Top 15 Common Vaginal Problems That You Should Know

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Most women suffer from common vaginal problems at some periods of time in their life. The vagina is considered as an important part of the body. So why do you feel ashamed & hide things when you can discuss them like any other issues? Discussing and talking about a problem does aid a lot. So why don’t you come out and speak about your problem?

The main cause of these common vaginal problems is bad hygiene. brings to you 15 common vaginal problems that you may definitely experience. If you have got a problem below, you really need to visit a general practitioner or go to a sexual health clinic. So, now let’s check out these common vaginal problems!

Top 15 Common Vaginal Problems That You Should Know

1. Common Vaginal Problems – Trichomoniasis

In fact, trichomoniasis is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. While some women do not have any symptom, other women experience some symptoms such as a foul vaginal odor, a yellow, frothy vaginal discharge, pain during having sex, vaginal itching, general irritation, pelvic pain, and pain during urination. As reported in the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, there are 3.7 million American women have trichomoniasis, but only around 30% of them notice the above symptoms [1].

If you suspect that you can suffer from trichomoniasis, you should discontinue having sex and see a doctor immediately. If you are diagnosed trichomoniasis, your sexual partner should see his doctor and ask for the treatment if needed. Once the symptoms of this problem are treated completely, you should resume have sex.

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2. Common Vaginal Problems – Vulvar Cancer

Although vulvar cancer is a rare disease and only accounts for 0.6% of the cancers in women living in the U.S, you should still be aware of it [2]. This vaginal problem mostly affects the women over age 70 while the cases in younger females are often associated with infection with high-chance sorts of HPV.

For this problem, check with a doctor if you experience a spot on the vulva that is constantly irritated & itchy or this spot looks more different than normal.

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3. Common Vaginal Problems – Bacterial Vaginosis

common vaginal problems - bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common reasons for vaginal discharge in women in their reproductive years [3]. Remember that it isn’t an infection. Rather, bacterial vaginosis develops when the balance of bacteria in the vagina is overgrowth. While there isn’t a clear cause of bacterial vaginosis, a few reasons are known to increase your risk, such as having sex with a new partner or multiple partners, having an intrauterine device, not using a condom during sexual intercourse, and using vaginal douches.

The common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are a fish-like odor in the vagina and an abnormal vaginal discharge (white or gray discharge and watery or foamy discharge).

It is important to ensure that you actually suffer from bacterial vaginosis (not sexually transmitted infections or a yeast infection). And then, your doctor probably gives you an antibiotic in order to knock it out because bacterial vaginosis may cause you to get more vulnerable to other parts and more dangerous infections, such as HIV. It may also cause some problems in pregnancy, including triggering preterm labor.

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4. Common Vaginal Problems – Vaginal Dryness

In fact, vaginal dryness seems like one of the common vaginal problems that only older women suffer from; however, it does not differentiate as much as you expect. The dryness may creep up after pregnancy, during breastfeeding, and when you are taking some certain medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and several forms of birth control [4]. If you are feeling dryer than normal, try using a good over-the-counter lubricant. If it is not improved, see a doctor.

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5. A Thin, White Discharge

An extremely bad odor, discharge, and some burning are a symptom of bacterial vaginosis. It is an overgrowth of the anaerobic bacteria in your vagina, which may be caused due to anything that messes up the natural pH balance (such as douching, antibiotics, or sex). It is one of the common sexual conditions, and you may get oral or vaginal medicines from your doctor to clear it.

As you may know, an unusual discharge may accompany a lot of different issues. However, you needn’t panic if it is a monthly thing because most women experience a physiological discharge. Remember that if you see a change in color, odor, or consistency, see your doctor.

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6. Common Vaginal Problems – HPV And Genital Herpes

As you may know, HPV and genital herpes may be the reasons for developing sores or warts around the vulva and vagina. While there is still no cure for these viruses, there is certainly treatment. Therefore, make sure that you are tested, treated, and then take precautions to avoid passing it to your sexual partner.

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7. Common Vaginal Problems – Vulvodynia

common vaginal problems - vulvodynia

In fact, millions of women suffer from a painful skin around their vulva. The pain may be the itching, stinging, throbbing kind, or be a constant pain which results in painful sex and pain due to sitting down for a long time. If the vaginal lips have been distressed for some time, you can suffer from vulvodynia. No one knows the causes of this problem, but it can be related to inflammation, hormones, or nerve problems, including an injury or increasing the density of the nerves in the vulva.

Vulvodynia pain may strike randomly, but having sex, wearing tight underwear or clothing, or exercising may also trigger it.

For this vaginal problem, see a doctor for advice. There is no foolproof cure; however, wearing 100% cotton underwear or clothing, avoiding sitting for too long or sitting in water with chlorine, avoiding using a detergent, and rinsing your vagina with cool water after having sex & going to the bathroom might help. In addition, cool gel packs may reduce the ache. Some females find relief with using physical therapy and biofeedback.

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8. Common Vaginal Problems – Vaginismus

Vaginismus is one of the painful conditions where your vaginal muscles are so tight that they nearly close the opening of your vagina. It is an involuntary reaction, which is often thought to have a few psychological causes. Obviously, this may result in serious pain, discomfort, or the inability to have all kinds of sex. If you have this problem, talk to a doctor about how long it has been occurring as well as what it feels like. In case, it is vaginismus, you can use vaginal dilators, therapy, or relaxation exercises to fight the underlying causes.

You should get over your embarrassment and speak up. However, it is not always a simple solution. For some females, a combination of psychological and physical therapy is essential to finish the problem. Moreover, practicing Kegels that require you to press the pelvic floor muscles may also help.

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9. Common Vaginal Problems – Lumps Or Bumps

This is one of other common vaginal problems that many women suffer from. If you experience a swollen or painful lump or bump on the vulva, it may be a Bartholin’s cyst, a clogged gland in the outside of your vagina. These lumps or bumps can differ in size and are often found in the corners of the vulva. They are quite common and cannot cause you any trouble. So you can leave them alone or treat them with some warm soaks. However, if they are infected, painful, or super swollen, you should keep the vagina dry or take antibiotics.

Another common bump is considered a sebaceous cyst that is a small lump present under the skin. It can result from clogged pores or ducts or a skin lesion. They may also differ in size and contain white material. Also like a Bartholin’s cyst, they can clear up with warm soaks or compresses. However, if they get infected or do not go away, see your doctor.

10. Common Vaginal Problems – Pain

Inner vaginal pain, particularly during sex, may be a sign of various things. It may be caused dryness, your period, an infection, or a condition such as endometriosis. Therefore, you should check with a doctor if this painful feeling persists for 1 to 2 days. If the pain only happened 1 or 2 times after sex, it can have been from the dryness, you may use lube.

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11. Common Vaginal Problems – Vulvar Varicosity

Vulvar varicosity occurs when there is a big and bulging vein close to your vagina. In fact, it is a varicose vein on the vulva, and you are more prone to experience them during pregnancy. They can result from the training as going to the toilet or standing for a long period of time. Although there aren’t many treatments for them, luckily they may have a tendency to go away themselves.

If you are pregnant, put the legs up and relax. Most often, this problem goes away after you deliver. In addition, swimming is another excellent way to reduce the pressure of the uterus on the veins and improve your blood flow. And cold compresses also help a lot. However, if you are not pregnant, see a doctor. The veins may be treated with sclerotherapy that refers injecting the saline solution into your veins. This will cause them to collapse & go away.

12. Common Vaginal Problems – Bleeding

common vaginal problems - bleeding

If you are randomly spotting, it may involve a hormonal imbalance from missed birth control pills, although persistent spotting may be something to cause you to visit a doctor because it is a sign of pregnancy, an infection, or a polyp on the cervix. If the bleeding occurs after having sex or accompanies by discharge, it may be a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, you will want to see your doctor to check for gonorrhea & chlamydia. Remember that if it was one time after having rough sex, you needn’t worry about this.

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13. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

As you may know, pelvic inflammatory disease occurs when bacteria or an infection spreads from the vagina to the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes. It often happens when sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea go untreated. Therefore, you should test regularly!

Pelvic inflammatory disease can accompany with a lot of symptoms or sometimes none at all. However, some major things that you should watch out are pain during sex or urination, severe pelvic pain, a low-grade fever, heavy discharge, and vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible. You can treat it with antibiotics, but this disease may affect your fertility. Therefore, if you have got pelvic inflammatory disease, it is beneficial to treat it right away.

14. Common Vaginal Problems – Folliculitis

Folliculitis involves a clogged, infected hair follicle and it may happen with the follicles of your pubic hair [5]. The folliculitis might look like whiteheads or red bumps; and for some bad cases, it can result in scarring. You may get them from waxing, shaving, leaving on sweaty clothes after a workout, or soaking in a hot tub. Although they can clear up themselves with warm soaks or compresses, visit a doctor if it is getting worse or not going away.

15. Common Vaginal Problems – A Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast is regarded one of the most common reasons for vaginal infection. This infection results from an overgrowth of yeast inside the area and affects your vagina and the surrounding area of the vulva. This overgrowth is caused due to various reasons such as having uncontrolled diabetes, taking antibiotics, sitting in a damp swimsuit for several hours, or an imbalance of your pH levels. 3 out of 4 females have at least 1 vaginal yeast infection throughout their lifetime.

The symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are itching; pain during having sex; a thick & white vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese; soreness; swelling; general vaginal irritation, redness; and burning. Not every female experience all of the above symptoms.

Some women suffer from frequent a yeast infection, so they are quite familiar with these symptoms and the treatment is recommended for them. However, if you have such symptoms for the first time, you should see a doctor to get an exact diagnosis and eliminate other possibilities. You shouldn’t treat yourself when there is a chance that your symptoms might indicate something else completely.

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Above are some of the common vaginal problems that you should know. With a proper care or some useful treatments, these problems will be rectified. Therefore, don’t fret if you experience them. For another useful article about sex and relationships, visit our Love & Sex page. Feel free to leave your comments to share your thoughts with us.

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