Top 14 sex drive killers: biggest turn-offs for males & females

sex drive killers

If you are the one who lacks of libido, then you are not alone. Due to many chemicals added to the food, medicines, shower gels, and even sex toys, both men and women now have to cope with the problem of decreased sex drive. Get your hormones back on track and sparkle your sex drive by acknowledging what biggest sex drive killers are shared by!

Sex Drive Killers – 14 Causes Of Low Libido

1. Confidence 

sex drive killers

Yep, confidence problems are major hindrances to a healthy sex life. Such bad self-image is considered as the worst offender, with weight problems getting the top position in the list. This often happens to women. These are the females who always want the lights out, and will not fully undress in front of men. It could take a huge amount of time for a female to get in mood or feel comfortable in her skin, and the best thing men could do is to reassure her that she desirable and beautiful. In this case, men should find the parts of their partner (female) they love, and remind her how wonderful she is. In other words, if you are not confident in your breast size, then you are also damaging your sex experience.

2. Stress

sex drive killers

In these days, stress is becoming very common to everyone, no matter how old they are or what their jobs are. However, when stress start to impact your sex life, it becomes a big problem. Thus, stress relief is essential in that case. However, by how the two of you can deal with it is up to you. You can take the bull by the horns, and supply a relaxing massage and a little bit of pampering. This will help you go a long way. So, if you notice a decline in your sex drive, then consider managing your stress effectively from now.

3. Anxiety 

sex drive killers

If you are anxious, then you will not be randy. Apart from stress, being worried about sex is a tragedy not only for the sex life, but for your whole life. You need to figure your fears out and overcome those reasons of your anxiety. Perhaps, it is an obsession of childhood abuse, rape or any other fear. In reality, what you could do is to find out the real causes of your anxiety and handle with it. You can get the help from your partner if necessary.

4. Physical Health

sex drive killers

Weak physical health is also one of the sex drive killers that many people overlook. Women and men who exercise regularly might have higher sex drives, and more often. For example, with women, their periods will be less painful and PMD will be a lot less severe and even nonexistent. In reality, if a female regularly does exercise, about 4 times per week, then she will be much less likely to suffer from the hormone-induce issues. It is because when the human body is healthy, those hormone changes and small chemical have the impact they are supposed to have – preparing female body for pregnancy – rather than causing main disturbances to chemicals within the brain and wreaking havoc on the mind as well as body.

5. Poor Diet

sex drive killers

The truth is, diet plays an important role in your overall health, well-being and happiness. The diet could be stopping a person from feeling his or her best, so you need to take a good look at what goes in to help you determine what your body dishes out. We are what we eat. You might hear this saying before. Again, making changes in your diet plan by eliminating bad eating habits and replacing them with good eating habits should be carried out instantly if you do not want to lower your libido more. Swap the chips for a certain salad, the soda or Coke for water. That way, you will see fast results through your increased energy level. More energy means you have a chance for much better sex.

6. Toxic Overload 

sex drive killers

If you do not help your own body clear out toxins, then they will build up day by day and give you odors, zits, and also low energy levels. Helping the human body rid of the toxins will make you feel better easily and rapidly. Pollution, smoking, lack of physical activities, bad diet, or overweight will make you feel less stellar than you should. Moreover, these factors also kill your sex drive as well. Thus, the best way now is to eliminate toxins out of your body through detox diet or drinks and getting exercise.

7. Birth Control Pill 

sex drive killers

The oral contraceptive pill can control the hormones of female bodies artificially, preventing pregnancy. The good news: the freedom achieved from those pills is an aphrodisiac; knowing that you will not get pregnant is rather liberating and absolutely encouraging for both of you. However, the bad news: this pill could be dangerous for your libido. Your hormones will be leveled entirely and artificially, which can rule out the sexual peak at ovulation and before your period. It affects your body by enhancing the level of the thing called sex hormone-binding globulin – SHBG – which actually attaches itself to the testosterone in the bloodstream, thereby rendering it useless.

8. Relationship Problems

sex drive killers

Knotty relationship problems should be handled if you really want to reclaim the intimacy as well as affection that you once share with your own partner. Fact is, emotional closeness now plays a main role in sex drive and passion, especially for women. Poor communication, constant arguments, infidelity, anger as well as many other relationship problems need to be removed before your mutual sexual desire could be regained.

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9. Fish 

sex drive killers

Industrial waste chemicals which build up in dairy, fish, and meat products can be eliminating sex drive in females. Though banned in most countries, hormone-mimicking polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, could remain in the environment for decades.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you had better eat lower on the food chain. Cut back on your consumption of meat, and opt for fish which are low in contaminants.

10. Cash-Register Receipts 

sex drive killers

It is estimated that about 40% of receipts today are coated with the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BOA), which has scientifically linked to heart disease and fertility problems. According to a recent study, men with higher BPA levels within their urine noticed low sperm counts as well as lower sperm quality than those with lower BPA levels. In order to keep the sperm and also sex drive levels healthy, you need to turn down inessential receipts and avoid another big source of BPA, like canned foods.

11. Soy 

sex drive killers

There is a strong association between the consumption of soy foods and reduce sperm counts in men. In a study, those males who consumed various soy-including foods and then underwent semen analysis might have poor sperm quality. Because genetically engineered soy is discovered in many types of processed foods, consuming non-soy-including foods made with whole ingredients will be a good idea for your sex drive.

12. Sex Toys 

sex drive killers

When it comes to sex drive killers, sex toys should be counted on. That sounds weird but it is true. Certain sex toys and other vinyl-including products could harm the libidos in both men and women. The chemical in those vinyl products could disrupt your hormones and reduce your testosterone levels, thereby killing the urge to make love in males and females. This chemical exists in everything from the plastic vibrator to the shower curtain. Thus, you had better look for medical-grade silicone or glass vibrators, not the vinyl ones, for heating up your own foreplay without damaging your desire.

13. Microwavable Popcorn 

sex drive killers

Those nonstick chemicals used in the inner lining of microwave popcorn bags or nonstick pans and pots usually include perfluoroalkyl acids. These chemicals could actually affect negatively the manhood of a guy. Small doses of these chemicals are linked to testicular tumors, lack of libido or male infertility.

In order to protect yourself, you should choose untreated stainless steel or American-made cast-iron cookware. Also, use this brown-bag trick for making safer microwavable popcorn.

14. Scented Candles And Air Fresheners 

sex drive killers

You might think that candles would help you set a sexy mood, yet if you are not using the most common type in the market – artificially scented candles – then you might be unleashing those sex drive-killing chemicals into the air in your personal space. An air quality test found that the petroleum-derived, artificially scented candles might pollute air between toluene and benzene, the toxic components of tailpipe exhaust. These substances will spark asthma attacks, thereby damage your sex drive. The fake fragrances within candles as well as air fresheners might also act as the fake sex hormones, putting such a damper on your testosterone levels.

These are top 14 biggest sex drive killers that not many of you acknowledge, right? These might be available right in your house now, so consider what the potential killers of libido in your house are and start eliminating them from now!

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