13 Signs Of A Good Husband And Father Are Exposed

signs of a good husband

In today’s society, young, decent men are rare to find. That is why this article from VKool.com gathers some signs of a good husband and father to help you, as a woman, find your Mr.Right soon!

I. Signs Of A Good Husband And Father – 9 Signs Of A Dream Husband 

1. He Has Goals And Ambitions 

signs of a good husband

When you stick the rest of your life with somebody, you will not only commit to him, but also to his working principles and time management. These things will affect the future of your family. Does he have a serious job or goal in life? Does he know how to use time and money properly? Does he have a plan of what he wants to do?

In life, we cannot know and foresee everything, and sometimes you might get stuck in terms of finance. Yet, if you feel he is lazy, often evades the obligation to work or cannot keep a job, you should think again.

2. He Knows How To Overcome Stress 

signs of a good husband

Oftentimes, at the beginning of a relationship, especially in love, we are extremely ingenious and wonderful. We often tend to hide our bad points. Thus, you should try to pay attention to how he reacts in different situations. It is easy to smile and become a perfect person when having a delicious dinner or holding hands of each other while walking on the beach. However, if he was trapped for many hours because of traffic jams or when he is about to be late for work, how was he reactions like? Did he keep calm in difficult situations or was he easily provoked?

Keep in mind that, people cannot feel happy 24/24 hours, sometimes we feel sad and frustrated. Therefore, you should find someone who can endure the difficulties, not making you tense, and does not make you feel like you are walking on eggshells when problems arise.

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3. He Knows How To Resolve A Conflict In The Relationship 

signs of a good husband

When his opinion and yours were not the same or there was a misunderstanding between the two of you, did he ignore the problem or would like to speak clearly to you? Did he try to understand your feelings or just express his concern about solving problems? Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. Two people with different educational family backgrounds, different personalities, so surely there will be a disagreement at some points. The difference between a successful marriage and a failed marriage is not about having no tension at all, but about how the tensions are resolved.

4. He Always Supports You 

signs of a good husband

When you want to take your master degree or want to chase for your photography passion, did he encourage and support you? Did he make you confident, or disregard your aspirations? Was he afraid of being overshadowed by your success? Obviously, when touching of your dreams, you want someone who can be the buoy to raise you up, and do not want the one who constantly holds you back, preventing you from developing.

5. He Passionates In Moderation 

signs of a good husband

Addiction to pornography, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, gambling and wasting a huge amount of time for the game is huge warning signs. Be wary of those people and do not turn a blind eye if you suspect something wrong. You do not want to marry someone that you think you have to change them. Married to an addictor who cannot control himself is an exact recipe for a life of bitters and difficulties.

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6. He Respects You 

signs of a good husband

This is very important. Sometimes you can judge mistakenly the feedback from him. You might think that it is a constructively criticism, but in reality, he implies that him: “I want you to become a person as I wish.” When you give your comments, did he mock and lower you? Or, did he listen to and appreciate you? Did you feel you need to change to get his acceptance and love? When seeking a partner for your future and the father of your children, you should choose a person who treats you equally, respects you, treats you as a partner, lover and friend with him.

7. He Likes To Share His Stories With You 

signs of a good husband

In terms of emotions, men might hardly be open to others. When men find their true love, they will find happiness when sharing great joys in life. Those great husbands who love their wives despite having happiness and success, or getting stucked tend to easily share their thoughts with their partners.

8. He Does Not Try To Change You 

signs of a good husband

In this list of signs of a good husband and father, this is one of the most important one that you should pay attention to. More than anyone else, your husband should be the best person understanding who you are: an old woman but still whiny, childish; a wife who is not good at cooking; a mother who speaks with a little hard of hearing but never malice …. All of your faults, he knows, sometimes even gets angry with you because of that ugliness. Yet, you never see him to impose you to live another life, or to change so much.

He accepts the real you with both good side and bad side. What he does every day is to sympathize for his woman, suggest her for a better living. That is one of the signs of a good husband or father for life.

9. He Always Hears Your Say 

signs of a good husband

Listening to girlfriend’s confided is not difficult, but for the wife, it is more than as men needs to understand what their wives want and need while just hearing some no-purpose words.  Actually, this is the problem that not every guy does well.

Pay attention to if your guy is interested in what you say and just really pay attention when you “do cool hand”. That way, you will know if he is a devoted husband that every girl dreams about or not.

II. Signs Of A Good Husband Or Father – 4 Signs Of A “Big Daddy”

When it comes to a signs of a good husband and father, what is it that can make dad so great?  What is that special way that a father posses that gives the children wings?  Here are top 4 almost sure-fire signs of a good father that you should know to choose the best father for your kids:

1. He Was Kind To His Mother 

signs of a good husband

Will he become the man of your family? First, let’s look at his relationship with his mother. Does he respect his mother or laugh and smile with his mother? Does he like to see his mother and help her do household work? If the answer is yes, he was good at parenting. He likes women and will truly rejoice when you become a mother of his children. In fact, respecting for family members, children and you as well is the first criteria you should look for in a good husband and father.

2. He Was So Selfless 

signs of a good husband

Consider carefully if your man wants to become the center of the universe. A man who knows how to take the time to care for his sister is a good person to marry. A man caring his family will become a great father.

3. He Does Not Indiscriminate 

signs of a good husband

Children are really messy. Such dirty diapers and vomiting are frequent. Good father is the person who will take care of his wife and help her when she is not feeling well.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, a mother of two children told, two years before going on a ferry around the islands in Greece, she was seasick about 5 times. “At each times, my boyfriend held the bag for me and took care of me. When the ferry docked, I realized he was going to be a great father.”

4. He Is Funny 

signs of a good husband

Last but not least important, in order to become a good father, your man should be humorous. Even, it will be much better if he could be a joker. In other words, he is really fun and not too serious. It is a sign that you need to pay attention. A man who is playful and humorous will live a life filled with joy along with the kids.

The above are top signs of a good husband and father that you need to pay attention in order to find the real man for your future family.

Share your thoughts with us below this post about signs of a good husband and father or any other relationship topics. We appreciate and will respond soon.

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