How To Make A Guy Like You Back – 6 Sure-Fire Tips

how to make a guy like you

So, you met a nice guy and had a first date. The fact that – though you thought things were going well – you never heard from him again. There has been a lot of debate as why guys tend to disappear. If you have ever been in such case, you might want to learn how to make a guy like you back. In fact, there are a lot of tips and tricks that you could use to make men want you and you can sure that some, if not all, work on your crush as well. Here, we provide you with many tips and tricks on how to make a guy like you back. Just be committed to your goal and you will get there in no time. Take a look from!

How To Make A Guy Like You Back – 6 Useful Tips

1. Keep Your Distance 

how to make a guy like you

One of the basic rules when it comes to learning how to make a guy like you back is to show him the big mistake he made when he lets you go. This is why you should not text him, email him, call him, or get in touch with him in any other way. If you do it, he will get into the feeling that he has some power over you and you do not want that, right? Let him call you. When he calls, you make it as short and simple as possible. It is none of his business what you have done. If he wants to find the answer for his wonder, he will need to work harder.

2. Display Your Self Confidence 

how to make a guy like you

Self confidence is something that all of us are attracted to. Guys do the same. This is so important that if you do not believe that you are confident, you need to fake it till you make it. No one could think you are fabulous if you do not. It always starts with you. Once you acknowledge your own worth, it will show off. You know that you would be an awesome girlfriend and make a guy happy. Do not forget that you are a catch. In fact, you are not right for every man. Some men will not be interested in you. So, be practical. Your job now is to be your best, and confident to attract the right guy. If you do not believe that you are unique and pure fabulousness, you need to address it. Take action. What do you hate about yourself? Then, you need to improve it. Just get moving to make you feel better and stronger.

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3. Be Classy 

how to make a guy like you

It is shown that 67% of men are most turned by “the girl next door” look. The “sex bomb” look just appealed to about 12%. So, remember that you are beautiful in your own natural state. You should not try hard to get the men hot and bothered. If you are lucky enough to have a great body, you need to resist the temptation to show off all of it at the same time. Focus on one of your own asset at a time. Take advantage of makeup to improve y our look, not give you the appearance of a heroin addict. Yet, be more subtle in your presentation. Men love wholesome.

4. Have The Right Type Of Expectation

how to make a guy like you

Expecting a man to become your lover is not strategic. And, expecting a man to like you a little bit, or display a certain type of affection, is not effective. Yet, expecting a man to do what he says he will do is a good strategy. Expecting your crush to show you more respect is also good. Men do not want you demanding love and affection from them. However, they will completely get it if you demand respect for your own feelings, your time and your body.

5. Create A Little Mystery 

how to make a guy like you

When approaching and seducing a man, you should hold back for yourself about 10%. Never give your crush 100% of yourself, even if you are married. In all relationships, there is always a pursuer and a distance. You should not be the pursuer. Avoid wearing your heart on the sleeve. Men worry about such emotional neediness of girls. You should avoid that. Keep your own feelings to yourself, or just share them with your girls for now. In fact, eagerness is repellent and whininess is repulsive. Men do not like those women who cling. They want to pursue women. Let him wonder what you think.

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6. Slow Down 

how to make a guy like you

In reality, the greatest relationships occur between those soulmates. You could not become soulmates to each other via sex, but maybe via pillow talk. If you let plenty of time as well as space for building friendship, you will become really close to a man. That means you should not have sex right at the early stage of the relationship. Sex could make friendship entirely complicated. It is more difficult for you to go from sex to friendship, than from friendship to sex. The advice here is to take time to get to know each other. Make your crush also spend time on getting to know you. Men will appreciate a slow win.

Now, you have gotten 6 useful tips on how to make a guy like you back. Do you have any plan to get your crush falling in love with you? Make use of these tips and you can build a happy relationship in no time.

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