Top 10 Bad Sex Positions For Men And Women

bad sex positions for men

According to a survey about women’s bad sex positions and the results may be surprising. Women reported common sex positions like reverse cowgirl, 69, and doggy style as the worst sex moves. Men have relied on standard sex positions like missionary as they are simple and feel great while women have quietly been cursing these moves the whole time.

List Of 10 Bad Sex Positions That Men And Women Hate

In this article, I will reveal some of the bad sex positions and why these sex positions should be cutting down and the solutions you have to make to satisfy your partner. If you want to know more about relationships fact and the worst sex positions ever, spend some time reading this article right away.

1. Bad Sex Positions – Woman On Top

This is the very first one out of bad sex positions for women that I want to introduce in this article and want all of my readers to know and then consider avoiding this position.

According to a survey [1], most women feel more self-conscious when they perform this sex position. Women say that they often worry about their stomachs and breasts may look like where you are laying. To address it, switch into a side-by-side move. Let her lie on her back and then lift her right leg. Place yourself between her legs and ease insider her.

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2. Bad Sex Positions – Doggy Style

According to a study [2], the reason why most women do not like this sex position is that it is too painful. The problem here is that you can ram her cervix and this is often more harmful than normal. Addition to this, if you fully remove yourself and then re-enter her inside, this often hurts her at staying lubricated. In our survey, women also reported that doggy style is not intimate enough. Although rough sex can be great in case both of you are into it, most of the women are looking for something more of a connection while performing sex activity.

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To deal with this, keep your thrusts shallow and short, rather than fast and deep in order to prevent the grind and bump from becoming painful. According to a research, shallow thrusts may help stimulate the front thirst of your partner’s vagina. Additionally, add the intimacy factors by letting your hands run through her hair and run down her spine and sometimes kissing her neck. And do not skip out the clitoral stimulation. Just as you are focusing on your partner’s backside, does not mean that you should ignore her other sensitive spots.

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3. Bad Sex Positions – Reverse Cowgirl

bad sex positions - reverse cowgirl

According to a study [3], the reason why women do not like this sex position may be the fact that it makes her hard to climax and not everything fits while she is riding in reverse. This sex position may be sexy and adventurous, but the time when you actually enter her, everything may not fit the way that you think they should be. It often boils down to your penis’s curvature, not coinciding with her vagina’s angle. Whenever you bend the penis too far, it may not be comfortable for both of you, even it can become risky for you.

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To fix it, switch to doggy style as the fit will be more practical and you can support her to reach orgasm. If not, put the doggy style to bed. Stand up and have your partner bend forward. And then, place her hands on a stable thing and enter her body from behind. With this move, you can manually stimulate her and use the mirror for more advantages.

4. Bad Sex Positions – 69

This is also one of the bad sex positions for women that you should know and consider avoiding, especially those who want to have a perfect sex performance in bed.

According to a study, women say that it is too hard for them to focus on receiving pleasure while they have to focus on giving it. Pleasure and reaching climax is determined by your partner’s mental state. Therefore, it becomes hard to enjoy your oral sex skills while your partner is taking care of your sexual needs. To address it, if you want your partner to receive most out of oral sex, you should take turns giving and receiving. Many women feel anonymous with this sex position as they want to look their partners in their eyes and feel a connection.

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5. Missionary

Another one of the bad sex positions for women that a lot of women in the world hate must include missionary. Missionary is known as a hot sex position in case you are seeking something connected with many intimate eye contact. However, for most women, this position can leave the clitoris out of the equation. If you are a woman who cannot orgasm vaginally, this sex position can make you high and dry.

To fix it, switch to the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). Have your partner bend her legs to tilt her hips up, which maintains constant contact with your partner’s clitoris. Women who could not reach climax in regular missionary were more likely to a climax with the help of CAT. Alternatively, you can put a pillow beneath the hips.

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6. Up Against The Wall

This sex position is a romantic idea that we have seen in movies. But, the fact is that if you are not an Olympian, this position needs lots of works with little reward.

There are some other bad sex positions for women in this entire article. If you want to know these positions, continue reading this entire article and then avoid these positions in bed.

7. Bad Sex Positions – Catching Air

When it comes to bad sex positions for men, you should not ignore catching air position. When a woman is on top, nothing can scare a guy more than when she bounces a little too high and there is a risk of a botched landing. Catch some air and you can see the risk of a broken penis. Although the penis is a muscle, it can actually tear if severely bent while erect. Actually, this is in brief one of the bad sex positions for men so that you should not try out in order to avoid the risk of a broken penis.

8. Bad Sex Positions – The Over-Moan

bad sex positions - the over-moan

Just as many men watch porn does not mean that they expect the same experiences. Moaning in ecstasy when a man touching his partner can make him think she is disingenuous. So, do not worry about being vocal in order to stroke his ego before he is stroking.

In fact, this is among bad sex positions for men, so you should avoid performing this sex position if you do not want to have trouble with this.

9. Upside Down

Another out of the bad sex positions for men that I want to mention in this entire article and want all of my readers to know and then avoid this sex position is upside down. After watching some porn movies, some men thought it would be fun to perform this sex position while a guy holds his partner upside down with his head close the floor and then he tries to enter her from above. Well, those guys must be professional athletes to perform this sex position.

10. Bad Sex Positions – Spoon Position

This is the last one on the list of bad sex positions that you and my other readers should know and try to avoid performing this position, especially if they want to have a perfect sex performance in bed and satisfy their partners perfectly.

Many people hate the spoon sex position [4]. This is because maximum friction between both of you and the sheets may be the most awkward work-wise, especially in case you are at the same height. The worst part of all, this sex position is so boring.

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The list of top 10 bad sex positions may be helpful for those who are looking for sex positions that they should avoid following. And if you know other bad sex positions that many men and women actually hate, remember to share them with other readers by leaving your comment in the comment box below. I promise to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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