most of us all want to have or silky straight or gorgeous curls hair. Nevertheless, heat treatments, such as heat straighteners and curlers cause damage to the hair. Actually, the short-terms consequences of swishy, great-looking hair might be realized unclearly, yet the long-term effects could be devastating. Heat could be harmful for the hair as warned earlier. The cuticle layer will be ruined by heat, leading to dropped hair or brittle hair. So, do not straighten the hair every day, but do in moderation or before special events. Never apply the heat onto the hair once it is wet. Just wait for it to dry before straightening or curling it. You should also use good quality curlers and straighteners to avoid excessive damage.

heat treatment

Protect Hair When Swimming

When it comes to hair care tips, remember to protect the hair from damaging impacts of chlorine by conditioning and wetting the hair before swimming. It is good for you to wear a tight-fitting swim cap and use a specially formulated swimmers shampoo as well as deep conditioner after swimming to complement lost moisture.

10. Let The Hair Dry Naturally

let the hair dry naturally

After finishing your shower, wrap the hair in a cotton towel. Avoid brushing hair while wet because it may make the hair brittle and weak. Only use a wide tooth comb to brush out tangles when hair is wet.

Do not use such a blow-rider. Normally, healthy hair will not respond well to heat. Your hair might suffer from the damage caused by heat easily, particularly from blow-driers. In case that you have to use this, dry your hair using the lowest-temperature level and try limiting usage about once per week.

Once you shower before sleeping at night, let it air-dry before going to bed. Leave your hair wet when sleeping is not good for your health.

12. Eat Healthy And Consume Enough Vitamins

eat healthy and consume enough vitamins

Because hair is made from proteins, so you need to consume a well-balanced diet which is high in lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. As a healthy diet can guarantee the good-looking, good-feeling hair, so you need to consume plenty of iron, vitamin C, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. These substances will help transport oxygen to blood vessels, grow as well as repair tissue, and booth hair growth fast.

Also, you need to give the hair time to show its new brilliance. Though what you eat will not instantly show the result or difference on the hair you have already, it will repair your hair steadily and help with hair which is newly growing. Furthermore, eating well can also help you grow hair quickly and firmly.

See: steps to create a healthy meal plan for better health.

13. Reduce Stress

A lot of physical and mental stressors limit your hair growth. In reality, stress could cause hair loss, and other hair problems; thus, you should try not to let stress and depression control you. This means finding healthy emotional outlets for your problems, like biking, yoga, or other kinds of exercise.

Learn methods to relieve stress and depression and unique tips to stop hair loss safely so that you can get beautiful hair easily.

14. Natural Remedies

natural remedies

There are a variety of natural ingredients which you could use on the hair to make it better and healthier. Egg yolk should be used like a conditioner. Or, you can use aloe Vera which can be applied as a homemade hair masks. Those people who have grey hair should apply henna onto their hair though henna used on dry hair could make it drier. Another home remedies you can take advantage of can be vinegar mixed with warm water and baking soda.

Check out some advantages of apple cider vinegar and ways to prevent premature grey hair here.

II. Hair Care Tips For Long Hair

hair care tips for long hair

1. How To Wash Long Hair 

The way you wash hair, the frequency of your hair washing and the temperature to wash hair are some main factors affecting your hair growth. If you wash hair every day with hot water, your hair will be damaged with hair fall, brittle hair and hair breakage. So, what is the solution?

Consider washing hair less than 3 times per week. Do not use super hot water to wash hair. Instead of showering with cold water, you can wash hair in a sink with warm water.

2. How To Dry Hair Gently

Don’t dry hair roughly when it’s wet as it’s the way you break your hair! It won’t get chances to grow strong and long. Your hair is like a garment, which is made of fabric; so, don’t throw hair in a dryer, instead, lay your hair out to air dry it gently. Don’t brush hair when it’s wet because wet hair can break more easily. When detangling hair, you should use fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

3. How To Choose Long Hair Care Products

how to choose long hair care products

Hair care products you use can be a contributor to your poor hair growth. Many hair care products have sulfates that strip hair’s natural oils and leave your hair to damaged condition. Many hair conditioners include silicones, which coat hair with toxic chemicals. To protect your hair health and increase your hair growth, you should cleanse silicones out of your hair before drying it.

To limit damage from hair care products, you should give hair a break each 2 or 3 days. Choose all-natural products such as apple cider vinegar to wash hair or coconut oil to coat hair and so on!

III. Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair 

In general, it’s harder to care for curly hair than natural hair because curly hair is formed under a pressure of hot temperature. The following are some detailed tips on caring for curly hair that work.

hair care tips for curly hair

1. How To Wash Curly Hair

Curly hair is sensitive, do not wash it daily as it may lose natural oils and become frizzy and dry. To help your hair become shining, supply it with more moisture than natural or straight hair by washing it 3 to 4 time per week. Hair conditioner can be required. The best type of hair conditioner does not contain silicones.

2. Use Right Hair Products For Curly Hair

Curly hair needs more care to be shining after washing, so you should use hair coats. Pay attention to choose natural products like coconut oil, olive oil or mineral oil.

You may like searching for: Benefits Of Coconut Oil and Benefits Of Olive Oil to care for your overall health and beauty.

3. Detangle Curly Hair

detangle curly hair

There are different types of hair combs for different types of hair. Normal comb is good to use for straight hair but it can damage your curly hair. So, instead of using normal hairbrush, use a wide-toothed comb to protect your curly hair from being damaged.

4. Don’t Towel Dry Hair

When scrubbing hair with a towel, it may cause friction and increase the frizz in hair. While showering, you should gently wring hair to get water out of hair. To avoid being hair dripping wet, wrap your hair up with a towel on for 5 to10 minutes.

Hopefully that the above hair care tips can help you beautify your hair naturally and effectively. In order to get healthy and smooth hair, people should combine these tips appropriately and consistently. Leave your comments at the end of this post of hair care tips to let us know your thoughts. We will answer all soon!

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