Extagen Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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While this product had promise, it let us down with its formula (which contains a controversial, notorious ingredient) and the fact that we couldn’t find out much about the company itself. Worse, customer reviews are rock-bottom. For more, read our review below:

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Extagen Overview

Extagen is a daily men’s sexual performance pill. Created by Extagen Products, this product is supposed to drastically improve men’s sex lives by increasing performance in the bedroom.
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The result? More confidence, better sex, and a higher chance of satisfying your partner.

Since it uses natural ingredients, it’s supposed to be safe for any man to use.

This company claims to be an “industry leader,” and touts their supplement as the best available anywhere, even offering people a four-month money-back guarantee. But does that mean we can trust everything they say? Well, the answer isn’t as simple as that, and from what we found about Extagen, you should never take a nutritional supplement company at their word.

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Extagen Claims

Extagen is extremely confident that their product is the absolute best in the industry, but they’re not very specific with their claims. They say that taking the supplement will help men increase their sexual abilities, be better at sex, and help men to achieve their “sexual goals.” We’ve heard language like this before, and based on the ingredients, it looks like the pill is supposed to increase circulation to the penis, providing for longer-lasting erections and more pleasure during sex. Other ingredients – again, just herbs and plant products – are supposed to help men to have more endurance, giving them energy and helping their body to go for longer periods of exertion.

But again, we had to infer that ourselves from the ingredients. The company that makes Extagen refused to be specific about what their product does, much less how it’s supposed to work. These are the details that make a product look legit, but Extagen left them out. Do they even know how their own product works? If they do, they haven’t shown us.

So who exactly is Extagen Products? We have no idea. Not only do they have no website of their own, but there’s no record of them as a business on any industry web pages. Companies that make nutritional supplements typically have multiple products, but apparently Extagen exists solely to sell this one pill. How do they make any money off this one niche pill to sustain their entire business? No answers are forthcoming, unfortunately.

This is a problem, because no matter what the company claims about how the product is made or where, we need to know who we’re buying from. It makes a difference if we’re buying from a company that’s been in business for decades and has thousands of loyal customers, or if we’re buying from a “business” that just opened last week and whose official address is a warehouse in the middle of the desert. Which would you rather buy from?

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Extagen Ingredients

Extagen’s ingredients are pretty typical, with one or two extracts that give us some cause for alarm. We’ll go into exactly why in a bit. Here are some of the main ones:

  • L-Arginine
  • Yohimbe
  • Maca
  • Catuaba
  • American Ginseng
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Muira Puama
  • Siberian Ginseng

L-Arginine is found in many male sex drive supplements. It’s an amino acid, found primarily in food products like seafood, wheat, and dairy products, but can be taken as a natural supplement as well. It’s used to widen the blood vessels by converting to nitric oxide, a substance that makes the vessels dilate, so that more blood can flow to the further parts of the body – in particular, the genitalia.

Yohimbe is a notorious extract, made from the bark of the African yohimbe tree. It’s a traditional way to cure erectile dysfunction and help men and women get their sex drives going, but it has a darker side as well, including side effects like:

  • Irregular heartbeat, nausea, cramping
  • Liver failure, heart attacks

Maca is a Peruvian plant used to regulate hormone production, including testosterone, one of the hormones that affect the sex drive.

Catuaba is a Brazilian aphrodisiac, used to help people get “in the mood,” although it’s also been used as a treatment for high blood pressure and fatigue.

This product contains three different types of ginseng: American ginseng, Panax ginseng, and Siberian ginseng, each of which acts slightly differently. The American version is a stimulant, the Panax (or Asian) version is supposed to help stir the libido, and the Siberian version is supposed to help the body not tire out as quickly.

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The Science Behind Extagen

Some ingredients in this product, like l-arginine and the various ginsengs, do seem to have some clinical evidence that they can help people with sexual dysfunction by affecting circulation and nitric oxide levels (Kotta, Sabna, et al: “Exploring scientifically proven herbal aphrodisiacs” Pharmacogn Rev, 2024).

However, the main problem with this formula is the presence of yohimbe.
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Yohimbe is a controversial ingredient, and for very good reason. The side effects we mentioned, especially the threat of damage to the liver and possible heart failure is a huge problem, obviously. Several countries in the E.U., as well as Canada, have either banned or severely restricted the sale of products containing yohimbe (Svan, Jennifer: “Study: Yohimbine …” Stars and Stripes, 2024). Even worse? All of these health threats are pointless risks, since there’s no actual evidence that yohimbe even works in the first place (“Yohimbe,” WebMD).

Due to the dangers associated with this ingredient, we would recommend people steer clear of any supplement containing yohimbe or its extract. And because of the weak reliability of it in the first place, there’s even a chance that it could throw off the effectiveness of some of the other ingredients in Extagen.

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Word on the Street about Extagen

Welp, so much for the ingredients. The thing we need to sort out is what customers actually think about this product, since that’s one of the most important parts of a purchasing decision. If legions of customers overwhelmingly say that a supplement works as described, that’s a pretty good indicator that it’s worth at least trying.

Extagen has a problem in this area. We checked around and it doesn’t have many customer reviews at all. We tried Amazon, which is typically a good place to find customer reviews that haven’t been cherry-picked by the vendor, and based on the customer reviews there, things aren’t looking very good. The highest percentage of customers who bought it gave the product only 1 star out of 5, a dismal rating. Overall, the majority of people rated it at 3 or fewer stars.

“Happy with it.”

“I have some more energy, but it doesn’t help me sexually at all.”

“Worked great!”

“What a waste of money.”

“This didn’t work for me. But it did give me rashes all over my body.”

“Used these for a month, and saw no improvements at all.”

“No changes, nothing.”

“This product does nothing. I used it for a month, and saw no changes at all. Waste of money.”

When you look at other products that are meant for male enhancement, you’ll often find supplements that have dozens or hundreds of reviews, many in the 4 or 5 star range. So when it comes to Extagen, it really doesn’t look like much of a contender. People have spoken, and it doesn’t look like Extagen measures up.

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Is Extagen Worth a Try?

This supplement really doesn’t wow us. We’ve look at lots of different products in our time, and Extagen doesn’t hit the mark. For one, the company that makes it has almost no information out there about it, and besides an email and an address in Arizona, we don’t really know who they are. They don’t make many explicit claims about what their pills do, meaning there’s a chance that even they don’t know how they’re supposed to work.

We checked out the ingredients, and while some of them are considered pretty legit in the supplement community, it contains yohimbe, a dangerous and controversial extract that’s been linked to severe organ failure and has been banned in multiple countries. If there’s a chance a supplement can hurt you, you shouldn’t take it.

Lastly of course there are the customer reviews, the one thing we can’t ignore. Even if we could forgive the company for not being transparent and public enough, and even if we overlooked some of the health risks associated with yohimbe, we could give this product a decent grade if there was overwhelming support from customers.

However, based on what we’ve seen, it looks like customers actually think this product doesn’t work, and one even reported having rashes as a side effect of using it. At least they refunded his money.

So there you have it. It can be tricky to navigate the world of sex supplements, and all it takes is a little research to realize that not all of them are as they seem. Extagen had promise due to some of the ingredients in it, but we can’t overlook the negative sides of it, and for that reason we can’t recommend Extagen to anyone.

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Extagen vs Viagra

First of all, we need to clarify that while both of these products claim at least one thing in common – to improve men’s sexual experiences – they are different products altogether and work in totally different ways. Extagen is a nutritional supplement, meaning it’s not regulated by the FDA and contains herbal extracts that are supposed to help the body’s natural processes. Viagra on the other hand is a medicine, meaning it is regulated by the FDA and contains a pharmaceutical drug that’s supposed to prevent blood from leaving the penis. Extagen claims to improve your stamina during sex, while Viagra doesn’t.

Viagra also costs a lot more at around $40 per pill, compared to Extagen’s $59.95 for a one-month supply.

Extagen FAQ

  1. Do you know where to buy Extagen?
    Right now it looks like the main place to buy it is from the main website, from Amazon, or from Walmart’s online shop.
  2. Where can I see before and after pictures from users of Extagen?
    We’re not sure why you would need to, since Extagen doesn’t promise to make anything “larger,” but if you were interested you could probably find them on an online forum dedicated to such things.
  3. Are there any side effects to Extagen?
    Although there don’t seem to be any claims from the manufacturer about side effects, we’re read from at least one customer reported that they had rashes after taking this product, prompting him to return the pills and get a refund, which he did.
  4. Are there photos of the results of Extagen?
    Again, if there are such photos you’d have to check out a forum where such pictures (i.e. nudity) are allowed. Extagen themselves don’t offer any such pictures.
  5. Can I buy Extagen at GNC?
    No, right now it doesn’t look like you can buy Extagen at GNC, either online or in stores.
  6. Do you know how to use Extagen?
    All the label says is that you’re supposed to take 2 capsules every day, either with meals or by themselves.
  7. What’s the price of Extagen?
    You can get the pills from the product’s main website for $59.95 (one-month supply), but it’s also available from Amazon and Walmart for about $44. The website gives you options for discounts when you buy multiple bottles, so that might be the main difference in why you’d want to buy directly from the manufacturer.
  8. What ingredients are in Extagen?

    The active ingredients are: zinc, l-arginine, yohimbe bark extract, maca root extract, catuaba bark, American ginseng, Panax ginseng, muira puama, stinging nettle, and Siberian ginseng.
  9. Where can I read reviews of Exagen?
    The main place to read reviews of Extagen (that we’ve seen) is Amazon, but you can see testimonials at the main website as well.
  10. Does Extagen deliver results?
    That’s not really clear. Based on the customer reviews we’ve read, it seems like the majority of people don’t see the intended results, and are disappointed as a result. A minority might, but it’s not representative.

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So What Really Works?

Based on what we’ve seen, there’s a supplement called Viritenz that’s the most impressive male sexual health supplement we’ve reviewed. Not only is it manufactured and made in an FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facility (so you know it’s clean and high-quality), it contains a formula of only natural ingredients, mainly from plants and berries, all of which have been screened for effectiveness and quality.

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