How to find your calling in life and career

how to find your calling

Calling is purpose of life that you are finding to drive your life in the right way and attract success and happiness? How to find your calling in life, which makes you feel fulfilled, vibrant, connected and truly alive? Read this article on Vkool site to answer for the big question above.

How To Find Your Calling In Life & Career

1. Notice Signs & Dreams

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Your subconscious mind has its own ways to let you know whether you are heading to the right direction or not. Notice things that may happen and affect your life. Upon waking, connect to all your dreams actively and your dreams’ symbolism work on you.

However, don’t try to follow other people’s dreams as something people desire that are not the things you really want. Hence, control your dreams and turn them into practical things you can do in your real life.

2. Recall Good Memories  

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Your callings are often things that you loved to have and do when you are young. So, recall about good memories in the past you had. For instance, recall about your idol when you were young. You can also remember your strength in sports. On other hand, you can recall about the best friend. Perhaps, all good memories you have recalled will help you find your calling and change your life after then.

3. Turn Down Distractions

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Some distractions may disturb your thinking flow and focus such as drinking, shopping, TV and so on. Limit these triggers or turn them down. At first, it seems to be hard to do but just follow this guide and it will beneficial for you. You will have concentration on the things you are finding or you will easily find out what you are reaching and achieving in your life.

In other words, you should focus on what absolutely keep you feeling good. For instance, control your mind to engage things that make you fell purposeful, expressive, and joyful. Notice these moments in your life in order to discover your calling.

If you want to know more about how to find your calling in life and career, Finding Your True Calling is the best guide you should read.

4. Find Your Problem And Solve

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For some people, it’s hard for them to find their real callings. The reason may be hidden behind some problems and they need to solve their troubles immediately. Try to identify your problem, opt for the best solution that is meaningful. By eliminating your entire problem, you then can find the right direction to go on. It’s also a time you are following your calling.

Money can be a solution for almost your problems. But keep in mind that sometimes money cannot work. So spend time thinking and solving your problems before you spend your money.

5. Meditate And Sharpen Your Mind

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Among powerful techniques on how to find your calling in life and career, do not skip meditation. This is actually a therapy for your mind. By applying this method, you will sharpen your mind and empower your mind to find your purpose of life.

You can practice meditation and combine it with yoga lessons. The combination between yoga and meditation can help you balance your mental health and physically. Moreover, you should get out and stay in nature as peaceful places always give you relaxation and focus to visualize.

6. Be Patient

be patient

Next to ways on how to find your calling, learn to keep your patience for good. Patience is one the keys of success. Learn to be patient before starting doing something and keep this attitude during the process of action. With patience, you can control your mind with the right decision. If your decision to keep patient is right, then you will get rid of failure and complete your task.

On the other hand, you should learn to be decisive to change your decision and take new opportunities in job and life. Analyze the situation and be ready to say “Yes” to a new chance. For example, you want to be patient to get higher position in job. However, if you have a good chance to do a better job, my advice for you is to compare the two jobs and choose the better one. Remember that you need to get clear about your own decision. Other people’s ideas may affect your final decision.

If you want to know more about how to find your calling in life and career, Finding Your True Calling is the best guide you should read.

7. Understand Your Calling

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Even the disappointments, the regrets, the screw-ups and the gritty things, they were prepping you for things you are being called to do. For instance, you will realize that the death of a loved one, the bankruptcy, the rejection, the divorce and the failure, they are just a school teaching you great lessons. Your soul is needed to learn these lessons and you will learn to be who you are being called.

8. Shake Up Your Routine

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Change your living or working environment, get out of a normal routine, carving time for yourself. All these things can shift your outlook. The more shifts on connections, realization and perspective you have, the more easily nurtured you nourish yourself emotionally and physically.

Just give yourself the permission to shift your mind first, then all your life will be improved as you have planned it.

9. Never Give Up Your Faith To Find A Way Back To Your Calling

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Like a belief, you need to keep your faith to the way you think and act.

In the process of finding your calling, you may get a lot of struggles. Just imagine that you won’t give up easily. Find a way to reach your goal before thinking about a return. In reality, obstacle is a part of the process of growth. If you have any obstacle, simply think that you have to overcome it, instead of stoping there. If you give up, it means you will never discover your callings at the end of the road. So, keep going on your path and you will find the light and sound ahead.

If you want to know more about how to find your calling in life and career, Finding Your True Calling is the best guide you should read.

10. Improve Your Health

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There is a big connection between your physical health and mental health. To discover your callings, you need to balance your life physically and mentally. I mentioned to the mind and body balance techniques based on meditation and yoga practice above.

In this way on how to find your calling in life and career, my purpose is to remind you on health care. In fact, your health can impact your mood and vice versa. For instance, if you drink alcohol, you may get headaches. In this condition, your mind is not clear to give right decision and right words.

11. Relax Your Mind

relax your mind

Next to important ways on how to find your calling, don’t forget to relax your mind, reset your mind and boost your mind daily. With a healthy and beauty mind, you will have positive thoughts. As a result, it will be easier for you to find your calling in life or anything you really desire.

How to relax your mind? Is it likely to listening to music or drawing? Say “Yes” as long as you can do anything that your mind gets relaxed.

Besides, you can learn to perform breath techniques to release anxiety and stress.

12. Know About The Universe

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You know you have to understand your callings. In addition, you need to know about the universe, the rule of life, the law of attraction and the connection between you and the universe. The universe can blend over most backwards and hand you the things you need on the silver platter.

To understand the universe, you can recall things in your life. Besides, you can read book to get knowledge of universe. Additionally, you can learn lessons from other people’s lives. In short, you need to see your life as a part of the universe and the universe reflect a part of your life inside.

If you want to know more about how to find your calling in life and career, Finding Your True Calling is the best guide you should read.

13. Seek Support

seek support

It is possible for you to discover your callings alone. But, why don’t you seek support and get rid of tolerance or loneliness. Imagine that finding your purpose of life is also a way to enjoy your life, but not tolerance. So if you can, ask for a help or make your path of discovering your calling become interesting with a company.

14. Open Space For New Callings

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Never limit your callings. Instead of getting stuck into old belief and thoughts, why don’t you reorganize your mind space to create more space for new discoveries and perspectives. Acknowledge the thing you have learnt from old callings. Then see whether anything from your experiences could remain alive for you or not. This may help you deciphering your new calling. Now, get clear that you just need to put old callings of yours to rest and open new space for new better calling.

15. Know Your Values

know your values

Yes, among ways on how to find your calling, remember to respect and embrace your values. Raise your values as high as you want to discover new revolutionary calling for better life.

List out core values you have. Strengthen your mind with these values and learn to blend your talents for your more successful life.

16. Get Rid Of The Fear Of Failure

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Your fear may limit your process of calling. Try to relax your mind, improve your personality to get more confident and happier. Then, you will be ambitious to live a fulfilling life. Also, you will be ready to face difficulties and fight off the fear of failure.

Here all are tips an techniques on how to find your calling in life and careers. If you think this article is useful for you, share it with other people. Comment about it at the end of the post. Thank you and see you in next posts in the line of lifestyle.

If you want to know more about how to find your calling in life and career, Finding Your True Calling is the best guide you should read.

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