Top 12 Common Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection That You Should Know

common symptoms of a yeast infection

A yeast infection is one of the sexual conditions that affect not only the vagina but also many other body parts of both women and men of all ages. This infection may cause swelling, pain, and unpleasant discharge. Candida albicans is considered a common sort of fungus. It is found in the vagina, digestive tract, mouth, and on the skin. Having a yeast infection may be an early sign of other health-related problems. Therefore, you should know the symptoms clearly to care for and protect your health. Therefore, don’t skip this article on to discover these symptoms.

Top 12 Common Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection That You Should Know

1. Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Having intense pain during sexual intercourse is one of the common symptoms of a yeast infection. In fact, this occurs only when the infection tends to spread to the vulva and starts to swelling, which makes sexual intercourse quite painful. Discomfort and pain are typically present before having sex, however, redness and swelling will get more severe after penetrating the vagina.

The Canadian researchers at the McGill University conducted a study that linked reoccurring a yeast infection to chronic pain in the vagina [1]. The results are that those mice were treated with the oral fluconazole that was used to cure the yeast infection. Nevertheless, six out of fifteen mice that were infected with three yeast infections got hypersensitive to touch. These researchers compared the pain to vulvodynia, which may be a condition causing chronic pain of the vagina.

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2. Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection – Foul Vaginal Odor

One of other common symptoms of a yeast infection is the white & cheese-like discharge and a strong fishy odor. Although there are some kinds of vaginal infections that may lead to changes in the vaginal discharge, the discharge caused due to a yeast infection is thick, white, & clumpy.

Besides, bacterial vaginosis is a common kind of a vaginal infection that leads to vaginal discharge. Nevertheless, with bacterial vaginosis, the discharge tends to be more likely gray and watery. In addition, it can cause the vagina to get a fishy-smelling door.

Moreover, trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted disease that is caused due to the Trichomonas vaginalis organism, causes the vaginal discharge. But in this case, the discharge is often frothy and has a yellowish-green color & a pungent odor.

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3. Rash

symptoms of a yeast infection - rash

One of the most common types of yeast infections that strike the skin is candidiasis, a kind of the Candida fungal infection. About 20 species of the Candida exist and Candida albicans fungi are considered the most common form. Candida albicans always live on the skin surfaces of the body without any health issue. Nevertheless, if flora in your vagina is disturbed, there can be a fungal yeast infection, which causes swelling around the vaginal opening, a painful rash, and swollen diaper rash.

Because a yeast infection often develops in a warm, moist area, a vaginal yeast infection is quite common. This infection leads to extreme vaginal itching, pain during having sex & urination, burning, and chunky, white vaginal discharge. In fact, yeasts in the vagina overgrow due to diabetes, pregnancy, low immunity, and prescription medications (such as birth control).

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4. Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection – Mood Disorders

There is much evidence that supports using micronutrients to fight depression. Nevertheless, nutrition is valuable when the body may use it. If the absorption of nutrition is hampered, the micronutrients won’t be effective. So do you know what the problem is? Well, it is due to Candida that has been proven to inhibit the intestinal absorption. In addition, it has been found that mood disorders may be worse throughout the periods of Candida infection. Once Candida is treated completely, your mental status may also be improved [2].

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5. Painful Urination

Victims of a yeast infection will find urinating is rather excruciating. The pain will intensify each time you urinate due to acidic urine coming into contact with your inflamed vulva and vaginal tissues. This can present similarly to other types of vaginal infections, such as bacterial vaginosis. However, a yeast infection will typically lead to a thick, white, & clumpy discharge that is similar to cottage cheese, accompanied by the itching.

Painful urination that throbs or burns, or causes severe itching can also occur. In this time, sexual intercourse can be extremely painful, and your vaginal opening & vulva might become more irritated and painful after having sex. Most males who have suffered from this infection from women will not experience painful urination. Instead, they may notice the itching.

6. Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection – Fatigue

Patients with an internal yeast infection often experience fatigue. In a point of fact, people suffering from a complex related to Candida, or chronic candidiasis syndrome, may share the symptoms to patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome. Typically, the difference is the symptoms of the chronic flu experienced by people with the chronic fatigue [3].

If you want to know other common symptoms of a yeast infection, you should stay with us at the next part of this article!

7. Vaginal Inflammation

symptoms of a yeast infection - vaginal inflammation

The excessive growth of bacteria always causes the labia and vulva to swell, which causes a burning sensation. If you notice the vaginal opening, you likely notice it red and inflamed. Vaginal yeast infections will occur when a kind of fungus, called Candida albicans, spreads from your digestive system to other body parts.

Some studies found that approximately 75% of adult women would suffer from a yeast infection in their lifetime. The causes are taking prescription medication, low immunity, and injury, which will cause the imbalance of Candida. Vaginal yeast infections aren’t sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases, 15 % of men may contact one and spread it if they have sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

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8. Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection – Inflammatory Bowel Disease

In fact, intestinal inflammation is the cause of inflammatory bowel disease. While infections caused due to bacteria have been associated with a cause, many researchers have started to understand the important role of yeast, particularly Candida, in the intestinal irritation. Many studies have associated Candida with the development of several types of a bowel disease [4].

9. Vaginal Discharge

If you have a chunky, white, cottage cheese-like discharge, you can suffer from a yeast infection. Nevertheless, changes in your vaginal discharge can be more clear and milky than curd-cheese. Unlike bacterial vaginosis, vaginal discharge caused due to yeast infection may be thick, white, & clumpy as opposed to watery and grayish in color.

The discharge is typical of a fungal infection, called Candida, which causes a yeast infection. Candida is known as a naturally-occurring fungus which takes residence in your gastrointestinal tract to cause several issues. Nevertheless, when healthy flora in the vagina and gastrointestinal tract is unbalanced, Candida may overgrow and lead to a yeast infection. Prescription medication, low immunity, injury, and stress can also cause a Candida overgrowth.

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10. Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection – Swelling

symptoms of a yeast infection - swelling

The infected area may swell because the body has to fight the Candida fungus. The swelling may occur in your sex organs, skin, and mouth, as well as in your intestines if this Candida infection happens internally. In fact, the swelling often accompanies tenderness.

11. Vaginal Itching

Vaginal itch is one of the first symptoms of a yeast infection. Typically, itching is constant, but it may also get severe if this infection spreads around your vaginal opening, anus, and labia. Remember that itching caused due to a yeast infection is the same itch with other health problems, such as trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis.

The most common area of itch for a yeast infection is the irritated area, which often focuses around your vaginal opening. In addition, pain and intense itch are common during urination. You can also experience swelling, redness, and itchy around the vulva and vagina. Many women also experience a thick, white, & clumpy discharge.

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12. Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection – Discomfort

In fact, the constant discomfort due to a yeast infection, especially if it is left untreated, may get very severe. Walking becomes painful due to itchiness, chaffing rash, and inflammation in your vaginal area. Obviously, pain during sexual intercourse and urination is also present, and sometimes penetration and friction of the vagina cause more pain.

This discomfort differs for women and men. For women, a yeast infection leads to vaginal discharge, intense itching, soreness, burning, and swelling around the vaginal opening, vulva, and skin folds.  Men with yeast infections can notice mild to severe irritation, itch, and burning under & around the foreskin, and swelling & redness at the tip of their penis and underneath their foreskin.

Above are the common symptoms of a yeast infection that you should know. Hope that it helps you to know the symptoms soon to treat and protect your health. To read other useful articles about sex & relationships, please visit our Love & Sex page. You may leave your comments in order to share your thoughts and idea with us.

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