List Of 6 Common Causes Of Impotence In Male

common causes of impotence

In the term of sexual health, there are different standards that depend on each culture or individual. According to American Sexual Health Association, sexual health is more than avoiding unplanned pregnancy and sexual diseases.

To be honest, people are often shy and unconfident when they talk about the topic sexual health although it influences the day-to-day particularly of you and your partner. Sex still is primary seen as one of the most concerned issues that should be discussed more. Because I recognized the importance of sex in our lives, I am going to open the topic “Sexual Health” that includes a number of useful and informative articles and writings about sexual issues and problems as well as home remedies on how to improve the sex drive. In this article, I am going to tell you about the common causes of impotence in male. I hope that after reading this article in the page Sexual Health of the site, you may understand the overall backgrounds of impotence and know how to treat and avoid them.

I – What Is Impotence?

Have you heard about impotence? Before I introduce the common causes of impotence in male, I would like to let you know its basic background. People with impotence condition may lose the ability to get or maintain an erection. Therefore, it is also known as the erectile dysfunction. Impotence may be caused by several contributing factors, including physical and emotional disorders. The Merck Manual has found out that about 50 percent of men at the age of 40 to 70 suffer from impotence at some points during their life. Aging also increases the possibility of impotence or erectile dysfunction. Scientists have stated that good education may result in a decrease in the risk of impotence. The possible explanation is that people with good education always a healthier lifestyle. Impotence not only affects your sex life but also causes depression, additional stress, and low self-esteem. Therefore, it is important for you to know the common causes of impotence and try to avoid it as much as possible.

II – Common Causes Of Impotence In Male1

1. Neurological And Nerve Disorders

There is a close link between several chronic neurological, according to a research [1] conditions and impotence. Nerve conditions weaken the brain’s ability to respond to the reproductive system. As a result, male with nerve conditions may find difficult to achieve an erection. Particularly, impotence may be caused by several neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain or spinal tumors, temporal lobe epilepsy and stroke. Furthermore, nerve damage caused by prostate gland surgery also results in impotence. Long distance bicycle riding may put the pressure on the genitals and buttocks, thus affecting the nerve’s function and resulting in temporary impotence. Therefore, to prevent impotence caused by that, you should avoid long distance bicycle riding.

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2. Cardiac-Related Conditions

An erection required the good blood flow to the penis. Unfortunately, cardiac-related conditions are associated with the heart’s function and blood flow to body organs. It is not surprising when cardiac- related conditions are one of the common causes of impotence. Atherosclerosis makes the blood vessels clogged, increasing the possibility of impotence. Cardiac-related conditions may be caused by high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Therefore, you should keep your blood pressure and cholesterol level under the control.

3. Endocrine Diseases

causes of impotence - endocrine diseases

The endocrine system of your body can regulate reproduction, metabolism, mood, sexual function and much more by producing hormones. It is impossible to talk about common causes of impotence without mentioning the endocrine diseases, particularly diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk of impotence because it inhibits the body from utilizing the hormone insulin. Chronic diabetes also leads to nerve damage, thus affecting penis sensations. Furthermore, diabetes also causes the poor blood flow and unbalance in hormone levels. Those factors can increase the risk of impotence.

4. Taking Medications

Certain medications may lead to impotence in males if not taken properly and in moderation. Therefore, it is important for you to consult your doctor before taking any prescribed or over-the-counter medications. The medications in a list of causes of impotence may include alpha-adrenergic blockers [2] (tamsulosin), cancer chemotherapy medications (cimetidine), beta-blockers (metoprolol and  carvedilol), central nervous system depressants (diazepam, alprazolam, and codeine), central nervous system stimulants (amphetamines), selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, diuretics (spironolactone and furosemide), and synthetic hormones (leuprolide).

5. Emotional Disorder

An erection requires an excitement phase. Male who wants to achieve erection needs to go through that phrase. An emotional disorder may affect the penis’s ability to achieve an erection. According to a study [3], depression, including the feelings of sadness, helplessness or loss of hope may cause impotence. Furthermore, fatigue and anxiety may affect the penis’s sensation and ability to achieve an erection. People with those emotional disorders cannot maintain full erections during intercourse. Therefore, emotional disorders are one of the common causes of impotence you should know in this article.

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6. Unhealthy Lifestyles

causes of impotence - unhealthy lifestyles

Bad habits in your lifestyles may cause impotence and affect the sex life. Impotence may be caused by the abuse of drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine. People with alcoholism and alcohol abuse cannot maintain the full erection during intercourse. Do you want to achieve erection caused by bad habits, you should make some positive changes in your lifestyle.

III – Possible Treatments For Impotence

1. Taking Prescribed Medications

Medical treatments can be taken to treat impotence. A variety of prescribed medications or medical treatments may include tadalafil, sildenafil (according to a study [4]), testosterone replacement, vardenafil, psychological counseling, and blood vessel surgery. However, it is important for you to consult your doctor carefully before taking any prescribed medications. Doctors or health care providers may help you address the causes of impotence and recommended the best-prescribed medications for your condition.

2. Lifestyle Changes

If the causes of impotence are emotional and physical, you should make some lifestyle changes to deal with impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Here are some positive changes you can make:

  • Quit or less smoking and drinking
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Build a strong romantic relationship with your partner
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly

3. Natural Remedies

After addressing the common causes of impotence, you can try some natural home remedies to treat this issue. Many natural remedies for impotence are safe and effective. Some of them include ginseng (according to a study [5]), pomegranate juice, and acupuncture. You can find more natural remedies for impotence in Take a look and then improve your sex life.

IV – Preventing

Knowing the common causes of impotence helps it prevent it easily.

Here are methods of prevention:

  • Avoid smoking, alcohol or drug abuse
  • Maintain a regular physical exercise routine
  • Sleep enough 8 hours per day
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression

Besides those treatable causes of impotence I gave you in this article, aging is also considered as the biggest contributing factor of impotence.

Impotence affects the quality of your sex life and you can treat it with medications, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes. If you have consistent impotence, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

I introduced 6 common causes of impotence and several possible treatments as well as prevention. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving them in the comment section. I will answer as soon as I can.

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