Top 10 Reasons Why Sex Is Good For Both Men And Women

reasons why sex is good

The American Sexual Health Association states that sex is an important part of the life. Sexual health is considered to be more than avoiding unplanned pregnancies and diseases. Apart from reproduction, it may be about pleasure and intimacy. There are a lot of surprising health benefits that sex brings to men & women, such as giving better sleep, relieving pain, boosting up the immune system, etc. So now, continue reading the article to learn top 10 reasons why sex is good for men & women on the VKool site.

Why Sex Is Good – Top 10 Surprising Health Advantages Of Sex For Men & Women

1. Why Sex Is Good – Reduce Blood Pressure

The Michigan State University conducted a study published in the Health and Social Behavior Journal and found that perhaps sex in later years would reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure for women [1].  Women in this study aged from 57 to 85 years who found the pleasure or satisfying of sex were less likely to suffer from hypertension.

According to another study in the Behavioral Medicine, the act of hugging helps a person keep the blood pressure in a healthy level [2].

The American Heart Association found that high blood pressure increased the risk of developing heart attack & stroke and affected your sex life [3]. In fact, high blood pressure affects the blood flow in the body and prevents enough blood from flowing to the pelvis.

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2. Why Sex Is Good – Boost The Immune System

Yvonne K. Fulbright, a sexual health expert said that sexually active people often take fewer sick days.

According to a study, people with frequent sex (1 to 2 times per week) have more immunoglobulin A in the saliva. People with infrequent sex (less than 1 time per week) have significantly less immunoglobulin A [4].

In another study from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, conducted by Carl Charnetski, people having sex 1 or 2 times per week have an about 30 percent increase in immunoglobulin A [5].

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3. Why Sex Is Good – Reduce Pain

Often, a headache can be used as a common reason to avoid having sex. However, before you take the painkillers, neurologists have stated that sexual activity may help to reduce head pain caused due to a cluster headache or a migraine in some people.

In Germany, the University of Munster conducted another study published in the Cephalalgia and found that 60 percent of people with a migraine reported an improvement in reducing pain after having sex, while 37 percent of patients with a cluster headache showed an improvement [6].

The researchers at the University of Munster explain that sex triggers the release of endorphins that is the great mechanism behind relieving pain. Endorphins are the natural painkillers of the body and are released via the central nervous system. This can reduce or remove pain linked to a headache.

4. Why Sex Is Good – Boost Brain Power

boost brain power

According to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, frequent sex can improve memory for women [7].

The researchers say that sex can improve memory for people by stimulating the formation of new neurons present in the hippocampus. This is the area of the brain which is associated with learning and memory.

According to another study published in the Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, thinking about love & sex offers different effects on the brains [8].

Thinking about love helps to activate global processing & long-term perspective, which will not only promote creative thinking but also interfere with analytical thinking. On the other hand, thinking about sex aids in triggering local processing & short-term perspective, which will promote analytical thinking and interfere with creativity.

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5. Why Sex Is Good – Increase Self-Esteem

According to a study published in the Social Psychology & Personality Science, among college students, students who had casual sex showed higher self-esteem levels, compared with those who didn’t enjoy casual sex [9]

Another study in the “Journal of Adolescent Health” found that women who have higher self-esteem levels reported reaching more satisfying sex and more orgasms [10].

If you want to learn more the surprising health benefits of sex for men & women, you should stay with us in the next part of this article.

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6. Why Sex Is Good – Improve Sleep

After orgasm, the effect of oxytocin, along with the hormone prolactin (that is associated with the feeling of relaxation and satiety), will make you feel sleepy.

According to a study in the Women’s Health Journal, increasing estrogen levels during sex in women helps to enhance the REM cycle [11].

In males, the prefrontal cortex, which is the area of their brain linked to mental activity, consciousness, & alertness, “switches off” after having an orgasm. According to the research published in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, this natural process is linked to the release of serotonin and oxytocin, both of which offer sleep-inducing effects [12].

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7. Why Sex Is Good – Reduce The Risk Of Developing Prostate Cancer

Men who have sex frequently could be protected against developing prostate cancer, one of the most common types of cancer in men in the United States.

According to a study conducted by Michael Leitzmann and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who have sex for 21 times a month or so are a third less risk to develop prostate cancer compared with men who have sex for 4 to 7 times a month [13]

The reason is that having sex frequently helps the prostate gland clear out carcinogens, & materials that can orchestrate the development of many carcinogens. In addition, draining out prostate fluid regularly may stop crystalloid microcalcifications, linked to prostate cancer – from developing the prostate duct.

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8. Why Sex Is Good – Heart Health

heart health

Doing physical activities, including sex are good for your heart health. Men have been shown to get benefits from having sex on their heart. According to a  study in the “American Journal of Cardiology”, men who have sex for at least 2 times a week get a 45 percent reduced the chance of developing heart disease, compared with those who have sexual act less frequently [14].

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease shouldn’t affect the sex life [15]. Chest pain linked to heart disease or heart attacks rarely happen when having sex and if the heart disease has stabilized, you are safely able to have sex.

A study in European Heart Journal, the response of your heart to sex is often comparable with a mild to a moderate effort in daily activities [16]. If you enjoy activities having a similar effect on the heart (for example, walking up 2 flights of stairs) without having chest pain, you often assume that it is completely safe to have sex.

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9. Why Sex Is Good – Relieves Stress

Stress may cause a lot of kinds of health diseases, such as headaches, muscle tension, upset stomach, problems sleeping, chronic depression, and a weakened immune system.

A study published in the Psychosomatic Medicine found that emotional or physical intimacy in couples helps to reduce stress levels [17].

According to another study in the Biological Psychology, people who had penetrative sex had lower blood pressure related to stress when public speaking than those who had non-coital sex or had masturbated. Participants in this study who abstained from having sex experienced the highest levels of blood pressure triggered by stress [18].

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10. Why Sex Is Good – Increases Lifespan

The last advantage in the list of health benefits of sex for men & women is to increase lifespan. The research published in The British Medical Journal concluded that having sexual activity had a protective impact on the health of a man [19].

The researchers followed the mortality of nearly 1,000 men aged from 45 to 59 years for 10 years. They concluded that men who had orgasms frequently had the 50 percent lower risk of death than men who didn’t ejaculate regularly.

Another study also concluded with the same results. According to a 25-year review in The Gerontologist, in men, frequent sexual intercourse is a notable predictor of longevity, while in women; people who had sexual activity frequently live longer [20].

Above are some of the surprising health advantages of sex for men & women. Sex may be an exciting and pleasurable activity; however, remember that having safe sex may reduce the risk of developing STDs and help to avoid unplanned pregnancies. For another useful article about sex and relationships, visit our Sexual Health page. Feel free to leave your comments to share your thoughts with us.

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