Super Bootcamp Review – Will James Martell’s Guide Work For You?

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Online Marketing Training – Author’s Claims

Super BootCamp is training, coaching, as well as support for affiliate marketers. Super BootCamp is known as the online maketing training series that cover 26 lessons with companion audio, weekly lesson plans, a printable transcript, interact 24/7 member forum, step-by-step instruction together with Q&As each 2 months. In addition, with Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp, members will get full access to online student support site from James Martell. It means that they can give their questions to the instructor, post their profile, track their progress, or chat with other members, as well as join in the fun.

Online Marketing Training – About The Author: James Martell

James Martell is the developer of Super BootCamp, and this man also is an online pioneer who found out the profitable world of affiliate marketing since 1999. In addition, James Martell is a self-taught online entrepreneur, as well as a leading expert in the field of affiliate marketing, outsourcing, and natural search engine optimization and much more. Bedsides, this man also is the author of many helpful books such as Affiliate Marketers Handbook, Online Success for Non –Techies, and much more. If people have any question about Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp, people can contact Customer Care at the address 4976 Ruby Street
Vancouver, BCV5R 4K2

Phone: 1-604-535-6352

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Online Marketing Training – How Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp Works

Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp course provides users with 26 printable workbooks, 26 video lessons (each video lasts 90 minutes), 32 tools, resources and websites, 8 interviews with successful students, 50+ interviews with other experts, 3 exclusive site critiques, Daily traffic Blueprint with 60 videos, List Building Workshop with 7 videos, 67 drills for skills video tutorials, 52 WordPress video tutorials, 66 live Q&A and coaching sessions, and much more.

In addition, with this course, the author also provides users with

  • In-depth one a half hour video tutorials
  • Printed Materials – with this component, users can print materials out.
  • Professional Instruction
  • Coffee Talk Interviews – this component covers audio interviews about leading industry experts such as service providers, affiliate managers, as well as successful affiliates.

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  • Live Q&A and Coaching
  • Coaching Club Archives – with this feature, users can get access to audio recordings that are in the format of MP3. Therefore, users can download as well as take with them wherever they want.
  • Online Student Community – in this forum, members can get support, chat, share experience and successes and much more.
  • Help Desk in 24/day
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

In addition, our website reviews some other programs that can teach people all about online marketing. People can check out marketing graphics, email marketing service and music marketing.

super bootcamp order

Internet Marketing Business – Pros And Cons Of Super BootCamp


  • Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp contains detailed instructions
  • Super BootCamp gets a clear interface and step-by-step guides.
  • Super BootCamp provides users with everything they need to begin a long-term business.
  • The author offers a technical support via email so users can get direct guides from the author.
  • James Martell offers a policy of back money in case Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp does not work for users.

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Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp brings many strong points for users; however, the program also remains some weak points. Super BootCamp can not trains you to become millionaire overnight. Although you use any program that teaches you about marketing, You should spend time and effort for planning your own business strategies because this program only a supportive tool.

Internet Marketing Business – Conclusion

Again, my name is Bin Tran, and this is a full Super BootCamp review, which is made by me truthfully to see whether Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp program works for you or not. In my viewpoint, Affiliate Marketers Super BootCamp is worth for your money, especially for people who want to earn extra online money.

super bootcamp review

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