Top 11 Common Sex Problems That You Should Know

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Many of us may experience sex problems at different life stages and feel alone when dealing with this difficulty. This article explains some of the common sex problems

Your difficulty may be related to physical conditions and you could discuss this condition with a doctor. Besides, most sexual problems have a psychological component, so it may be helpful to talk with a therapist.

Top Common Sex Problems That You And Your Partner Can Experience

In this article, I will reveal some common sex problems in details. So, if you want to get more information about sexual health and common sex problems that you and your partner can suffer from, keep your eyes on this article and then visit a doctor for a medical help.

Here are some of the most common sex problems that you should know and then try to find solutions to help you enjoy your sex life.

1. Common Sex Problems – Lack Of Sexual Desire

This is the first one of the common sex problems that I want to mention in this entire article and then want all of my readers to deal with for a better sexual life.

Concerns around sexual desire levels are so common and they may be too little, too much or none at all. Keep in mind that all of us are different and we should honor and accept these differences. According to a study [1], lack of sexual desire can either be total or partial. Partial loss of sexual desire means that whilst you may have stopped initiating sexual activity with your partner, you may respond to the approaches. You may lose sexual desire for one partner, yet have sexual desire for another. On the other hand, total loss of sexual desire means that you have no sexual desire at all.

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There are many reasons why you have a lack of sexual desire. Some life events such as pressure at work, bereavement, and daily stresses may make sex become secondary importance. Besides, a childbirth may also lead to loss of sexual desire for a while. Addition to this, loss of sexual desire is also a side effect of some certain medications, including anti-depressants and depressive diseases. In some cases, loss of sexual desire can be a response to disappointment, dissatisfaction, anger or happiness in the relationship with your partner.

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2. Asexuality

When it comes to common sex problems in men, you should not look down asexuality, yet try to deal with it for good. According to a research about asexuality [2], people with asexuality experience little or none sexual attraction to other people and this is known as a sexual orientation. Still, they form emotional attachments and may be sexual at times. However, these attachments will not be centered on sexual attraction and arousal. So, when you are concerning about men’s health and sex problems that men may experience, you should not look down asexuality.

3. Uncomfortable Sexual Desire

common sex problems - uncomfortable sexual desire

In some cases, we may not have sexual desires that we are comfortable with as they are unusual. If the sexual desire is something you would like to act on with your partner, then you need to consider whether it is a consensual act. If acting out your sexual desires involves breaking the law, coercion, then you should not act your fantasy out.

This is actually one of the common sex problems in women and men that you should not miss, especially when this condition affect negatively your sexual life.

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4. Common Sex Problems – High Sexual Desire

If you feel that you are having a high sexual desire, you need to consider whether your condition is because of your personal feeling or others have expressed a judgment to you. Having a high sexual desire and a lot of sex is not a problem and it can be positive for individuals. Nonetheless, when it has a detrimental effect on other factors of your life and affects your relationship with your partner, then you may have a sexual problem.

This is actually one on the list of common sex problems in men and women, so you should not skip out this condition if you want to get a good sex life.

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5. Orgasmic Difficulties

Many people, both men, and women, experience difficulties in getting an orgasm and in some cases, some individuals rarely or never have an orgasm. Although not all individuals want to get an orgasm in order to enjoy their sexual lives, you may have time when you want to get orgasm yourself or with your partner.

There are some other common sex problems in this article. So, you should continue reading this entire article to discover all of these sex problems and then deal with them for good.

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6. Pain On Intercourse

common sex problems - pain on intercourse

Another one of the common sex problems that both women and men can experience is a pain on intercourse. According to a study about reasons for having painful sex [3], women can feel a painful when they are not aroused well and then penetration takes place. Addition to this, some sexual positions can cause deeper penetration and this may make you painful. Plus, medical conditions, including surgery, pelvic infections, and childbirth injuries can also lead to pain. On the other hand, men can experience pain through intercourse in case their foreskin is tight. This condition occurs in uncircumcised men and it can result in infections.

7. Common Sex Problems – Vaginismus

Another one of the common sex problems that you should know must be vaginismus. Some women have some difficulties with penetrative sex and they may never have been being penetrated. Smear tests and use of tampon may have been very difficult to do. Other women may have penetrative sex and use tampons, but they find difficult to penetrate after an event like a traumatic delivery. And this condition can be very distressing for both you and your partner.

8. Erectile Difficulties

This condition means that men find difficult to obtain and maintain an erection, which makes penetration impossible or difficult. Sometimes, an erection is never achieved and this can be extremely distressing for the sufferer as well as their partners.

If there is no reason for your erectile difficulties, then a cognitive behavioral approach combined with a sex therapy can be effective in offering faster improvement. If there are reasons for you to have erectile difficulties, sex therapy can be effective in managing the difficulties.

According to a study [4], people who experience a prolonged erection should seek help from medical help. A cause of prolonged erection is medications that are used to deal with erectile dysfunction. Besides, this condition can also occur due to certain psychiatric medications, sickle cell disease or cocaine use. Some treatment options are medication to limit blood stream into the penis, draining excess blood from the penis using a needle or surgery.

Actually, this is actually one of the most common sex problems that you should not look down, but try to find solutions to deal with these erectile difficulties as soon as possible.

9. Common Sex Problems – Ejaculation Problems

common sex problems - ejaculation problems

Premature ejaculation means that man often ejaculates too fast. In some cases, it occurs as the man has not known how to control his “point of inevitability”.  As a result, ejaculation may happen before or right after penetration, which may make he and his partner frustrated. About 1/3 of men experience this condition at some point.

Retrograde ejaculation is a rare condition that happens when semen gets into the bladder taking place of going out. The main cause of retrograde ejaculation is that the sufferers’ bladder neck cannot close, causing semen to go backward. This ejaculation problem may also be caused by some medical conditions, such as surgery to the prostate, diabetes, medications, and injuries.

Delayed ejaculation means that man cannot ejaculate, either by stimulation with your partner or during intercourse. Most of the men ejaculate within several minutes of starting to thrust. And men who experience delayed ejaculation may not ejaculate during intercourse or they may only ejaculate with a greater effort after experiencing sexual activity for a long time. This condition can have physical or psychological causes. Also, some medication can cause delayed ejaculation.

Do you want to discover other common sex problems in men that you should know and then find ways to deal with them for good? Continue reading this entire article right now!

10. Sexual Addiction

When a person’s sexual behavior gets out of control and affects their life, making it hard for them to have the type of relationships they want, this may be a sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is also associated with risky behaviors, which can put them and their partners at risk of physical and emotional injury. Some signs of sexual addiction may be:

  • Multiple affairs
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Consistent use of pornography
  • Anonymous or multiple sexual partners
  • Unsafe sex
  • Sex work or use of sex workers
  • Exhibitionism
  • Sexual harassment
  • Obsessive dating
  • Law breaking
  • Watching or stalking others

In fact, this is actually one of the most common sex problems, so you should not look down this sexual condition, especially if it is associated with some risk-taking behaviors.

11. Common Sex Problems – Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is one of the common sex problems in women. The main cause of this condition is the low levels of estrogen [5], making the lady regions dry and fragile. In case this condition is making sex become uncomfortable, consider using a water-based lubricant and having plenty of foreplay before intercourse. And if this condition persists, you can ask your doctor for an estrogen cream.

To avoid sexual problems, you should have a healthy diet, stop smoking, do exercises and keep weight down. Also, regular visits to the doctor are important to help you enjoy sexual life. After reading this article and discovering 11 common sex problems in men and women, I hope that all of my readers will spend time reading another article that will reveal some of the best foods both men and women should consume to increase sex drive naturally – the Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Males And Females article. This is an interesting article that helps you know some of the best foods for sex drive that both men and women should add these foods to daily diet to enjoy better sex life without needing to worry about unwanted side effects. So, you and my other readers should read this recommended article and then try to consume these healthy foods for good.

If you think that this article about common sex problems is helpful, feel free to share this article with other people who may be concern this topic. If you want to get more information related to health problems, remember to visit regularly. Finally, if you know any of the other common sex problems for women and men, remember to share them with others right now by leaving your comments in the comment box section.

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