14 important things you should know about sex and relationship

Actually there are so many stories around sex, it is difficult to know what to believe. Just simply find out important things you should know about sex – it is the best way to make sure that you have safer and better sex. Check out from VKool.com!

Things You Should Know About Sex – 14 Facts About Sex 

1. Never Underestimate The Power Of Kissing

never underestimate the power of kissing

We all know that practice makes perfect – she does not want you to eat her face off but a passionate, good kiss could really get things going. Lip-biting – though not so hard so you draw blood – is also hot. Just simply nipple her neck, also do not neglect her boobs.

2. Be Clean

be clean

If you smell good, you will be more attractive. Actually, there is nothing sexier than a guy in good cologne. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you go for a bath in cologne.

3. Women Can Get Pregnant Right In The First Time Of Having Sex

women can get pregnant right in the first time of having sex

You might have known that a woman hardly get pregnant the first time that she has sex. However, the truth is, if a girl or a boy has sex and do not opt for contraception, then she could be expecting, no matter it is the first or second, or third times of having sex.

On the other hand, a guy could get a girl pregnant right in the first time that he makes love. If you are female and make love, you could be expecting as soon as you begin ovulating (releasing eggs). This occurs before you have the first period.

Using contraception could protect against pregnancy. Besides, using condoms could also warrant sexual transmitted infections (STIs). Before having sex, you had better talk to your lover about contraception, and warrant that you have some contraception.

4. You Could Be Expecting If A Man Withdraws His Dick Before He Reaches Out

you could be expecting if a man withdraws his dick before he reaches out

In reality, there is a myth that a woman could not get pregnant if a boy withdraws his dick before his ejaculation. Truth is, pulling out the dick will not stop a woman from getting pregnant.

Before a man ejaculates, there is sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid, leaking out when he feel excited. It just takes one sperm to make a girl get pregnant. Remember that pre-come could include STIs, so pulling out the dick will not prevent you from suffering from an infection. If a man says that he takes care to withdraw before ejaculating, you had better not believe him. No one could stop themselves from releasing even just one sperm before they reach out.

Thus, using a condom is a safe way for you to protect yourself from STIs. In other words, use other contraception to prevent unexpected pregnancy.

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5. You Could Get Pregnant Even When You Are In Period 

you could get pregnant even when you are in period

When it comes to important things you should know about sex, there is a myth that a woman could not be expecting if she makes love during her own period. However, the truth is, she could still get pregnant at any time of the month, if not using contraception.

Sperm could survive even for a few days after sex, so even when you make love during the period, sperm could stay in the body long enough to get you pregnant.

6. You Could Still Get Pregnant If Having Sex Sitting Down, Standing Up, Or In Other Sex Positions

You Could Still Get Pregnant If Having Sex Sitting Down, Standing Up, Or In Other Sex Positions

Some of you might have heard a myth that a woman could not get pregnant if she makes love in the standing up, sitting down position. Yet, truth is, there will be no safe sex position for couples if you do not use a condom or any other forms of contraception.

Also, there is not safe place for having sex, including shower or bath. Pregnancy could occur no matter wherever it takes place. Actually, all need things is for a sperm to meet an egg.

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7. You Could Not Get Pregnant Through Oral Sex 

you could not get pregnant through oral sex

In this list of things you should know about sex, this might be one of the most misunderstanding among young boys and girls. The truth is, women could not get pregnant through oral sex, even when she swallows the sperm. However, she might still suffer from STIs via this type of having sex, containing Chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea. Therefore, it is safe to make use of a condom on a dick and a dame over the female genitals when having oral sex.

8. Drinking Alcohol Will Not Make You More Powerful And Better In Bed

drinking alcohol will not make you more powerful and better in bed

You might have heard that alcohol consuming will make men perform better in bed. However, this is not true. When men are drunk, it is difficult for them to make smart decisions, even in terms of having sex. Alcohol could make men take risks, like having sex before they are really ready, or having sex with someone that they do not like (for women). Also, drinking will not make your sex experience better. Afterwards, you might be more likely to regret about that decision of having sex.

9. You Could Not Substitute Plastic Bags, Clingfilm, Crisp Packets, Or Anything Else With The Condom 

you could not substitute plastic bags, clingfilm, crisp packets, or anything else with the condom

Some men use clingfilm, plastic bag or a crisp packet instead of the real condom to prevent from getting a girl pregnant or catching STIs. However, they could not. Just only the real condom could protect against those risks.

Men could get condoms free from:

  • community contraceptive clinics
  • genitourinary medicine (GUM) and sexual health clinics
  • young persons services

Men could also purchase condoms from shops or pharmacies. Just make sure that they have the CE mark on them because that means they are tested to the safety standards.

10. A Man’s Testicles (Balls) Will Not Explode If He Does Not Make Love 

a man’s testicles (balls) will not explode if he does not make love

Some men say that if they do not make love, their balls (testicles) will explode. Yet, it is not true. Not having sex does not cause any harm to both girls and boys. Therefore, of course, boy’s balls will not explode.

Men produce sperm all the time. However, if they do not ejaculate, then the sperm will be absorbed into their own bodies. Ejaculation could occur if they have such a wet dream or masturbate themselves. It is not necessary to have real sex.

11. Condoms Could Not Be Used Again Or Washed Out 

condoms could not be used again or washed out

This is one of the most important things about you should know about sex. Maybe, you have thought that condoms could be used again by washing out. Yet, it cannot. You could not use a used condom more than once, even when washing it out. The only way you could do is to throw it away and use the new one for the next time of having sex.

This is also true for female condoms. Condoms need to be replaced after 30 minutes of having sex as friction could weaken that condom, thereby making it more likely to fail or break.

12. You Do Not Always Get Symptoms If Having An STI 

you do not always get symptoms if having an sti

You might think that you will know whether or not you have an STI as it might hurt when you pee, or you would notice an unusual smell, discharge, or soreness. Really, it is not true.

Many individuals do not realize the signs of infections, so you will not always acknowledge if you are suffered from STIs. If you feel anxious that you have suffered from STI, then you had better visit your GP or local clinic for sexual health. Do check-ups along with tests for STIs now as they are confidential and free, including for those under 16.

13. Women Making Love With Women Could Still Catch STIS

women making love with women could still catch stis

Women who sleep with another woman can still get STIs. This is the truth. If a female has an STI and then has sex with the other female, she might pass the infection on through the vaginal fluid (containing fluid on the shared sex toys), close body contact and blood.

Therefore, even when you have sex with a woman, you should still use condoms for the shared sex toys and the dams for the genitals during the process of oral sex. The dam is a soft, thin plastic square which acts as the barrier to prevent sexual infection. If a girl has sex with a man, using condoms and contraception will help to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs.

14. Not Every Gay Man Has Anal Sex

not every gay man has anal sex

Of course, gay men often have anal sex. However, not all of them do so. Anal sex, like other sexual activities, this is a matter of preference. Some opt for doing it as part of their normal sex life while some do not, whether they are straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

According to a recent study, it is shown that 12.3% of males and 11.3% of females had had anal sex in their past. Whatever type of sex you have, you should still use a condom in order to protect yourself as well as your lover against STIs. Nevertheless, having sex is not really the only manner to show your own exciting feelings for someone.

Above are some important things you should know about sex and relationship. These facts about sex are crucial for both men and women, especially those at young age. Thus, do not overlook these facts to plan a better and safe sex life for yourself.

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