How To Be More Patient, Calm And Kind To Someone In Life

Patience is not an easy-to-learn skill, but it is good for you. Patience or the ability to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated can boost your mental as well as physical health. Try 23 tips on how to be more patient, calm and kind to someone in life below that will allow you to stay calm in that long, long time.

How To Be More Patient, Calm And Kind To Someone In Life

1. Know Your Triggers how to be more patient and understanding

Impatience is something that is triggered. This trigger is different from one to another, yet it has the same purpose. So, it is necessary for you to try to understand what your triggers are. Does your patience wane when you are waiting in the line at Starbucks or the doctor’s office? If possible, send one or two week on keeping a patience journal, jotting down everything that can cause you to lose your patience. Figuring out what your triggers are will help you move through the days with the self-awareness to prevent impatience before it starts, or at least, to turn the situation around before it negatively impacts you and those around you. If you can be aware of what triggers you, you will take preventive steps to maintain calmness.

2. Develop Self-Confidence

Impatience often appears when someone feels disappointed, when you do not feel in control or feel that your hands are tied. It is the reason that you want something to happen instantly, but it seems you cannot do anything to speed things up. In fact, the person who has high confidence will accept the person as actually is. They will not rail against or fight it. Instead, they will work with it. It is recommended that you had better start building your confidence and patience at the same time because they go hand in hand in your life.

3. Change Attitude how to be more patient with yourself

When it comes to learning how to be more patient, the proper attitude towards life and things happening around us plays an important role. The majority of those people who are struggling with impatience cannot find out the answer of the question:

“Why are they in such a hurry?”

It is time for you to recognize that if something occurs a few seconds later, nothing will change. Your task will still get done, and everything still works its duty. Keeping an open perspective and do not find yourself stress will be a good way to keep patience effectively.

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4. Make Patience Your Target Throughout The Day

You should make an effort to take your time and think about everything you do, live in the moment. Then, at the end of the day, observe all the smarter decisions you made in the day and the ways you do them, get along better with others and really understand what took place. Follow that routine on a daily basis. Then, you will recognize that developing patience is much like physical exercise as it requires effort and persistence.

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5. Slow Down how to be more patient with my boyfriend

Learning how to be more patient means you have to learn to slow down things, appropriately. If you tend to rush around and try to hurry things up, or want everything done instantly and cannot wait for things to take their natural course, just STOP. Your work now is to take some deep breaths before acting and moving forwards. Let me give you specific example when it comes to slowing down:

Chew your food slowly. Actually, those people who eat food more slowly will eat less overall than those who devour their meals. Research found that impatient people are more likely to be overweight than those who are not. It is possibly due to their inability to delay gratification at their dinner table. This practice can be applied in different areas of life. By eating slowly, you could train yourself to be more patient and less impulsive in general.

Another instance, when you are in a long lineup at the grocery or in the heavy traffic, you should make decision to pause and not get worked up. Just listen to radio, or enjoy the view to move along any faster. By this way, you are improving your patience.

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6. Find A Distraction

Another way for you to find your calmness is looking for a distraction. With the distraction, you will be able to have something else to think about and temporarily forget the urge of your impatience.

7. Time Is An Illusion how to be more patient in relationship

Time does not actually exist. It is a man-made construct that people sue to dictate their days. Remembering this will assist you in the moments of stuck in traffic or any rush situation. What is the worst that could happen? The more relaxed you are, the more your life will flow smoothly despite the limiting constructs of time.

8. Practice Delaying Gratification

Just remind yourself that your impatience rarely get other people to move faster. In reality, it could interfere with other people’s ability to perform complex or highly-skilled work. In other words, some people become impatient as they are perfectionists. Besides causing impatience, perfectionism can actually slow productivity and results in stress.

9. Let It Go

Here is the easy thing to say, “Let it go”. What is the hard thing to do for you? Just let it go. Nevertheless, when you learn to let the little things roll off your back, you will find that you are much happier. Impatience with annoying things in life only ties you up in knots. Learning to let the annoyances go will help you focus on what is really important. Begin by trying small thing at one time. Let it go. When you slowly learn to let bigger things go, you can see what is important to you and where God wants you concentrate on.

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10. See The Big Picture

Remind yourself that things take time. Those people who are impatient are who insist on getting things done now and do not like to waste time. Yet, almost anything actually good in life takes dedication and time, and if you are not enough patient, you are more likely to give up on goals, relationships, and other things which are important to you. Thought goods might not always come to those people who wait, but most good things do not happen instantly.

Furthermore, try to keep in mind that you will eventually get what you want, though it requires maturity and patience to understand and accept. Remember that patience is a mental skill, so cherish patience as main and big step for you in life. In order to get that, you also need to build a positive outlook in life. Life is not a race, but a long journey that you had better go step-by-step to get the goal.

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11. Think Before Speak how to be more patient at work

Sometimes you blurt out the first thought that comes into your heads without considering the outcomes. This might lead to bad consequences that you absolutely do not expect. If you are patient, pause, and go over what you want to say, you will avoid offending or hurting other people.

12. Step Back

Planning your life is a good idea, but you also plan the unexpected. In real life, things do not always occur as fast as you wish. Accept the turns in life gracefully and keep your own expectations realistic. That is patience. Apply this to not only circumstances and contexts in daily life but to people around you. Then, remember that you cannot always control completely your circumstances. Instead of losing your own patience over contexts that are beyond your control, your task now is to identify things that you can. For example, instead of getting annoyance over a delayed bus or train, you had better find another method to get to the destination you want to come. In case that waiting is the only choice, use that time to do meaningful things like reading book or planning your plan ahead for the future activities. 

This is a practice you can do: try to do nothing in some minutes, just sit quietly and think. It might make you impatient in the initial minutes, but taking some time out will slow down your world. This is an important aspect to improve the attitude essential to develop the skill of patience.

13. Practice Patience  how to be more patient with others

There are a lot of opportunities in a multitude of scenarios which are available for you to practice patience throughout the day, such as when you are stuck in the traffic jam, or when you are with your loved ones, etc. The more you practice to be patient, the easier it can incorporate patience in every field of your life.

14. Reduce Stress

Sometimes, just because you are stressed, then you want things get done as fast as possible. Impatience is the blowing up of a stored buildup of anxiety and stress. Thus, try throughout the day to relieve stress as much as possible. You can try things as the followings:

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15. Stop Demanding The Perfection stop demanding the perfection

You’re not perfect and you should get rid of perfectionism, just try do work well and behave well. That’s okay and people will know how you can control your life and form your personality with patience. If you always demand the perfection, it will be only a way you stress yourself out as it is not possible.

16. Take Deep Breaths

If you have to face up with stress, remember to take deep breaths that can help you calm down for some minutes. You will have enough time to analyze the situation, push the irritation aside and find the best way to deal with it.

17. Try Meditation

Next to ways on how to be more patient, calm and kind to someone in life, you should learn a meditation method or meditation course as it can benefit you so much. You just need to find a quiet place when you get angry or stressed. Do not think anything, make it simple or think something properly with deep breaths. You can immediately have calmness and get rid of frustrating situations. Especially, meditation can help you be in present, instead of getting to the future or dwelling back to the past and getting stress or angry with it.

18. Chew Slowly  chew slowly

Learn to do something slowly like chewing food slowly at the dinner table if you want to be more patient. Actually this is a surefire way to be a mindful eater when you pay more attention to enjoying a dish of food and guess ingredients in your dish. Chewing slowly also help you reduce food cravings at late night and continue your work with high concentration and patience effortlessly.

19. Count To 10

This is a simple yet effective tip to be patient when you are getting angry or frustrated. Slowly count from 1 to 10 and then repeat. When you are done, your frustration may go away and you will stay in a good mood to continue your work or doing anything.

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20. Just Love just love

Love is a happy state, aware of it, and shows it to everyone at anytime. Or if you are getting angry or losing patience, learn to react with positive thoughts and love. For instance, if your kids spill something or break the family heirloom or make a messy room, you should not yell at them. Instead of that, keep calm to give them some advice with soft voice. This is a way to react with patience and love.

21. Do Creative Work

Instead of getting stressed with something or losing patience to wait for something, you can practice creative activities for developing your greater perseverance such as painting, writing, listening to music and a lot more. Actually, we can call these activities creative therapies for patience.

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22. Loosen Up

Losing patience make you get hot and uncomfortable? Simply, get loose, massage or gently touch the body parts to encourage your total relaxation. I bet these quick tips can help you keep your patience for longer.

23. Remember What Is Important remember what is important

When you are going to lose your patience on doing something, evaluate to know what is important to do and complete, then you will force your mind to try to finish it with responsibility.

After covering all of the 23 tips on how to be more patient, calm and kind to someone in life, do you feel they are really useful for you? In order to turn patience become a part of your life, it is essential for you to make a concerted effort to stick to it little by little until you are get familiar with it.

Leave all your comments at the end of this article if you want to contribute any idea about the topic of how to be more patient, calm and kind to someone in life. We highly appreciate your contribution and will respond all soon!

There are a lot of other easy ways to slow the rush & enjoy more happiness, success, and peace of mind every day, so if you want to know more, you should read The Power of Patience book.

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