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If you’ve been reading about diet pills, you’ve come across a lot of promises: “Melts fat fast!” “Boosts  metabolism quickly!” “Quick results!” These people are throwing a lot of terms at you, and with the right marketing, they can seem pretty impressive. We’ve decided to take on some of these products and see if they’re all they’re worked up to be. Check out our review of one of the more popular weight loss pills on the market below.

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Relacore Overview

Relacore (Relacore Extra) is a pill designed to help you lose weight faster. Unlike other pills, it’s meant to be used in conjunction with exercise, and so on it’s own it can’t be promised to work very well. It consists of a “two-pronged” formula that addresses both fat burning and stress, which they see as related to the storing of extra fat. A one-month supply of pills is $59.95, significantly more than most diet pills we’ve reviewed, although you can get 20% off for signing up for an auto-shipping program.

Relacore is made by The Carter-Reed Company, a nutritional supplement company based in Utah that seems mainly to distribute Relacore. We were surprised to find that The Carter-Reed Company has an A+ on their Better Business Bureau page. Why? They were sued in a class-action lawsuit back in 2024 for false advertising. People were taking the pills and it wasn’t working as promised – some actually gained weight while on it. So already this company is off to a bad start.

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Relacore Claims

Relacore says that its pills burn body fat at a fast rate, and that it comes with extra ingredients that reduce stress and fatigue. Their idea is that by reducing stress, belly fat can be avoided and reduced, since stress is apparently somehow linked to excess body fat accumulation. They claim on their website that this link is common knowledge, but they don’t link any articles or studies to support it. In addition, they say that the pills will make you more lively, make your mood better, and give you more energy to attack the day and get to your goals.

Moreover, they say they’re “America’s #1 Selling Belly Fat Pill” – but of course, it’s likely that this claim isn’t true.

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Relacore Ingredients

The company doesn’t provide the ingredients on their website, so we had to find out from LiveStrong. Here’s a selection:

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Magnolia bark
  • Cola
  • Guarana
  • Coffee bean
  • Scutellaria
  • Panax ginseng
  • Perilla leaf

Vitamin C important for the body’s maintenance processes, and works as an antioxidant. Panax Ginseng is an herb that’s recently been used by athletes as a way to increase both stamina and energy, as well as reduce recovery time. Calcium helps not only with the immune system, but bone health.

Scutellaria (or skullcap) is a plant that’s been used in homeopathic medicine to induce drowsiness – maybe this is part of the anti-stress action of the pills? Either way, “not enough information” is available to tell if it’s safe or not (WebMD). Magnolia bark is an herbal remedy for stress and affects the nervous system, but it’s been associated with some serious side effects like rashes, heartburn, shaking, and sexual dysfunction (WebMD). Coffee bean, guarana, and cola nut all contain high amounts of caffeine, which can give you more energy, but also affect your sleep patterns and make you jittery.

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The Science Behind Relacore

Relacore claims it burns belly fat, but all we see are a lot of caffeine-filled ingredients. They’ll increase your energy, sure, but there could be serious side effects. Some of the herbal ingredients are associated with calmness and a lowering of stress, which the company says is going to prevent fat accumulation due to stress. While there is a connection between stress and appetite (“Why We Gain Weight…” Psychology Today, 2024) and a connection between appetite and weight gain, Relacore seems to think that lower stress levels equal lower levels of belly fat – which is just not true.

Turns out there’s not much science here at all.

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Word on the Street About Relacore

There aren’t a lot of reviews out there for Relacore. If this really was “America’s #1” as they claim, surely there would be more. What’s more, the reviews we found are mixed.

Some people loved the “mental attitude” the pills gave them, and that it “helped me and my friend to cut our belly fat.

Others felt the product “didn’t work,” “didn’t help me lose any weight,” and “all it did was make me urinate more often.” Customers reported that it was a “waste of money” and had “horrible side effects.

“It didn’t work for me” seems to be the rallying cry of about half the people who used these pills.

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Is Relacore Worth Trying?

Absolutely not. When a company is the subject of a lawsuit alleging false advertising, you should already be on your guard. But when you find out that their product contains almost no ingredients that are proven to make you burn fat faster, that the company provides no science behind their product, and that it costs a whopping $60 a month, you should realize that something is terribly wrong.

Worse, a huge percentage of customer report that it doesn’t work as advertised and that it was a waste of money.

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Relacore vs Alli

These are very different products. While Relacore is a diet supplement that consists of vitamins and herbal derivatives, Alli is a pharmaceutical drug. That being said, both Alli and Relacore can be purchased over the counter, without requiring a prescription from a doctor. Relacore is supposed to work by increasing metabolism and reducing stress, while Alli blocks the absorption of a certain percentage of fat per meal. Alli is meant for people with a BMI of 25 or above, while Relacore is supposedly for everyone. These products cost about the same, which is around $60.

Relacore vs Slimquick

Both of these products are herbal remedies designed for increasing weight loss, and both are aimed exclusively at women. Both contain almost entirely natural ingredients as well. Relacore is supposed to work by reducing stress, thereby reducing stress-related weight, as well as increasing the fat burning process, while Slimquick is mainly supposed to increase the metabolism with their green tea supplement. Slimquick also claims to support the hormones,while Relacore does not. Slimquick is cheaper at $16-$20, while Relacore is $60.

Relacore vs Lipozene

These are similar products. Both are herbally-derived pills that are supposed to be effective at reducing fat. They both say they decrease the appetite and increase metabolism. Both of them contain caffeine, but Relacore contains way more caffeine (from three different sources, too) and has vitamin supplements while Slimquick seems to only contains herbal ingredients. Lipozene is easier to find, from what we saw, and costs way less: around $20 for a one-month supply, compared to Relacore’s $60.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the dangers of Relacore?
    It can cause insomnia, jitteriness, heartburn, upset stomach, and paranoia. We’ve also read that people have experienced the symptoms of liver damage.
  2. Where can I read reviews of Relacore?
    The only places we’ve found reviews are Walgreens and Amazon.
  3. What ingredients are in Relacore?
    There’s a huge list of ingredients, which you can find at the product’s page at the Walgreens website.
  4. Can I get Relacore at Walmart?
    Not at the moment, not.
  5. What side effects come with Relacore?
    As we said above, you could get insomnia, jitteriness, heartburn, or even possible liver damage.
  6. Where can I read Relacore reviews from 2024?
    Again, Amazon and Walgreens.
  7. What about Relacore Extra?
    Relacore Extra is the main version of Relacore available, and was the subject of this review. There’s another version that doesn’t include the anti-stress ingredients.
  8. Does Relacore have side effects on the liver?
    From what we’ve read, some customers have had side effects that resemble those of liver damage.

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So What Really Works?

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