24 Health Benefits Of Laughing A Lot Everyday That Amaze You

Updates: 05/19/2024

Humor is infectious. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any sniffle, cough, or sneeze. Laughter also triggers a lot of healthy physical and mental changes in human. Best of all, this priceless medicine is free, fun, and easy to use. So, check the following 24 health benefits of laughing a lot everyday below out to discover how valuable laughing is.

24 Health Benefits Of Laughing A Lot Everyday – Make Use Of This Strong Medicine Right Now 

I. Health Benefits Of Laughing A Lot Everyday

1. Cure Boredom

This may be the first and foremost benefit of laughter. When you are tired, lonely, and have nothing to do, laughter will make you feel happier and flush out your boredom. On the other hand, getting rid of boredom may help you be more creative and active in dealing with incidents occurring around you.

2. Decrease Stress

A good, hearty laugh will relieve physical tension and stress as well, leaving the muscles relaxed for about 45 minutes after. The stress hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol tend to reduce during laughter bouts. These hormones could suppress your immune system, thereby opening floodgates to a host of illnesses, infections, and other common diseases. Thus, the next time you are feeling depressed or stressed, then make a laugh and see how it could help you overcome a difficult and challenging situation.

Also, laughter could play a role as a mild anti-depressant. In fact, laughter promotes the releasing of serotonin which is considered as an all- natural anti-depressant.  Laughter works as an efficient distraction from stubborn things causing anxiety and anger.

3. Develop Coping Skills

Generally, life is often out of control, and the emotion of helplessness could be so stressful and scary. If you are coping with the risk of losing job or a breakdown on a highway, then laughter is a great way to cope with life’s unexpected curveballs. This will help you get over shocks. Humor can give you a more light-hearted perspective and help you view events like “challenges,” thereby making them more positive and less threatening.  A humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

health benefits of laughter guide

Although you cannot control things happening in your life, you are still able to control the way you react to these events. Normally, reacting with laughter could protect your mind, your body, and your spirit. It can put you at ease. A certain bleak situation, like a death in your family might not seem as hopeless and daunting when there is no laughter.

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4. Balance Blood Pressure

When it comes to cardiac health, laughter is shown to reduce or balance the level of blood pressure and enhance the vascular blood flow. When laughing, you will increase oxygenation of your blood and revive the blood circulation as well; thus, you will defeat heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Find something to laugh about in order to feed your heart and you soul.

5. Immune Response

health benefits of laughter and humorOne of the most helpful health benefits of laughing a lot everyday that we cannot overlook is enhancing immune response. It is proven that promoted stress is linked to reduced immune system response.There are a lot of studies which have indicated that the possibility to make use of humor might raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body as well as boost the levels of immune cells.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

 Researchers showed that the effects on blood vessels when people watch comedies versus dramas. After the screening, the blood vessels of people who watched the comedy behaved normally – expanding or contracting easily. Yet the blood vessels in those who watched dramas tended to tense up, thereby restricting and limiting blood flow. 

7. Boost Social Skills And Connect People

Laughter connects people together. It also brings reinforcement of group identity and cohesiveness. As smiling and kindness, people find that laughter is really contagious. Therefore, if you can bring laughter into your life, you could help people around you laugh more. Also, through increasing the mood of those people around you, you will be able to decrease their stress levels. Maybe, improving the quality and frequency of social interaction will reduce your stress level more and more.

In other words, laughter can help you improve your social skills and strengthen your relationships because when laughing you will weep all by yourself. Studies show that hearing another person laugh will automatically activate the brain and prompt it to laugh with others promoting social bonding. If you travel to another country which has not the same language as yours, then laughter will be the universal means of your communication. Indeed, laughter is a good way to break the ice in a team and gathers everyone with the fun.

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8. Fun Abs Workout

One of the health benefits of laughing a lot everyday that you must know is toning the abs and muscles as well. Next time you get in a good laugh, pay attention to what your body is doing, you are out of breath, have an increased heart rate, and have abdominal muscle soreness. That is likely you have been to the gym.

health benefits of laughter review

When laughing, your muscles in the stomach will expand and contract, similar to when intentionally exercising your abs. Concurrently, your muscles which you do not use to laugh will have a chance to relax themselves. According to some studies, laughing 100 times is similar to about 10 minutes you put on a rowing machine or about 15 minutes on the stationary bicycle. Add laughter to the current ab routine and get a toned tummy naturally from now.

9. Enhance T Cells

As we know, T cells are specialized immune system cells. When laughing, you will active T cells which instantly start to support you to fight off illness. Next time you get a cold, add chuckling to the sickness prevention plan.  You will be amazed at the effectiveness of the chuckling.

10. Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Those people with diabetes reflect might be beneficiaries of laughter. It is because laughing can affect the neuroendocrine and restrain the blood sugar levels from boosting. Or, it might result in the acceleration of glucose used by muscle motion.

Long-term laughter therapy can affect the rennin-angiotensin system which functions of the blood sugar regulation. Especially, plasma rennin levels will drop dramatically. It is the indicator pointing out that laughter might help diabetics prevent microvascular-related complications.

11. Reduce Pain

It is indicated that chronic pain patients might experience a 55% decline in perception of pain after about eight weeks of “laughter therapy”. Laughter therapy is considered as a useful way of lessening chronic pain without side effects of drugs or medications.

12. Sleep Better

health benefits of laughter researchSleep is an absolutely crucial part of the heath. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to the lack of concentration and also high blood pressure.

After laughing, you will promote your relaxation state and lower the pain levels. Therefore, a good dose of laughter might be an all-natural and safe treatment for insomnia and provide you with a good night’s sleep.

13. Decline Aggression

Laughter will be the hypothetical knife which cuts the tension in a certain room enabling people to relax. With laughter, you might become less aggressive and calmer so that you will have clearer perspective about things happening around. Obviously, relieving negative thoughts, feelings, such as anger or fear will supply you with critical psychological benefits. Once again, laughter will relax your muscles and thereby, you will not be too aggressive.

14.  Energize Organs

Because laughter increases the blood flow, limits stress hormones, and provides you with exercising. All of them will send a wake-up signal to your heart, your brain and lungs leading to stimulation of organs’ functions.

health benefits of laughter therapy

For instance, when chuckling, you will change your normal breathing patterns. Coughing or hiccupping caused by these changes will help you loosen mucus and also clear your airways.

15. Look Younger

Laughter can make you look younger. When laughing, about 15 of your facial muscles will work together in order to help you smile or laugh. So, this develops the blood flow around your face, and brings the circulation into capillaries which, in turn, can assist you in keeping your look younger and healthier.

16. Live Longer

According to some studies published, those elderly optimistic people, who expected good things to happen (rather than bad), are less likely to die than pessimists. Thus, if you want to live longer, then laugh more and more from now.

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17. Increase Productivity

Laughing has been proven to increase productivity while working. There’s truth to the “whistle while we work” mentality. This also points out why funny pictures on the Internet can instantly get people being refreshed and motivated to work harder.

18. Encourage Trust

Studies indicate that we can become more trustful of other people when they smile genuinely. Trust is actually a part of social health when being in relations among people. Whether they can be a loved one or just an acquaintance? Seems all relationships are truly created on laughing and smiles.

19. Produce Empathy

When we’re caught doing something wrong or questionable, our natural response is making a smile or laughing to break the ice of our embarrassment, promote the leniency on what people are thinking about us, and produce a sense of empathy as we’ve experienced embarrassed feeling and we just want to laugh along.

20. Avoid Regret

We smile to eliminate bad feelings. It sounds circular, but it is also a way to avoid hurting others’ feelings and respect them. For instance, when a friend shares her story about her dog with you and actually, you don’t really like this story, but you should smile or laugh out loud as a way to respond to her.

Studies shown that if we don’t laugh, we will feel regret for making someone disappointed. This regret even brings down your mood and develops your stress hormones.

21. Increase Attention

Stress always limits your perceptions and attention. The body kicks into flight mode where you concentrate on just 1 of many things. Laughing can counteract this and widen your attention again, open you back up to insights that come from fringes of your perception and subconscious.

22. Contagious benefits of laughing with contagious

According to scientists, laughing is contagious by about 50% of people smiling back. This contagion therefore, can spread the health benefits throughout people around you, and it will come back to you several times, after then.

23. Build Attraction

When it comes to benefits of laughing a lot everyday, don’t you know that laughing can makes you become more attractive, especially true for the fair sex. Men often like to approach a girl who is cheerful with natural smiles than those who just make eye contact or have no sense of humor.

24. Earn Success

Laughing can show how confident you are at work or in your social life. It is said that people who often smile and laugh out loud tend to earn more money and success than ones who rarely laugh and don’t feel free to offer their smiles to others.

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II. How To Laugh More Often benefits of laughing with how to laugh more often

In the previous, you have discovered all sneak peeks of health benefits of laughing a lot everyday. But, how to get enough dose of this natural therapy? The following are simple ways to bring you more laughing daily:

– Laugh at yourself

– Don’t take life too seriously

– Spend time with kids, friends and family

– Watch funny films, TV shows and read funny stories

– Learn to be a joker

– Join a funny site and be a member of this site with many friends with the sense of humor

In conclusion, humor takes you to a higher place where you could view the world from a more positive, relaxed, creative, joyful, and balanced perspective. Also, you will improve your physical and emotional health naturally.

After covering all of the 24 health benefits of laughing a lot everyday introduced above, do you have any further your own benefits when it comes to laughter? If yes, share them with us by leaving all your ideas at the end of this post of the top 24 health benefits of laughing a lot everyday and how to laugh more often. We appreciate your contribution and will reply as soon as possible.

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