Forskolin Fit Pro Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Ensuring that you are spending your hard-earned money on a product that will provide verifiable results is not easy.

That’s why we have taken to offering detailed, full breakdowns of diet products such as Forskolin Fit Pro, so users can be fully informed prior to making an actual purchasing decision.

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Forskolin Fit Pro Overview

Forskolin Fit Pro is a weight loss supplement that exclusively uses forskolin as its only active ingredient. It is designed to help burn fat quickly, as well as create and maintain lean muscle gains. What sets this product apart from many other forskolin supplements is that it uses a 20% pure forskolin extract, while many other brands are just 10%.

The product is quite expensive, with the price of one bottle being $79.00 plus shipping and handling. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and while specific usage instructions are not provided, it is stated that each bottle is intended to last approximately a month, which means that users are likely advised to take two capsules per day. There have been several complaints regarding the free trial offered for the product, which consumers have stated binds you to a recurring monthly auto-shipment fee, that is difficult to cancel.

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Forskolin Fit Pro Claims

The primary claims made regarding Forskolin Fit Pro are that it can help to burn fat and prevent the storage of fat, as well as increase testosterone levels, which will lead to more energy. Unfortunately, these claims are mostly unproven at this point, as testing and trials have been mostly inconclusive.
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It should be noted that any significant results from taking forskolin are only possible when combined with diet and exercise. There is simply not enough information as it stands that would suggest the supplement will be effective for weight loss by just taking it on its own.

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Forskolin Fit Pro Ingredients

While there is no supplement facts label that is offered, the product states that it only uses one active ingredient. It also states that it uses the ingredient in dosages of 250 mg per capsules. Here is the only active ingredient within the supplement:

  • Pure Forskolin Extract

Forskolin and its possible benefits and effects are still being studied and researched. The roots of Forskolin have been used to treat issues such as chest pains, high blood pressure, and breathing issues, but its effectiveness in regard to weight loss is not clear at this point. It is thought to possibly increase testosterone levels, which can lead to more energy that can be used for workouts but claims that it can burn fat on its own have not been substantiated by clinical trials. There are some potential side effects, such as increased heart rate, low blood pressure, and increased risk of bleeding.

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The Science Behind Forskolin Fit Pro

There are studies referenced that support the effectiveness of forskolin regarding weight loss. One such study was an all-male trial that showed consistent weight loss among a majority of the participants. The issue is that there have been several studies conducted on forskolin, and the benefits have not been consistently demonstrated, so they cannot be relied upon.

At best it seems that the effects and benefits of forskolin vary considerably from person to person, so it cannot be said with any confidence that it will be beneficial for your needs. Additionally, some studies have suggested that users react negatively to the product, leading to side effects.

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Word on the Street About Forskolin Fit Pro

Because the product is only sold through its official website, objective reviews are difficult to locate. Their site provides testimonials from alleged users, but those are almost never objective, and can often be misleading. Fortunately, after some digging, we were able to locate some consumer reactions to the product itself.
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Many of the reactions we found were negative, both about the performance of the product, as well as the business practices of the company behind it. As one user stated: “I haven’t noticed any weight loss since I began using the product, and it is very expensive.” Another user said: “Avoid this product. It doesn’t work, and the company will try to steal your money.” Many of the complaints stemmed from the fact that the company behind the product ropes consumers in with a misleading free trial, then charges them automatically each month and makes it difficult to cancel.

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Is Forskolin Fit Pro Worth a Try?

Because the science behind forskolin and its effectiveness is not yet established, along with the many complaints about the company business practices, we do not recommend you try Forskolin Fit Pro. There are a lot of claims made regarding the benefits of forskolin, but the reality is that clinical trials have yet to establish that it is consistently effective for weight loss or a range of other supposed benefits.

Our bigger concern is that so many customers have complained that the product is marketed via a free trial that is designed to get the user to sign up for a recurring monthly payment system that is made intentionally difficult to cancel. There are plenty of other forskolin products that are not nearly as difficult to purchase and sold for much cheaper.

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Forskolin Fit Pro vs Supreme Pure Forskolin

Supreme Pure Forskolin is a forskolin extract that is also formulated to encourage natural fat loss. Like Fit Pro, it is 250mg per capsule and contains 60 capsules per bottle, but it is sold for a significantly cheaper price, and available through retailers like Amazon. However, reviews for Supreme Pure Forskolin have been mixed to negative, similar to Fit Pro.

Forskolin Fit Pro FAQ

  1. Are there side effects that can occur when taking Forskolin Fit Pro?
    Yes, possible side effects include increased heart rate and dangerously low blood pressure.
  1. Can Forskolin Fit Pro be purchased through Walmart?
    No, it is not available through Walmart.
  1. How have the consumer reviews for Forskolin Fit Pro been?
    Limited and mostly negative, with many complaints regarding the company business practices.
  1. What are some of the potential benefits for Forskolin Fit Pro?
    Potential benefits include increased testosterone and an increase in fat burned.
  1. Can Forskolin Fit Pro effect the function of your thyroid?
    It has not been demonstrated that forskolin has an effect on your thyroid function.
  1. Are there coupons available for Forskolin Fit Pro?
    We have not located any coupons for Forskolin Fit Pro.
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