Best Natural Ingredients for Penis Enlargement

Stress, age, and other factors can make it harder to keep an erection going as strong and healthy as it used to be. There’s also the unfortunate reality that having a less than preferable size can lead to confidence issues in the bedroom. However, practical solutions are available which can give you the edge needed for better and more satisfying sex for you and your partner.
Wholesome ingredients are available which can keep your penis functioning as it should, while also providing the much needed support for girth, length, and overall function. This guide will help you understand what options exist, what to look out for, and how to ensure you’re getting the best ingredients for real penis enlargement.

Why Natural Ingredients?

Modern science has looked thoroughly at many types of ancient aphrodisiacs and it has found that these ingredients do in fact offer a sexual enhancement benefit. For additional support there are also other nutrients that can affect testosterone. The great thing about these kinds of ingredients is that they can perform multiple functions including:

Improve Mood: When you feel better you act like your regular self. This makes it easier to get in the mood since you’re not so stressed out. You also save your mental focus for the bedroom.  Stress is a major reason why you may not be in the mood, and when it does come time to perform, you’re just not as into it as you should be.

Support Healthy Blood Flow: This is a key benefit that supports overall health as well as penis size. Healthy blood flow makes erections rigid and longer lasting. It gives it more girth and the ability to function as you would expect your penis to work. This gets increased through the creation of nitric oxide which has numerous health benefits.

Prevent Fatigue and Enhance Endurance: There are two distinct ways this works. First it’s the actual blood flow enhancement which can make you last longer in any physical endurance, translating into more stamina in the bedroom. It can also prevent fatigue so you have the energy and desire to keep going. This is why athletes will often use ingredients like this.

Decrease the Risk for Erectile Dysfunction: You don’t want to suddenly go limp and lose your erection. Sometimes this can happen because of poor blood flow, a mental block, stress, or general anxiety. Aphrodisiacs can keep you in the mood, stimulating both the body and mind.

Noticeable Changes: You just don’t see it, you feel it. Your body and mind start to get a noticeable boost which improves your overall sense of well-being.

Now that we covered the why, let’s go into what to look for.

What Ingredients should I look for?

The best and most researched ingredients for natural penis enhancement support are:

Tribulis Terrestris: The entirety of this plant has been used for many health reasons including preventing erectile dysfunction. This also boosts circulation and sexual desire alike.

Tongkat Ali: Traditionally used in ancient Asian medicine to help support erections, fertility, and to boost testosterone. There’s good reason why refers to it as an “effective boner pill”.

Maca:  Well-researched, long-used, and able to deliver many benefits, this aphrodisiac is commonly used for good reason. It can reduce chance for erectile dysfunction, prevent fatigue, boost sexual desire, and increase fertility.

Muira Puama: A plant aphrodisiac that can prevent erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire.  An additional possible benefit is enhanced brain function.  There’s good reason why it’s referred to as “Viagra of the Amazon”.

Ginseng: Herbal remedy used for many kinds of benefits, it comes in many species and each one has a slightly different use. If possible it’s best to get a blend of Ginseng, as it can help enhance overall sexual function.

Zinc: For both the immune system and testosterone enhancement, Zinc is an essential nutrient you have to get in specific amounts.  The boost of testosterone can not only make it easier to keep sexual function going as it should, but it can make sure erections come on strong.

Catuaba Bark: Effective at boosting arousal, preventing fatigue, and even supporting overall male enhancement.  Additional benefits include improved mental function.

L-Arginine:  You have to get this essential amino acid because it has many important benefits for overall health. One of the reason athletes often supplement with this is because it can improve endurance, blood flow, and growth hormone. This can keep men virile and support longer, thicker, and wider erections.

Boron: Another important mineral that has a lot of potential benefits. Not only does it balance out hormones and create more muscle mass, but it can boost sex drive and testosterone.

Oat Straw: Both sexual and physical performance can be enhanced by this natural plant that is used to make oatmeal.  Libido support is a major possible benefit from this well-studied and well-rounded plant.

A great way to truly activate and support your overall sexual health is to include penis exercises. A regimented plan can take the sexual enhancement benefits from ingredients and further improve their value.

Penis exercises can help you control your orgasm, extend your penis, strengthen erections, and make it easier for blood flow to circulate. All this amounts to better erections and a longer penis.

What are my Best Options?

Now that you know what ingredients to use and the importance of them, the best support can come from a supplement. Certain brands offer a mixture of many effective ingredients and you don’t have to buy individual extracts to get the right amount. You get it all in one source. This has a combined effect to further maximize penis enlargement.

It’s very important to watch out for the marketing hype that can trick you into thinking a brand actually works when it doesn’t. That’s why you have to be a smart consumer and really know for certain what a likely benefit would be from the brand in question.

We recommend looking for the following:

Testimonials: A great judge of the value of a supplement is looking at what actual customers had to say.  If the brand in question has a lot of mixed reviews it just might be that the placebo effect is tricking consumers into thinking it works. Look out for any mention of side effects since this should be rarely seen if ever.

No stimulants: Caffeine, yohimbe, synephrine, bitter orange, theobromine, green coffee bean, and guarana are just some natural stimulants which are not only unnecessary, but potentially dangerous. You wouldn’t be able to take it too late at night since it can keep you awake, and it can be particularly dangerous for those with heart conditions.

GMP certification:  Good Manufacturing Practice is an official label by the Food and Drug Administration which ensures the product you’re buying is made in an approved facility.  It makes sure that the processing facility is clean, verified, updated, and kept to a certain high standard.  Without it there’s a risk you may be buying a supplement which can be contaminated and not in the proper dosage strength.

No auto-shipment/ auto-renewal/ replenishment plan: This may seem like a great deal at first, but you have to read the fine print. It’s too common for brands to market a “free sample” or “trial offer” which really means that after a certain period you are automatically enrolled into a reoccurring plan. The real issue with this is that the customer has to call to cancel, otherwise it will continue. Scammers love to play this trick because it locks you into a binding contract.

Money back return policy: There’s no need to waste both your time and money on something that didn’t work.  If a brand you’re using simple had no effect it shouldn’t be your responsibility to pay the full amount. That’s why making sure the company you’re buying from offers a return is so important. If they truly believe in their product then they should also back up their claims with a refund.

What do you recommend?

Definitely get started on a regular penis exercise plan. You want to maximize your ability to experience a change in your penis function and size. Another great tool is a supplement, since you get all the ingredients needed for male enhancement but without the need to individually purchase each and every ingredient. This can be pricy, time consuming, and not at all practical for fast acting results.  Your best bet is a blend of ingredients added in the right amount in an easy to swallow capsule.

Factoring in all the information we know about penis enlargement, as far as all-around support we favor Viritenz by Health Research Institute. It has all the necessary criteria for real support, and the ingredients are added in a good enough amount to offer lasting results. This supplement fit all the criteria we look for in judging a proper supplement.

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