Top 5 Early Signs Of PID You Should Be Aware Of

early signs of pid

Pelvic inflammatory disease is known as an infection of the reproductive organs that are caused by bacterial irritation [1]. This is a common infection, affecting over 1 million women in the U.S yearly. If pelvic inflammatory disease is untreated, it may cause some serious fertility complications. In fact, it is the leading reason for preventable infertility in females. PID may result from the complications from some certain sexually transmitted infections. You can prevent serious Women’s Sexual Health and possible infertility by seeing a doctor as soon as you experience these signs of PID below. Continue reading this article on to learn more about the early signs of PID.

Top 5 Early Signs Of PID You Should Be Aware Of

1. Pelvic Or Lower Abdominal Pain

When the reproductive organs are infected due to the bacteria by a sexually transmitted disease (STD), inflammation may occur, which causes intense pain. Although lower abdominal pain is actually normal during the menstrual period, pain caused by PID is more noticeable and aggressive than the regular menstrual cramps [2].

If you notice intense cramping and shooting pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis, you should consult your gynecologist as soon as possible, especially when you aren’t on your cycle.

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2. Signs Of PID – Painful Urination

early signs of pid - painful urination

Painful urination is one of the most common symptoms of a bladder infection. In case, a bladder infection is untreated, it may worsen and travel into the uterus or ovaries, which will cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, if you are suffering from pain while urinating, the gynecologist will likely test the urine for an infection. Make sure that you should communicate with the gynecologist about the level of pain. Extreme pain when urinating is a classic sign of PID, and has to be cured with a stronger type of antibiotics than a bladder infection.

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3. Pain During Intercourse

If you feel pain during sexual intercourse, especially if it just occurs recently, it might be a sign of PID. In addition, it is possible that you suffer from a yeast or bladder infection, or that this area has already been irritated by energetic or frequent sexual activity. Infections may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease if they are untreated.

If you know the pelvic inflammatory disease untimely, it may be treated with a very simple type of antibiotics. Remember not let the signs go unchecked or the pelvic inflammatory disease can possibly leave you sterile & cause long-term health issues. When you experience any of these common signs of PID, make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

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4. Vaginal Discharge With A Foul Odor

In fact, small amounts of the vaginal discharge with clear color are normal. However, if you experience an excessive amount of vaginal discharge accompanied by a foul odor, it might be a sign of PID [3]. You cannot suffer from pelvic pain if this infection hasn’t yet reached the uterus through the cervix.

Catching these early signs of PID before they reach the reproductive organs is one of the best ways to avoid permanent infertility. If you see an abundant amount of vaginal discharge with a foul odor, consult a gynecologist immediately.

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5. Signs Of PID – Fever Over 101 Degrees

early signs of pid - fever over 101 degrees

As you know, a fever over 101 degrees can be a sign that the body is combating an infection. If the fever lasts more than several days, see a doctor to diagnose the symptoms. A high fever may not always indicate PID. Nevertheless, if your fever is gone with vaginal discharge or pelvic pain, it may be a strong sign that you are suffering from the signs of PID.

Please remember that any fever lasting longer than 2 days needs immediate attention from the medical profession.

Above are the early signs of PID you should be aware of. Hope that it helps you to know the symptoms to avoid it and protect your health. For another useful article about sex and relationships, visit our Love & Sex page. Feel free to leave your comments to share your thoughts with us.

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