Good Sex Tips For Married Couples: 25 Tricks To Have Better Sex

12. Intensify Ice Cream

intensify ice cream

Do you remember what was going on in high school, when you got a crazy rush from sharing the same cone with a guy? If yes, the next time you are Ben and Jerry’s bound, you split a scoop with him. Make sure that you lick to the drips off his chin and fingers.

13. Make It All About Him (Or You) 

Want to get the greatest sex experience ever before? Take time out to spoil both the two of you. If sex has become a common routine of the same foreplay which is followed by such a missionary sex, you should spend time focusing on his pleasure and then swap. If you channel your own attention on him, you could try new foreplay techniques, find out which sensitive spots making him tick and opt for the positions that your partner feels the most exotic. The next time, get your partner focusing on you and find out what can precisely push your own hot buttons. Actually, exploring each other’s bodies will lead to amazing sex.

14. Experiment With Tantric Sex

experiment with tantric sex download

Tantric sex is all about breathing, focus, concentration and stamina. They might be something that does not automatically occur every time you hit the sack. Yet, the key here is not to focus too closely on your orgasm. Rather than, you can prolong the foreplay as long as you could before taking your intercourse to its natural end. Though delaying orgasm maybe difficult for you, as a woman, especially for your partner, as a man, it could be done by using different techniques containing breathing exercises, meditation and massage. Simply stay off the bed and stimulate your senses with great massage, soft lighting and music.

Once both of you reach orgasm, you need to slow your moves and breathing down. It sounds illogical, nevertheless, as most people breathe faster when approaching climax. In particular, females could tense up at it when trying to make themselves come. Rather than, you should relax your tummy and take slow, long deep breaths. That way, you orgasm will last longer, and even be more intense.

15. Turn The Bedroom Into A Boudoir

turn the bedroom into a boudoir download

In reality, a bedroom which is filled with old gym kit, dirty laundry, and photos of your family is tot precisely about to inspire such a great sex. Thus, you need to turn your bedroom into a place where the two of you want to experience great sex. Get fantastic new sheets, black-out curtains, low lights or anything else that you feel sexy. Yet, do not forget to have a stash of necessary things, such as lube, condoms, blindfolds, toys, and erotica, in a convenient place so you will not have to dash around looking in the heat of the moment.

16. Begin Snogging 

begin snogging

Did you remember when the two of you first got together and were kissing like those teenagers for over 30 minutes at one time? Then, now you can reawaken that passion by snogging like it is going out of fashion. If so, the breathlessness you might feel when you eventually pull away will surely make you want to rip the clothes of each other off.

17. Daydream About The Time You Are Together 

daydream about the time you are together download

When it comes to sex tips for married couples, this trick works well. In case you are struggling with how to get in the mood, then try daydreaming about that time when you have the most passionate, explosive, toe-curling orgasms together. Tell that story out loud to your spouse, if possible. If you have not ever been used to talking dirty when making love, begin innocent by saying, “Do you memorize the time when both of us…” and make things more interesting and naughtier when you go along. That way, he will get the message.

18. Naughty Videos 

naughty videos

What about telling your spouse that you actually want to watch naughty videos together, then you can make him surprised by turning off lights and starting turning on a racy film.

19. Open Your Eyes 

open your eyes

To get the ultimate in bedroom bonding, you should make a pact to the two of you focus on each other whilst doing the deed. It means that you will stay in the present moment and get an eyeful of each other’s climaxes.

20. Prime Your Partner’s Perineum

prime your partner’s perineum download

In order to give your spouse intense pleasure, you can gently knead the nerve-ending-intense area which is behind his scrotum.

21. Naked And Unashamed

naked and unashamed

Just as you should not be ashamed of one another, you should not also be ashamed of sex. God created sex. Then, he had someone write an entire book about it (Song of Solomon), so it means people were born to do it. However, that does not make it any less difficult to overcome the cultural hang-ups that paint sex as dirty or vulgar or something Christians do not talk about.

22. Signature Sex Stunt 

signature sex stunt

This tip sounds ridiculous, right? Yet, you should give it a try to see how wonderful your sex life will be. Think about your favorite move and give it a raunchy name. To do it, you can start with “the”. Add an adjective which applies to those small animals like frisky. Then, complete with the name of a certain wild animal, such as “gazelle”.

23. Tickle Your Partner With Your Own Hair

tickle your partner with your own hair download

Let your locks brush alongside your partner’s torso. This is a big turn-on. It will stroke your partner’s biggest sex organ: the skin. That way, you are learning one of the good sex tips for married couples.

24. Unconditional Love 

unconditional love

Does your husband have Sting’s flair or Brad Pitt’s abs for tantric sex? If he does not, then because your love is not all about his appearance, you can whisper gently to your man that you could not imagine getting up next to such a more exciting, sexier guy than him.

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25. Sexual Role Play Or Book A Hotel Room

sexual role play or book a hotel room download

Role playing is one of the sexiest things a couple could do. Yes, it is more time-consuming and elaborate as both of you actually have to dress up instead of just getting naked. If you are tried role playing at any time and have not really been turned on, maybe you have chosen the wrong costume.

At times, you and your partner might not be truthful enough to speak about those outfits that really turn the two of you on. Give this a serious thought and dress up for each other. To begin, you can wear masquerade masks whilst having sex. That way, you will know how great and sexy both the two of you might feel.

Sometimes, a bit of romance could make married sex feel much sexier too. If you and your partner have some time off, then you can spend afternoon or a night in the hotel room. Sleeping in a brand new surrounding could make you feel more interesting and sexy, giving both of you the private space to try out something new and kinky like having sex close an open winder!

Use these 25 good sex tips for married couples to bring the sexual rush back into your marriage, and make your sex feel like the rush of a horny one night stand.

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