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The drug we’re looking at today is one of the most well-known, and so we decided to investigate it. Customers need to know everything about a product before they consider going to their doctor about it. Pharmaceutical companies always try and convince people that people need their products, but they’re not for everyone, and oftentimes there are dangerous side effects that the company would rather you not know about. Read on for more about this medicine that’s been taking the internet by storm.
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Orlistat Overview

Orlistat is a pharmaceutical drug intended to help people lose body weight, as well as avoid putting it back on after they’ve lost it. There are many different interactions and contraindications for this medicine, so people are advised not to use it without a doctor’s go-ahead, as they will be in a position to say whether the drugs or supplements you’re taking are compatible with orlistat. Orlistat isn’t intended to be a miracle cure, but rather it’s meant to be used along with proper exercise and diet.

Orlistat is made by two different companies: Hoffman LaRoche (or just Roche) and GlaxoSmithKline, two of the bigger pharmaceutical companies in the world.
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Both of these companies have shady histories. In 1999, Roche pleaded guilty to conspiring with other companies to fix the prices of vitamins worldwide, which is illegal. They were fined $500 million. They did the same thing in 1973. GlaxoSmithKline has had multiple fines levied against them for breaking the law, once even being fined $3.1 billion (by the Internal Revenue Service).

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Orlistat Claims

Orlistat is intended to help people lose body weight when combined with proper diet and exercise. It’s also supposed to prevent people from gaining back the weight that they’ve already lost, which can often happen to those who go back to their old eating habits and lifestyle after a period of diet and exercise. They say that the average person lost 6 pounds over a year while taking it, compared to the placebo. Orlistat is meant to work for people who are clinically obese, people who are above a BMI of 30 (or 27 when they have diabetes or other issues).

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Orlistat Ingredients

Orlistat contains only one active ingredient:

  • Orlistat

Orlistat is the name for tetrahydrolipstatin, a substance derived from lipstatin. What is lipstatin? It’s an enzyme inhibitor that prevents pancreatic lipase from breaking down fats so that the body can’t absorb them. While it’s a pharmaceutical, it can be purchased in the form of some over-the-counter products, but in higher doses it’s considered prescription-strength, and therefore requires a doctor’s prescription to buy it. Because of its effects on digestion, it shouldn’t be used by people who have an existing digestive disorder.

Orlistat is known to prevent the body’s absorption of nutrients, while is why people are advised to take a multivitamin while using it to counter the effect.

This drug comes with several side effects, including gastrointestinal pain, fatty stools, kidney issues, and liver problems.

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The Science Behind Orlistat

Orlistat works by limiting the amount of calories your body takes in from your diet by preventing the body from breaking down fats from food sources. Unlike the claims of other diet pills, it doesn’t cause your body to “burn” fat, but instead helps people lose weight by causing you to take in fewer calories overall, and while technically you don’t have to change your diet (since the pill will cut out some of the calories from fats) customers are instructed to have a healthy diet while taking it. Another result of this is that it also prevents people from regaining weight they’ve lost, even if they don’t end up burning any new fat off.

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Word on the Street About Orlistat

Orlistat has been around for some time, and there are users who have seen some benefits to using it. “I didn’t have any side effects” some said, while others mentioned that “it works like a miracle” and “seems to be helping me lose weight.

Some “positive” reviews still reported bad experiences, such as “gives you oily stools” and “these pills give me headaches.

Lots of people have had a bad time on this pill, with some saying that it “hasn’t helped me lose any weight at all” and “the stomach pain is horrible.” People also mentioned its cost, saying that “it’s expensive for what it supposedly does” and cost some people “about $200.

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Is Orlistat Worth Trying?

This product isn’t one that we recommend. Even though its main ingredient has been demonstrated in clinical trials to prevent the body from breaking down and digesting of fats, which leads to fewer calories being ingested, it doesn’t help your body in any other way. In the end, it’s a medicine that cuts out calories you’re taking in. We know of another, much cheaper way of getting the same result: eating fewer calories. Then not only do you not have to deal with side effects (like liver problems and digestive difficulties) but you also get to save money, since this product can get pretty expensive.

We always recommend natural, healthy ways of getting yourself healthy, and don’t think anyone should consider pharmaceutical prescription drugs unless their doctor specifically advises them to.

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Orlistat vs Alli

These products are basically the same. Both are drugs, and both contain orlistat (tertrahydrolipstatin), an enzyme inhibitor that limits the body’s breaking down of fats during digestion, resulting in fewer calories being ingested. The only significant difference between an orlistat prescription and Alli is how high the dosage is. Some doses require a prescription to get, while Alli doesn’t require a prescription. As a result their costs are also much different: some versions of orlistat can cost up to $200 or more, while Alli can go for as low as $60-$80. The same side effects apply to both, and they have the same interactions and contraindications as the other.

Orlistat vs Orlistol

Despite the similar names, these products are very different. Orlistat is an enzyme blocker that prevents the absorption of fats in the body, while Orlistol is a nutritional supplement that’s supposed to limit the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Orlistat is approved by the FDA, however, while Orlistol’s claims have not been officially verified by an American regulatory agency.
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Orlistol’s ingredients are all based on plant, herb, and fruit extracts, while orlistat is a medicine.
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Orlistat vs Phentermine

These drugs are very different. Orlistat is a drug that’s designed to prevent your body from digesting fats from food, while phentermine is a stimulant that’s used as an appetite suppressant. Since they have different mechanisms, they also come with different side effects – orlistat’s being mainly focused on the liver, kidneys, and digestive system, while phentermine’s side effects affect the brain and its chemistry. Both require a prescription to get (although orlistat is available in some over-the-counter circumstances).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is 120mg the right dose for orlistat?
    For adults yes, it’s generally around 120mg, to be taken three times a day with meals.
  2. Should I take a different dosage for orlistat?
    That will depend entirely on the advise of a medical professional.
  3. What’s the price of orlistat?
    The price can be as much as $175, depending on what product you’re buying and how much  your insurance covers.
  4. What are the side effects of orlistat?
    The most common side effects are oily stools and excessive flatulence, but mainly when users have eaten a fatty meal. Others include liver and kidney damage.
  5. Where can I see before and after photos from users of Orlistat?
    You might be able to find some on some weight loss blogs.
  6. Where can I read an orlistat review?
    You can read customer reviews at Drugs.com.
  7. What’s the mechanism of orlistat’s action
    It inhibits the enzymes in gastric and pancreatic lipase.
  8. Can I buy orlistat in India?
    Yes, it looks like you can buy it there.

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So What Really Works?

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Since it’s natural, it doesn’t take as big a toll on your body. It also comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results. Out of all the pills out there, this is the one we suggest everyone try.

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