15 Graphic Visualization Techniques And Exercises

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Visualization is an act of imagination. You will imagine staying in a peaceful place and a safe environment that can make you fell relaxed and happy. By transferring you there mentally, you are able to have peace in mind, calm the body and distract yourself sufficiently with the relaxing things. Here are details of top 15 graphic visualization techniques and exercises that are good for you to learn.

Top 15 Graphic Visualization Techniques And Exercises

1. Choose A Safe Location To Imagine Yourself There

choose a safe location to imagine yourself there download

First, start by finding a good place where you can focus on imagination. Where is the best place? Ideally, choose a peaceful place, without noises and insects such as a beach, on the top of a mountain in the early morning or at sunset. You can start visualization in your own room with scent. In short, it depends on your situation to find a safe location and start doing visualization techniques and exercises. Remember to get rid of all triggers to fall into the best relaxing and comfortable state.

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2. Start Your Immersion

start your immersion

To start the immersion into imagination, close your eyes. Let’s your mind lead you to lively graphic imagination. Identify where you are, what is around you, what you are seeing, what you are hearing, what scent you smell, what you can touch, what color you can see and a lot more.

Try immersing yourself in a peaceful location. Think about every detail. If it is hard for you to get relaxed, try to overcome first comment. After then, you will reach your immersion and perform visualization techniques and exercises right away.

3. Relax The Whole Body

relax the whole body download

The body is associated to your thoughts. When you are in a stressful situation, your body will reflex your uncomfortable thought. So, by relaxing your body, you will relieve some stress. Next, it will be easier for you to go into the comfort zone and start imagining quickly and naturally. In addition, try to relax your muscles for making your blood flow run to your brain well. As a result, you will feel more energetic and get ready to visualize yourself. Doing some stretches and deep breathing exercises helps you feel more relaxed to imagine peaceful moments like sweet dreams.

4. Get Rid Of Stress

get rid of stress

Stress comes from your mind and your thinking. Though you are suffering from pressure and stress, don’t think about the negative side of things. Try to relieve them out of your mind. Imagine that, if you were in trouble, your head is burning, dive into deep water and get rid of the heat and pressure coming from your head. If you were stuck in some solutions, forget all and imagine that you were flying in a balloon in the blue sky. In other words, you have to force your mind to forget all annoying factors and enter into the relaxing zone.

5. Get Rid Of Anxiety

get rid of anxiety

Like stress, you need to use visualization to get rid of anxiety.  You don’t need to find out the root cause of your anxiety. Simply, if you are anxious, find a quiet place, have deep breathes and start thinking about everything in a positive way. By practicing visualization, everything can happen. It just depends on the way you imagine. So, engage in imagination to turn your anxiety into a fence and you are able to jump over this fence easily. Also, in other side of the fence is wonderful place with peacefulness, green forests, flowers, rivers, scents, sunlight and wind.

6. Find Balance

find balance

You can also find balance by performing creative visualization techniques and exercises. According to experts, you should focus on practical things and avoid entertaining unreal fantasy. With practical things that may happen in your future, you are on the way to reach positive outcomes. You will be more hopeful to try your best and overcome troubles in the present. In fact, this is a powerful to balance your thoughts, empower your mind and get more successful in life. Balance, therefore does not come from external factors, it comes from your inside. And balance actually is an art of thinking and action.

7. Avoid Traps

avoid traps

Visualization helps you create a clear picture of what you really want. It is more effective when your vision is developed basing on reality. If not, you are cheating on yourself with your impossible imagination. In other words, if you are not practical in visualization, you will create some traps and get hurtful by yourself after the imagination stops. For instance, you should not stay in dreams of prince and princess as they just happen in fairy tales for children. In reality, your life and society are so different to these stories. Instead, practice visualization techniques based on your real situation in your real life. If you want to get successful in your own business, you should think about your strength and potential ability. If you want to lose weight, you can think about a specific workout plan or dieting. Don’t think about a God, who are in front of you and ask you that what you want and he will help you have. Trust me, this never happens in real life.

8. Focus


Focus and focus! Bring your mental pictures and ideas to your mind in quiet meditation often as visualization strategies. Also, bring them casually through the day. When you think of them, they become real and become a part of your life.

Focus on visualization clearly, but in relaxing ways. It is important for you not to think that you are trying hard or putting excessive amounts of energy for it. In fact, that is a tolerance rather than a help. Keep in mind that you just focus on things that benefit you, but not make you get more stress.

9. Eliminate Negative Thinking

eliminate negative thinking

Like stress and anxiety, negative thoughts affect your clear vision and stop your imagination practice. So remove all your negative thoughts and replace them with hopeful and positive ones. Remember to maintain a clear mental vision of actions that you plan to complete. This helps you prevent your worrisome thoughts from the root.

However, distinguish between negative thinking with preparation for bad situation. When you are aware of some troubles that may happen, you still stay in the present, but not in unreal world.

10. Create Factors For Success

create factors for success

To practice visualization techniques and exercises, don’t forget to remind yourself that you are performing visualization to get successful in life as the final purpose. So, create factors of success in your imagination with smile, confidence, money, relationships, beauty, support, children, family, good health, foods and a lot more.

Also, program your mind to overcome obstacles such as time, working pressure, deadline, business opposite, disease, illness, aging, divorce, schooling, money expense, debt and so on.

By creating factors for success, you actively master visualization and master your life at the advanced level.

11. Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination

Procrastination comes along with negative thinking. To perform visualization, you need to overcome procrastination and focus on your imagination. Think concretely! Give good explanations; outline your plan to complete all your tasks. Don’t think about something too abstract, just follow your imagination to create clear pictures of what you want to accomplish. Don’t stop imagining or changing your mind to do other things during your visualization. As procrastination is an obstacle inside you throughout your thoughts and actions daily.

12. Choose Small Tasks

choose small tasks

Just practice visualization to get relaxed and don’t try to make big dreams through your imagination. As tasks, you may get overwhelmed and lose your mind. If possible, plan for your visualization practice. Choose small tasks and do them step by step. Think about some aspects of your life as drawing small pictures. After then, combine these small pictures you have done to create a big picture that covers all aspects of your life. Do tasks everyday and complete each tasks in your schedule. Take time to organize your visualization and prevent yourself falling into traps and unreal imaginations.

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13. Create A List Of Qualities To Cultivate

create a list of qualities to cultivate download

If possible, create a list of things to visualize everyday. This task helps your become an organized person and perform visualization techniques and exercises systematically. You will easily go into deep imagination, as you are well prepared. You will master visualization to get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, and procrastination fast. You will also know what task is difficult to practice and focus on each task for the best performance. At last, when you can complete the full list of things to cultivate, you will feel more comfortable and get ready to start doing real tasks at the present.

14. Believe That Success Is Inevitable

believe that success is inevitable download

How can you stay in a deep visualization? Imagine that your success is inevitable. You just need to let your reactive mind work and engage your high cognitive process. When you practice creative visualization, trust that your goal will be actualized. If you return old methods of thinking, you then cannot make some changes.

Let go of your old person is actually a part of the way to success. By concentrating on your final goal – success, you will move towards turning it into the reality. Every effort will show its result. Keep your faith with your belief and perform visualization naturally. Then, success is inevitable.

15. Refine Visualization Techniques & Exercises

refine visualization techniques & exercises download

As I mentioned above, visualization should be performed basing on strategies. Similarly, you should refine visualization techniques and exercises to start the process systematically. Create clear mental scenes in preconditioned ways of your thinking. Imagine something based on real things that can be possible and what you can achieve it in real life.

Use visualization daily. Rehearse mental scenes to learn new things. Recognize your mistakes by thinking about positive solution, or change your goal to build your good habits.

Meditate often with music and try to overcome obstacles. Imagine the obstacles are noises and you just focus on listening to beautiful sound or try to forget the noises and achieve peacefulness.

I’ve shown you top 15 graphic visualization techniques and exercises. Hope that you can make use of all these tips to stay in deep visualization. Comment on the article at the end of the post. Read more articles on Mind And Body at Vkool site.

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