7 Home remedies for baldness in men and in women

home remedies for baldness

Baldness is a common disease in both men and women. The causes for this situation may be the genetic factor, pregnancy, malnutrition, and even stress. No need to spend money, effort on treating baldness, people can overcome this situation thanks to the natural ingredients which are easy to find.

Home Remedies For Baldness In Women And Men – Best Natural Treatments:

Normally, hair are always developing, and when it comes to a certain stage of aging, the hair will fall off. After this natural process, the new hair will grow to replace the old fell hair, but for some cases, the hair cannot regrow, or it can grow yet the new hair strands are very weak and continue to fall out. Although the method of hair transplantation can help to treat the baldness issue, it will be costly, painful, and brings about unwanted side effects. Here are 9 home remedies for baldness that can help the hair grow strongly again. The home remedies include:

1. Henna: 

home remedies for baldness

This is the very first out of the home remedies for baldness in women and men that I want to reveal in this article.

Henna can be made used to treat baldness effectively. People can use the leaves, bark, and seeds of this plant. The whole henna plant and leaves contain a compound called “lawsone”, which has very strong antibiotic effects. In addition, henna contains mannite, tannin, mucilage, and gallic acid.

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Directions: Take the fresh henna leaves to rinse, then dry them completely and pulverize them. Take 60 grams of henna powder and mix with 250 grams of mustard oil. Heat the mixture, filter with a clean cloth, and put in a sealed bottle. Every day, you should use this mixture to rub lightly onto the bald area several times a week, and you will see positive results.

2. Coconut Oil: 

home remedies for baldness

Directions: You will need to prepare a sufficient amount of coconut oil to apply onto your hair. Apply the oil directly onto the hair roots and scalp. Gently massage the scalp, leave it stay overnight, and rinse your scalp off with warm water in the morning. Apply this method 4 times a week to see the positive differences from your hair.

3. Grapefruit Essential Oil: 

home remedies for baldness

Directions: Squeeze the grapefruit to take its essential oil by strongly thrusting the grapefruit peel. Spray this essential oil to your hair, and this will stimulate hair growth. This is very suitable for those with thinning hair or baldness. This is actually one of the most effective home remedies for baldness in women and men that people should learn and make use for good!

4. Honey: 

home remedies for baldness

Honey is known to be a very good natural alternative to treat hair loss, baldness, and stimulate hair growth. You can add a little honey in tea, rub it onto the bread, or eat directly with a moderate amount. This will help to reduce baldness and hair loss quickly.

5. Green Tea Leaf: 

home remedies for baldness

This is also another out of the useful home remedies for baldness in men and women that I want you and my readers in Vkool.com learn and make use for good!

Direction: Heat the green tea leaf with boiling water, then let it warm, and rub the green tea solution onto the scalp and leave it stay for an hour. Finally, rinse the head off with clean and warm water. Green tea can act as an antioxidant that can boost the function of the immune system, preventing the aging process, and also a good way to regrow hair fast.

6. Hot Essential Oil: 

home remedies for baldness

Any type of hot essential oils, such as olive, canola, coconut oil … can be applied onto the scalp, massage it gently, and then leave it stay for about 1 hour and rinse it again. This will help you get you head “lighter”, and it can also help to stimulate hair growth.

7. Natural Juice: 

This is the last but very important and effective out of the home remedies for baldness in men and women that I want to introduce in this entire article and want my readers to learn and apply for good!

Apply the juice of onion, garlic, or ginger onto your scalp, leave it overnight, and wash in the morning. Do this for a few times. This is also a good way to treat baldness.

home remedies for baldness

Another thing to know is that you should take time to read the article How To Prevent Hair Fall – an entire writing that introduces some of the best home remedies to prevent hair fall and hair loss, helping people to avoid baldness effectively. This collection of home remedies for hair fall prevention is proven very safe and effective to use. Now, in the final part of this entire writing, I recommend readers to read that article if they have time and try applying the tips it revealed to avoid the risk of baldness at home without using any drugs, pills, or medications.

This is the list of 7 most effective home remedies for baldness in women and men that are very effective for readers of VKool.com and other people who also suffer from the thinning hair and baldness problem and want to stop it without using any pills, drugs, or medications. These home remedies are very safe because they are all based on nature so that people should not concern about it.

If you think that the home remedies for baldness in men and women that are revealed in this article are exactly what you and other people you know who want to stop the thinning hair and baldness problem and also want to nourish your hair are looking for, you should feel free to share this list widely and make use together with others. To show me your own opinions, remember to leave your comments and feedbacks below.

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