Qigong Exercises For Digestion, Sleep & Hypertension

Qigong is also called chi kung or chi gung, which is come from China.  This is a practice of meditation, health, breath, and martial arts training. Qigong is also known as a practice of balance, cultivation, and life energy. It is practiced through China and worldwide because it is very perfect for relaxation, meditation, and calmness. Recently, VKool.com decided to release a writing of qigong exercises for digestion, sleep, and hypertensions for you refer to. Keep reading it and find out more.

Top Qigong Exercises For Digestion, Sleep And Hypertension

1. Close Your Eyes

close your eyes

Firstly, you close your eyes to get calm, firm, and concentrate on the spirit. This practice is also good for your sciatica and helps you sleep well at night. The steps are:

  • Close your mouth and touch your teeth slightly
  • Regulate your breath
  • Keep your mind pure and clear
  • Condense your wise mind, spirit, and internal peace

2. Hands Hold Head

hands hold head

For this exercise, you should knock the teeth for 30 times, your hands hold your head. This piece has purpose to strengthen your teeth and prevent the decay. Whenever you push the head back and pull the hands forward, push the whole back, as well. This move will help you spine straight. Relax your back muscles to prevent backache.

3. Knock And Beat Pillow

knock and beat pillow

Right left beat the drum (your head) for 24 times. When doing this exercise, do not let the ring and fingers touch the head because they will muffle the sound.  Focus on the sound and beat the drum to clear your mind. When finished, take your hands off the ears like you wake up.

4. Qigong Exercise For Sleep

qigong exercise for sleep

A good sleep at night is magic and necessary. This exercise will help you reduce stress enhance mental health, relax, and improve inner peace.

  • Firstly, you have to open your lungs and breathe deeply, this activity will balance your nervous system and help you keep calm
  • Secondly, you concentrate on neck, upper back, and shoulder stretches to release unconscious tightness and chronic tension. This exercise will relax your body and settle the turbulence.
  • This exercise is very helpful for insomnia

5. Triple Burner

triple burner

  • Stand tall, keep your shoulder wide apart and your feet parallel, put your hands at the sides
  • Close your eyes, keep your mind calm, and breathe regularly
  • Open your eyes and look straight, breathe smoothly
  • Interlock the fingers and raise the hands above the head without bending the arms and lift up the heels
  • Drop the hills and tilt the body to the right, to the left and stand tall again
  • Reduce your hands in front of your body
  • Repeat 24 reps

6. Shooting Exercise

shooting exercise

  • Step your left leg to the left and squat down
  • Keep your hands relaxed and raise them up to the chest place
  • Bring the palms and separate them with the left hand moving near the left nipple
  • The right hand changes into the form of single finger
  • Extend the right like you pull a bow to shoot hawk
  • Keep your eyes to the right
  • Stand tall
  • Reduce your hands and circle them to the chest
  • Repeat this process with the left side

Among qigong exercises for health, this move will strengthen your waistline, kidneys, back, and lower ribs.

7. Standing Exercise For Digestion

standing exercise for digestion

Following this exercise, you will help you stomach work well and avoid sickness. Now let get started with the instructions as below:

  • Raise your arm
  • Stiffen your palms and rock it by using the force
  • Extend your muscles and tendons to make your stomach comfortable
  • Left hand lift high and drop the right hand
  • Extend right left, rock the tendons
  • The main part of this exercise will begin when you stand up, move the leg back to make your feet parallel and keep your shoulder wide apart
  • Move your hands to front of the stomach
  • Face up your palms
  • Raise your right hand above the head
  • Push up, reduce your left hand and palm to the side
  • Press it down slightly
  • Change your hand and repeat

8. Shuu Exercise

shuu exercise

This exercise will be good for your liver health and you can follow these steps:

  • Stand tall, put the backs of hands together
  • Point downward your fingertips
  • Bend the elbows and line up your hands
  • Inhale, exhale, and put your hands towards the chest
  • Raise your arms up, open them and stretch them to the side
  • Raise your palms
  • Lift your chest and face to the ceiling
  • Circle your arms
  • Fold the arms and fists them inward
  • Squeeze it out of the chest
  • Release your arms and open the fists
  • Turn your palms and forearms to the floor
  • Inhale, press down and move your hands to the original position
  • Repeat for 6 time

     9. Stretching Exercise

stretching exercise

One of the most effective qigong exercises to improve your heart and reduce hypertension or high blood pressure is stretching exercise.

  • Stand tall
  • Keep your shoulder and feet wide apart
  • Bend your knees slightly
  • Inhale and bring your fists to the waist
  • Raise your palm
  • Exhale, reduce into squat and punch the arms out to the side
  • Inhale, bring the fists back to the waist while you still remain in squat
  • Exhale and stand up, punch your fists forward at level of chin like “V” form
  • Repeat for 8 times

10. Hands Hold Your Feet

hands hold your feet

  • Stand tall and keep your feet shoulder wide apart
  • Press your palms down beside the waist
  • Move the hands in front of chest
  • Move your hands above the head and face up your palms
  • Hold this posture for a few seconds
  • Bend forward and extend your arms
  • Grasp your toes and hold the feet
  • Pull the hands slightly and stress gently on your body
  • Hold your feet and keep your mind bubbling
  • Hold it for three seconds
  • Repeat 6 times

11. Fist With Fiery Eyes

fist with fiery eyes

  • Stand tall, step your left foot to the side
  • Squat down and keep your body erect
  • Tighten your fists
  • Extend one arm to the side
  • The other hand will be beside your waist
  • Loosen both hands and extend the hand back to the waist to original position
  • Repeat the other side
  • Do this practice for 16 times

12. Illness Reversal Qigong Exercise

illness reversal qigong exercise

There are three phases in this exercise.

Phase 1

  • Drop your hands down beside your body
  • Stand tall and keep calm
  • Rise your toes up and keep this posture for three seconds
  • Reduce the feet to the ground
  • Perform this practice for 24 times

Phase 2

  • Place hands on the waist
  • Put your thumbs forward and point the fingertips to the spine
  • Raise your body up on the toes for 3 seconds
  • Reduce your body
  • Do this exercise for 24 times

Phase 3:

  • Hold your hands in front of chest
  • Raise your body up on the toes for 3 seconds
  • Reduce the body down
  • Do this practice for 24 times

After doing those phases, breathe smoothly and keep your mind calm for 3 minutes.

13. Qigong Exercises For Organs 

qigong exercises for organs

This move will be great for your organs and you can reverse your weakness and strengthen your bones well.

  • Stand comfortably
  • Keep your feet parallel and hang down your hands naturally
  • Raise your chest slightly and keep your posture straight
  • Turn the head to the right and exhale
  • Turn your head to the front, inhale
  • Turn your head to the left, exhale
  • Turn your head to the front, inhale
  • Repeat 12 times for each direction
  • Just turn your head not turn all your body

14. Sway The Head

sway the head

  • Stand naturally and comfortably
  • Step your left to the left
  • Squat down
  • Put your hands on the top of knees
  • Put your thumbs on the outside of thighs
  • Shift the weight to the right leg, press down with your hand, extend your left leg, spine and head
  • Keep this position for 3 seconds
  • Turn to the original position
  • Repeat each directions 12 times and total 24 times

Be sure that when you practice each side, do not drop your head but keep your spine, neck, and head in a line. Besides, keep your lung on the side and relax it when you open the lung to the other side. This move will work for your lungs.

To get more tips and tricks to improve health, you can go to our Fitness & Exercise page. After reading my writing of 14 qigong exercises, I hope that you have learned the most useful and natural exercises for your digestion, sleep, and hypertension. They are also good for your weakness reversal and reduce some health problems. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Are you ready to practice qigong right now?

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