Top 10 Best Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction

best yoga poses for erectile dysfunction


ED (erectile dysfunction) is a common & popular problem in men. There are many causes of ED such as issues with hormones or blood flow, heart disease or diabetes. Besides, anxiety and stress can make this problem worse. As you know, Viagra or Sildenafil is often used to combat erectile dysfunction. However, this medication can cause some side effects. Instead of taking it, you can do yoga daily to relax the mind and body. In today’s article, we,, will discuss some yoga poses for erectile dysfunction. These yoga poses promote blood flow and relaxation, which can help manage erectile dysfunction.

Top 10 Best Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction

1. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Uttanpadasana Or Raised Leg Pose

Basically, this yoga poses helps to engage quadriceps and glutes, and offer an intense workout to the core. In addition, it also stretches the hip flexor muscles, thus increasing the flow of blood to the pelvic area and boosting your energy levels. As a result, it helps you beat ED (erectile dysfunction).


  • The first step is lying flat on your back and breathing normally
  • Place your hand by the sides with palms facing down
  • Then, inhale and raise your legs from the ground at around 45-60 -degree angle
  • Keep this posture for about 15 to 20 seconds
  • Exhale and come back to the initial position

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2. Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend

This yoga pose has the ability to relax pelvic muscles and enhance better blood flow. Along with that, it is also useful for calming you and relieving mild depression.


  • Sit on a yoga mat with the legs stretch out in front of you
  • Gently rock your body to your left and use the hand to pull your right sit bone away
  • Repeat on your other side
  • Inhale and keep your upper body long
  • Lean forward and lengthen the tailbone as you attain the floor
  • Hold this pose for around 1 to 3 minutes

3. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Kumbhakasana Or Plank

yoga poses for erectile dysfunction - kumbhakasana or plank

Plank is considered as one of the best yoga poses for erectile dysfunction. This useful pose can help to strengthen upper body and improve endurance during the sexual performance.


  • Start with the kneeling position with your hands resting on the thighs
  • Next bend forward with your hands on the floor
  • Lift the buttocks with knees still on your ground
  • Slide both your feet backward and lift your knees. Don’t bend your elbows and knees
  • Hold the pose for a couple of seconds and release.

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4. Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend

This pose helps you with anxiety. In addition, it also helps with infertility, improves digestion and stimulates the organs in your abdomen. Thus, it works as one of the excellent yoga poses for erectile dysfunction.


  • The first step is standing at the head of a yoga mat with the hands on the hips
  • Bend the torso forward hinging from the hips as you exhale
  • Bring the fingers to your floors in front of the feet
  • Keep your knees straight. Try relaxing into this pose for around 30 seconds to one minute.
  • Try lifting your torso and lengthening the body a bit more when you inhale. Try relaxing deeper into the stretch when you exhale.

5. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Ardha Chandrasana Or Half Moon Pose

yoga poses for erectile dysfunction - ardha chandrasana or half moon pose

This pose is able to improve endurance and stamina and tone your entire body.  Endurance and stamina are vital for your performance and sexual health.


  • Stand straight on a mat at first and later bring right foot back
  • The hands should be framing the left foot
  • Bring the right hand to the right hip
  • Lift up the right foot. Straighten the left leg out behind you
  • Rote the right hip back and extend the right hand toward the sky
  • Hold this position for five deep breaths. Come back to the first position

6. Baddha Konasana Or Bound Angle Pose

This yoga pose helps to stretch the inner thighs & groin. Besides, it also enhances the prostate gland and the kidneys, the bladder, as well as the organs in your abdomen.


  • Sit on a mat with the legs extended in front of you
  • As you exhale, bend your knees, pulling the heels in toward the pelvis one at a time
  • Drop the knees to either side. Press the bottom of the feet together
  • Grab your big toes with your hands using your first & second fingers
  • Stay in this position for anywhere from one to five minutes. Work on lengthening the torso when you inhale and exhale.

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7. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Ardha Ustrasana Or Half Camel Pose

This pose is helpful for improving your digestion and toning the entire body. Plus, it also has a beneficial effect on urogenital system of a man.


  • Star with kneeling position with your hands on knees and thighs apart
  • Lift up with arms beside your body
  • Hold your left ankle with your right hand and stretch your left arm in front of your head.
  • Maintain in this position for about 30 seconds
  • Come back to the original pose and switch sides.

8. Janu Sirsasana Or Head-To-Knee Pose

yoga poses for erectile dysfunction - janu sirsasana or head-to-knee pose

This pose helps with your flexibility, particularly in the hamstring muscles, hips, back and thighs. Along with that, it also helps with the flow of blood in the groin and lower abdomen. Moreover, it also helps to relieve stress.


  • Sit on a mat with the legs stretch out in front of you
  • When you inhale, bend one of the knees and bring the heel toward the pelvis
  • Rest the sole against the thigh and release the knee toward the floor
  • Inhale and lift both of the hands up
  • Exhale and hinge forward — remaining a lengthened spine — over the extended leg
  • Try bringing the chin to the knee and clasp the hands around the foot
  • Hold this pose for 1-3 minutes
  • As you inhale, raise up with the arms extended overhead and return to sitting
  • Repeat this yoga pose on your other side for balance in the body.

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9. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose

The bow pose aids in stimulating reproductive organs. In addition, it also helps to tackle premature ejaculation and intensify your orgasms.


  • Lay face down on a mat on your stomach with arms at your sides and feet hip-width apart
  • Raise the legs behind you as you raise the upper body and reach for the ankles with the hands.
  • Pull the legs up & back while remaining the chest off the floor
  • Keep steady contact through your pelvis with the floor
  • Stay in this pose for about 20-30 minutes
  • After you exhale, take some deep breaths and release from the pose.

10. Naukasana Or Boat Pose

Basically, boat pose can help to activate sexual hormones in men.  Along with that, it helps to strengthen your hips, buttocks, as well as thigh muscles, thus helping you persist longer between the sheets.


  • Firstly, lie on your back with arms beside the body and feet together
  • Then, inhale and start raising the chest & feet off the ground as you exhale
  • Stretch the arms toward the feet
  • Maintain this pose for several seconds while taking a deep breath
  • Exhale and come back to the initial position.

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Yoga is not just for women and it also benefits male sexual health. It has the power to improve your endurance, strengthen muscles and increase blood flow, thereby allowing you to promote your sexual performance naturally. Do you know other yoga poses for erectile dysfunction? Don’t hesitate to share it with us as well as other readers around the world.

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