NeuroFuzion Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The formula is made with fairly common nootropic herbs and overall it’s clearly lacking. For unknown reasons the company has a lack of quality science and instead they target the psychiatry industry as a problem.

There’s no actual proof provided by the makers of this, and at this time there are also no published source for current reviews.

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NeuroFuzion Overview

NeuroFuzion is a nootropic supplement that is meant to help treat all of the issues which may result as we age. This is partially made for those who want to prevent cognitive decline, and for people who need additional cognitive support.

Since it’s an all-around nootropic, it’s not specialized for only specific users. It’s meant to have a well-rounded approach so anyone can benefit from it safely.

The biggest problem with this brand is that there are no more customer reviews on their website, or on Amazon, the only places to buy it from. They also have a lot of claims made about this, but no actual research. The only actually supposed research offered is links to the website which has articles about specific ingredients. They fail to give a good overview and at this time, it looks like all they have to offer are opinions about this brand being useful, no actual proof.

NeuroFuzion Claims

They say that after years of review, they  came up with this to treat mood, memory, attention, well-being, and overall cognition. The suggestion is that by supplementing with this daily, it can prevent fatigue, support sleep, and provide a great enhancement of cognition.

It’s admitted that results may vary, and if stomach discomfort occurs, it’s recommended to take it either after eating, or with food. Support is meant to come from the nutrients offered, and they also add that they only use wholesome ingredients. When they can it’s said to sometime contain organic additives, all of which are free of GMO’s.

A good portion of the website focuses on mentioning how brain health can decline over time, and how a quality supplement can help prevent some of this natural decline.

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NeuroFuzion Ingredients

  • Lithium Orotate
  • Zinc Orotate
  • Synapsa Bacopa
  • Mucuna Pruriens Seed
  • Passionflower Herb
  • John’s Wort
  • RhodioLife Tibetan Rhodiola Rosea Root
  • Saffron Extract

Lithium Orotate is used to help improve mood and it’s said to be more bioavailable than other forms of lithium. This mineral is rarely used outside of specialized formulas.

Synapsa Bacopa offers a patented version of the bacopa monnieri herb which is intended for improved memory and overall mental performance. Typically Bacopa is often seen  in all kinds of nootropics due to the amount of research performed. This version is meant to be even more supportive, though reviews on it are lacking.

Passionflower Herb has been used as a tea and it’s supplemented in order to help treat anxiety.

RhodioLife Tibetan Rhodiola Rosea Root is the patented rhodiola rosea herb which is used for its claimed adaptogen benefits. This can help regulate stress levels which in turn can enhance overall cognition.

Saffron Extract is known as an expensive herb which is most often used for flavoring, as an aphrodisiac, or to help support immune function.

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The Science Behind NeuroFuzion

Quite a few scientific sounding claims are made about this, such as that it can provide the best results starting at around 7 to 9 days. They add that this will not cause fatigue ,and on the contrary, can increase energy levels.

All this is clearly based on some sort of science, but for whatever reason the company has failed to mention any actual science. They’re also linked a controversial video on the front page of NeuroFuzion which talks about how psychiatry has a “secret agenda”.

They do have a banner for a research section, but most of it is articles which are either unrelated to this supplement and instead more about nootropics, or they are lacking science. It’s hard to take this supplement seriously when it relies on a very basic blend of nootropics. Some are decent, but it’s not all together impressive when compared to other more well-rounded brands.

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Word on the Street About NeuroFuzion

Unfortunately there are no customer reviews for this brand at this time. The company has no reviews on Amazon, but a few 3rd party review sites did say there were reviews. It may be that they got rid of the option to leave opinions, but it is known that some complained about side effects.

We looked at these review sits and saw that while there were some positive experiences, others said it failed to offer any noticeable support. If this is not true, than at the very least this company is lacking quality reviews, which may be an even bigger problem.

It’s hard to trust that a formula is actually decent if not a single person has taken the time to explain what it can offer.

This would leave interested users having to be cautious, as the official website fails to provide proof that it would be safe an effective.

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Is NeuroFuzion Worth a Try?

It’s overhyped by the company and the formula is fairly simple. What was especially troublesome was the complete lack of science offered. Since we can’t find reviews to see if it’s any good, we have to rely on them at least showing its worth with proof.

All you get instead are claims that are often made by other brands. Nothing impressive is found in this and after reviewing the formula, its’ clear that they rely on a standard blend. Some of the additive is patented for additional support, but reviews on these additives are lacking.

Overall it’s not impressive enough and the company makes many unproven claims.

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NeuroFuzion FAQ

  1. What are some intended NeuroFuzion benefits?
    Essentially all kinds of nootropic benefits including reduced brain fog, improved energy, enhanced focus, a stabilized mood, and much more.
  1. Can I get NeuroFuzion on Amazon? currently offers direct sales at this time.
  1. Are there any NeuroFuzion side effects?
    There were some negative reviews from people who experienced extreme this and a swollen tongue.
  1. What is said about NeuroFuzion on Reddit?
    Little is shared about this brand, and not enough to understand if it’s useful or not.
  1. Can I get NeuroFuzion in the UK?
    They do offer international shipping at an increased shipping rate.
  1. Is it possible to buy NeuroFuzion in Australia?
    The official website may offer sales, but it come at an increase cost as they are a US based company.
  1. Where to buy NeuroFuzion?
    It’s offered on their Amazon page or their official website.
  1. What are the full NeuroFuzion ingredients?
    This has zinc, lithium, Synapsa Bacopa, mucuna pruriens seed, passionflower, St. John’s wort, RhodioLife, and saffron extract.

So What Really Works?

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Unlike other brands it does not have any fillers or stimulants, only unique herbs and nutrients which can direct improve cognition. This is likely why there were a lot of positive reviews from people who used it for different purposes. It can work to alleviate stress, support energy, improve mood, and aid memory. Another great benefit is the fact the company makes it in a GMP certified facility, to ensure quality is kept to a high standard. To get Memotenz and to learn about its possible cognitive support, we recommend clicking here.

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