Top 10 Anal Sex Tips For Women

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Before learning the anal sex tips for women, you should know some information about anal sex. For now, this sex type is actually practiced more commonly than this used to be. In fact, there is a ton of people who are doing it. According to a 2024 review [1] conducted on the anal, there is 40 percent of people who have tried this type at least once. However, for every woman we have heard of making an effort of anal sex, I know about half a dozen females who refuse to do it due to some awful anecdote. Typically it begins with a clueless boyfriend who tries to shove it in and he hopes that his woman will enjoy the experience – a painful experience. How is a girl supposed to try again anal sex after the bad feeling in the first time?

There are thousands of the sensitive nerve endings around and in the anus, which can provide you with pleasure. Most of the nerve endings are often concentrated around the opening and the outside part of the rectum. With the inside part of the rectum, the good feeling during sex is the pressure & fullness coming with being penetrated. However, the post-anal health rituals are not commonplace as compared to vaginal type, so VKool collects some useful tips on how to do it in a healthy way.

Top 10 Anal Sex Tips For Women

1. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Be Ready

If you are having any negative feeling about anal sex, it is better not to do it. There are a lot of judgments around doing anal sex, but it is important for you to decide what your feelings are. Your mindset is considered a crucial factor in your experience, so you should arm yourself with acceptance, knowledge, a bottle of lube, and a positive attitude.

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2. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Switch Condoms

According to Toyia James-Stevenson, a gastroenterologist at the Indiana University Health, if you want to switch from vaginal sex to anal type at any point in your romp, remember to use a new condom after washing his hands. Doing this helps to reduce the risk of STDs and protect you from bacteria, including E. coli, that may cause infections & UTIs.

3. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Use Baby Wipes

For anal sex, silicone lubes are often recommended because they are more durable. Nevertheless, the lube seems to be trickier to clean as compared with other types of lube based on water. According to sex therapist Vanessa Marin, you need to take more steps to make your area fresh. Consider taking baby wipes or taking a shower or bath to get a gentle scrub around your anus. And remember that never wipe the area from back to front.

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4. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Start Very Slowly

anal sex tips for women - start very slowly

The anus cannot react like a vagina, so it is impossible to speed up your rhythm quickly as you often do in traditional sex. The reason is that the muscles of the anus need to relax to accommodate the penis.

When kissing your woman, rub around her anus with a lubed finger. If she feels pressured or rushed, you don’t have a chance. Hence, always remember to be gentle and start slowly! A woman who feels shy may also use sex toys for this purpose.

Insert your finger and move slowly in and out this area. The best technique is that you should start with the little finger and then slowly use the others. When she is comfortable with the fingers, you are ready to insert your penis. By this way, she will be able to feel good to accommodate your member.

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5. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Fair It Out

Because the sphincter muscles may be loose when doing sex act, you might not be able to manage the gusts of wind. However, in fact, you are not farting. According to the Columbia University [2], it is just the way of the body to expel the air trapped in the body during penetration. So let farts fly free.

6. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Learn Breathing

When doing this sex act, both of you have a tendency to tense up & hold the breath because you are nervous. A big secret is that learning to breathe and relax is the crucial factor to have happy anal sex. It is essential for you to practice breathing to reduce the anxiety and raise the overall satisfaction. When you are breathing, focus on the muscles down there and throw away tensing and relaxing to get the good feelings. Remember to breathe out during insertion, and then breathe slowly & release the muscles. You may also prepare romantic candles and music aids in creating a soothing environment.

7. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Get Your Kegel On

In fact, repetitive anal sex can result in weakening of the sphincter of your anus. As a result, you may have the high risk of fecal incontinence. And kegel exercises are the best solution for this case. According to Jennifer Wider, M.D, an expert in women’s health, Kegels are designed to aid in tightening and strengthening the pelvic-floor muscles while they may also tighten the muscles surrounding your anal sphincter.

8. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Choose A Comfortable Position

anal sex tips for women - choose a comfortable position

It is really clear that doing anal sex is completely not a position fits all situations. In some cases, it is comfortable for this person, but might be wrong for another. Therefore, it is important for all people to explore the options and learn what feels best for yourself. The “girl on top” position may be a great position to start because it helps you to manage the speed & depth of penetration. You may also try the doggy style or spooning position by laying face-down on the stomach. Here are useful tips to optimize your pleasure.

9. Anal Sex Tips For Women – Watch Over Your Poop

In fact, your anus is not built for an insertion, so the muscle fibers, along with tissue layers and blood vessels, may be damaged easily. As a result, a little bleeding can be normal after doing anal sex and the culprit is a tissue tear. However, if you have prolonged bleeding or see sores around your anus or discharge, consult your doctor to make sure that everything is still okay back there.

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10. Never Use Too Much Lube At Once

When talking about anal sex, you should never use too much lube at once. Instead, you should keep it handy by your nightstand because you just need to reapply it often. The way the anus produces natural lubrication is different compared with the vagina does. Therefore, this is absolutely essential for you.

Above are some anal sex tips for women that are useful for both women and men to improve their sexual health. It is not scary, right? If you are prepared with the right tools and the right mindset, you may be surprised to discover a world of pleasure for yourself. For another useful article about sex and relationships, visit our Love & Sex page. Feel free to leave your comments to share your thoughts with us.

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