Top 11 Easy Ways To Stop Smoking At Home Revealed!

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Nicotine is amongst the most harmful, addictive, and widely available drugs that are legal all over the world. Everyone knows that smoking is a terrible habit as it is so harmful and annoying to those people who do not smoke or scared of smoke. It will harm people and even children who are forced to absorb it passively. Cigarettes cause about 4.9 million deaths every year. It seems to be hard for people to quit smoking, but it is totally not impossible! That is the reason why today I am going to give you 11 easy ways to stop smoking that anyone can apply right away to live without smoke. 

Stop Smoking By Changing Lifestyle:

If you are serious about quitting smoking, you should focus on the following tips for good. I know that it is very important for anyone who is severely addicted to smoking that you need to change their current bad habits and welcome good ones! If you feel that you are not an exception, there is no reason for you to neglect these 11 easy ways to stop smoking at home that will not cause you embarrassment. Here are 11 healthy lifestyle habits that you should get in on right away:

1. Telling Your Family And Your Friends And Call Them For Help: 

Your family and your friends will try to help you out with that. This is the first of easy ways to stop smoking that I am going to tell you. Friends and family are really the “backbone” of everyone when we feel or meet something hard to address, when we disappointed or want to quit doing something. You just need to talk with them and call for their help. They will become useful “alarm” that always reclaim and remind you to fight against the cravings for cigarette.

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2. Quiting At The End Of Your Pack:

–        You should make it the last pack with a small ceremony; keep one as a souvenir to remember. Or you can start transitioning to those digital portable vaporizers until you can finally quit smoking.

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3. Getting Back On Track If You Slip Up:

–     When you feel a craving coming on, take several slow, deep breaths until the feeling subsides.

–     Tell your friends and family that you’re trying to quit. Find support in those you love the most.

–     Pinpoint times, locations, and stresses that trigger an urge to smoke. Think of activities you can occupy yourself with as an alternative.

–      Do not get discouraged if you “slip” and smoke while trying to quit. Forgive yourself and try again. The key is to not give up, no matter how hard it feels.

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4. Trying A New Approach If You Are Unsure Of The Cold Turkey Approach:

Another of easy ways to stop smoking is trying to do something that lets you feel the emotion inside your brain. You should try a special method – a novel approach.

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You should force yourself to quit anything! It will be much better if you respect yourself and the gradually reduce the frequency of your smoking habit for a week. You can also “play” with the cigarette and remind yourself how it feels, looks, and smells. This activity will keep your awareness of yourself while you have this habit, and you what you will achieve if finally you can manage yourself.

That is really necessary because people can never stop doing something if they are even not aware of. Smokers usually smoke to relax or generate their own moment to think and overcome some difficulties. In almost every case, people are just aware of buying a pack of cigarette, lighting it, and releasing the smoke and going away in the end, but they are totally unconscious of their sensations.

5. Surviving The Initial Week:

–         You should better make use of a cigarette substitute, such as sunflower seeds, mints, coffee stirrers, or toothpicks to help you not to smoking. When you are smoking, your body and mind became familiar to the physical act of holding the cigarette in the hand, putting it to lips, and smoking. Therefore, using such harmless substitutes will help ease the psychological transition to quit smoking.

–         Get out: You can do things that can make you neglect smoking for a while. That is a good idea because walking along the beach, playing a sport, catching up with smoke-free people for a gaming session, going to the movies; you will give up this bad habit easier.

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You should learn playing a special sport that you love, such as soccer. To be a great soccer player, you can try epic soccer training to get necessary knowledge and tips on this field. 

–         You could be able to prevent the cravings for cigarette by brushing your teeth whenever you see the craving is coming to your mind or doing 20 push-ups. In reality, consuming healthy foods is also one of the best ways to stop smoking.

Thus, you should find some healthy foods to eat to reduce the craving for smoking cigarette. I recommend you these 3 healthy books to try: paleo cookbooks, the juice suggester, and the best smoothies recipes.

–         You should always have a low-calorie mint instead of a stinky, dirty cigarette in your pocket.

–         You can replace smoking by drinking more water. However, you should remember to be careful not to drink too much because water can also turn your stomach into a balloon for a few weeks later and you will have to stick with the bathroom.

–         You can also place a big fat rubber band on the wrist. Whenever you feel a craving, you should try to pull the rubber band back and snap the wrist, the trigger sensation will sting of the snap.

You can also do exercises regularly because this is a great way that helps strengthen your immune system and boost your overall health to fight against the craving for cigarette. You should check out zombie apocalypse survival workout to get more exercises.

6. Trying To Abstain From Smoking For A Month:

–         You should always tell yourself that you will smoke again after a month. Then, when that month go over, you can make a decision if you really want to smoke again. The answer then should be absolutely “No”.

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7. Find A Medication Or A Doctor To Help You Quit Smoking:

–         Nicotine replacement therapy is a selection. Nicotine patches produce a stable nicotine stream into your bloodstream through the skin, and nicotine gum will deliver nicotine through the lining in your mouth. Other types of nicotine replacement therapy contain nicotine inhalers and sprays that also work by delivering nicotine throughout your body. Alternatively, you should ask the doctor about prescription medications that are useful to help you give up smoking.

8. Choose A Specific Quit Date: 

–      Instead of trying to quit each year for your New Year’s Resolution or on your birthday, you should try to quit smoking on a Monday – every Monday. That will give you 52 opportunitiess per year instead of just only 1– You can make it more likely that you will be able to get success. 

–      Between the decision of giving up smoking and the date to quit, you should not smoke the same brand. The separation in chemicals and flavors will make smoking less interesting, but not intolerable. Switching brands can help to ‘de-automate’ smoking, that makes you more conscious of this bad habit and raise your chances of getting success.

–      Also, do not even keep a pack of cigarettes at your home because you will easily to smoke again.

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9. Being Positive And Confident That You Totally Can Quit Smoking: 

–      You should spend energy and time planning to deal with the smoking habit by following these tips to give up smoking easily. What you need to do is just believe that you can and you will do this if you are patient. You can use the regular milestone rewards and goal accomplishment techniques to keep focusing and committing.

–      You can give yourself milestones’ rewards. For instance, if you smoked 3 packs a week and you have to pay $4 for a pack, after 6 months without smoking, you would have saved $288 or even more. Then, you should use this amount of money to reward yourself. You can buy anything you want and this will give you the feeling of enjoyment.

–      Remember that you should always begin a brand new life with a sense of enjoyment and excitement.

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10. Finding A Strong Inner Determination To Quit Smoking:

–         You should create an entire list of reasons that you think about quitting to refresh and rebuild your determination. Remember that current, emotion-based, and specific reasons are much better than future-based and factual ones.

–         You should get some facts by looking up smoking on the websites and finding out the history of it, as well as what happens if you smoke too frequently. You will learn about the profit motivation behind the industry and some medically terrible reasons to give up this habit. Moreover, you should get the facts about quit-smoking tips, techniques, and products that you are looking for to get what are better than others. 

11. Realizing That Tobacco Creates A Habit On A Changeable Reinforcement:

–         Schedule: People smoke long after they have an expectation of getting high. Sometimes, you can combine it with alcohol and coffee, and it still does not work, but you have done it again and again. Sometimes it actually hurts to smoke, but you cannot stop doing it because you may consider it a unchangeable habit. Stop thinking like that! The most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself and your ability to quit smoking. 

You can learn how to quit smoking easily and quickly with quit marijuana the complete guide, painless stop smoking cure, and permaquit stop moking method. 

All of the above easy ways to stop smoking are what I have used to get rid of this terrible habit, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to get rid of smoking quickly. 

If you feel the easy ways to stop smoking I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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