Top 15 Tips On How To Make Vagina Smell Good Fast

how to make vagina smell good fast


Your vagina is full of good bacteria and fluid designed to help keep you healthy and fresh. A healthy vagina consists of a wealth of bacteria, which keep it in working clean and order. The bad vaginal odor is truly a result of bacterial imbalances or infections and you should consult a doctor to deal with this trouble. Read below for the detailed information on how to make vagina smell good fast. These simple tips collected by are easy to follow at home and are also effective to make your vagina smell good naturally. Continue reading this post in the line of Sexual Health to understand more.

Top 15 Tips On How To Make Vagina Smell Good Fast

1. How To Make Vagina Smell Good – Drink Enough Water Daily

Frankly speaking, water assists in flushing out the harmful toxins. It is also helpful for maintaining body’s temperature & cell integrity. The foul vaginal odor is caused by dehydration. So, staying hydrated is important to avoid foul vagina odor.

2. Avoid High Yeast & Sugar Foods

Basically, high sugar and high yeast foods can result in vaginal odor. Thus, you need to avoid eating cakes, donuts, bread, pastries, and sweets, etc. When craving for something sweet, you can nibble on dark chocolate.

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3. How To Make Vagina Smell Good – Stay Away From Bathing In Hot Water

The natural bacteria in the body can be destroyed by hot water. Using hot water for bathing will result in vaginal odor. Instead, you should use lukewarm water or take cold water to bathe. Also, add essential oils, camphor or rose petals to your bath water.

4. Eat Veggies And Fruits Daily

how to make vagina smell good - eat veggies and fruits daily

Basically, veggies and fruits are full of nutrients, which have the capacity to combat many health problems, including yeast and bacterial infections, heart disease, etc. To stay away from foul vaginal odor, you should at least 3 servings of veggies together with 2 servings of fruits. Alternatively, you can make smoothies with fruits or vegetables for breakfast. Remember to avoid starchy veggies and spicy food.

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5. Change Underwear After Exercising

Dark, sweaty and covered regions are ideal for the growth of bacteria. Thus, it’s important to change the underwear after exercising because it will aid in preventing irritation, itching and foul odor.

6. How To Make Vagina Smell Good – Change Panty Liners Regularly

You should change panty liners after every 3 to 4 hours. The use of panty liners for more than 4 hours will aid the growth of bacteria, which can result in foul odor. You shouldn’t use tampons because they promote bacterial growth and cause vaginal discomfort and itching.

7. Use Soft Panty Liners

Generally, using uncomfortable panty liners or pads can cause itching and vaginal irritation. This may destroy the natural bacteria in the vagina and aid the harmful bacterial growth. Therefore, you should opt for a soft and comfortable panty liner. This will eliminate vaginal odor and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

8. How To Make Vagina Smell Good – Avoid Too Much Meat Or Oil During Periods

Avoid a lot of oil and meat in your food before your period to help prevent vaginal odor.  Instead, consume green leafy veggies, smoothies, vegetable soup, fresh fruits, fruit detox water, and fresh fruit juices. This is helpful for preventing bacterial growth, maintaining the pH, and removing toxins from the body.

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9. Stop Using Fragrances & Soaps

Fragrances and soaps consist of chemicals affecting the pH balance of your vagina, which results in the growth of bacteria. In addition, these chemicals also destroy the natural bacteria in your vaginal area. Therefore, avoid using fragrances or soaps in the vaginal area to alleviate vaginal odor. Also, don’t wash your vaginal area with water sprays or douches because they will remove the natural bacteria, which lead to vaginal odor.

10. How To Make Vagina Smell Good – Wash Your Underwear Frequently In Warm Water

how to make vagina smell good - wash your underwear frequently

To avoid vaginal odor, you need to use warm water to wash your underwear frequently. You simply soak your underwear in some warm detergent water for about ten minutes prior to switching the washer on. Also, dry the underwear properly prior to wearing it again.

11. Shed The Thigh Fat

Basically, extra thigh fat can lead to extra sweat because the thighs touch each other constantly. This results in bacterial growth as well as vaginal odor. It’s suggested to regularly exercise to shed several pounds from the thigh region. This will completely remove vaginal itching and odor.

12. How To Make Vagina Smell Good – Check Your Hormones

Generally, women who are suffering from hormonal imbalance or undergoing hormonal changes may have vaginal secretions having a fishy or foul odor. Therefore, it’s important to consult your gynecologist to know the treatment or the underlying cause of vaginal secretions. You can use an antifungal and antibacterial powder on the inner thighs to eliminate vaginal odor temporarily.

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13. Change Your Panties Two Time A Day

Changing panties twice per day or every twelve hours is a great way on how to make vagina smell good. You should wear cotton panties. You can also wear satin or silk panties but don’t wear them for a long time because silk and satin entrap urine and sweat, which results in bacterial growth and foul smell. Before hitting the bed every night, change a comfortable cotton panty.

14. How To Make Vagina Smell Good With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to improve the natural acidity of your vagina. In addition, it’s also a brilliant anti-bacterial property. Pour apple cider vinegar (2-3 cups) into a warm bath at first and later enjoy a long soak. This helps to improve the odor and re-balance the pH of the vagina.

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15. Try A Garlic Clove

Garlic is one of the natural remedies for many health ailments. Garlic contains anti-fungal agents, which make it beneficial in treating vaginal odor. For this treatment, take 1 clove of garlic and wrap it up in cheesecloth. Then, attach 1 string for removal and insert it into your vagina.

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Now that you know how to make vaginal smell good fast. Try these simple tips to combat the problem of vaginal odor naturally. Please share your views and feedback in the comments box below.

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