Top 12 Common Symptoms Of Endometriosis Pain

symptoms of endometriosis in bowel


Endometriosis [1] is a condition associated with the uterus and reproductive system of a woman. The disease is caused due to the endometrial cells, abnormally growing outside of the uterus. Some women undergo mild symptoms while many women can have fertility problems, severe pain or various other symptoms. Being a woman, it’s important to know the symptoms of endometriosis. Here are top 12 common symptoms of endometriosis collected by Contact a doctor immediately if you notice any symptom of endometriosis provided below.

Top 12 Common Symptoms Of Endometriosis Pain

1. Symptoms Of Endometriosis – Reduced Fertility

Endometriosis can make a few women less fertile. As a result, they may have trouble getting pregnant. The reduced fertility rate is caused by scarring. Scarring prevents the egg movement from the ovary via the fallopian tube and preventing the movement of sperm. Eggs in the ovaries may get damaged in some cases, leading to reduced egg quality and quantity and decreased ovarian reserve. Unluckily, infertility in women caused by endometriosis is often resistant to treatment with intrauterine insemination [2] and ovarian stimulation. Artificial insemination is not probable to be successful if the pelvic anatomy is distorted extensively. In vitro fertilization (IVF) may be useful in such case.

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2. Bladder Problems

Bladder problems are some of the most symptoms of endometriosis. You may suffer from pain in the lower abdomen during bowel movements or while urinating. Thus, you should urinate more frequently or see a few other changes from normal urinary habits. In fact, endometriosis may cause feelings of bladder fullness and frequent urination.

3. Symptoms Of Endometriosis – Fatigue

Fatigue may turn a symptom when the body of a woman reacts to the disease. The scarring and implanted tissues can be taxing to your body because it struggles to perform its regular functions. Also, the endometrial tissues can create hormonal imbalances. A lot of women suffer from this fatigue around their every month menstruation. Fatigue can be one of the most symptoms of endometriosis because it can be associated with other forgotten or illnesses about.

4. Bowel Problems

symptoms of endometriosis - bowel problems

Endometriosis can lead to bowel issues such as diarrhea, pain or constipation during bowel movements. In addition, there may be bleeding from the bowel or bladder. Endometrial lesions may invade the inside and wall of the bowel, leading to bowel-related problems. People often confuse endometriosis with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) because these symptoms look like to food intolerance or gastrointestinal problems. This makes a diagnosis more complicated.

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5. Symptoms Of Endometriosis – Painful Menstruation

Painful menstruation is considered among the most common symptoms of endometriosis. Before ovulation, this pain can start a week and continue until a week after the end of menstruation. Particularly, this pain can cause cramping and the cramping pain can come in waves and radiate. For painful menstruation, OTC pain medication is a great treatment option.

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6. Back Pain

A variety of conditions can cause back pain for endometriosis. Back pain can be a painful symptom before, during and after menstruation. This can be caused due to the uterus contracting & cramping. A warm bath can aid in relaxing tense back muscles. This symptom can be also controlled with the aid of your doctor.

7. Symptoms Of Endometriosis – Excessive Bleeding During Menstruation

Excessive bleeding during menstruation is also one of the symptoms of endometriosis. Menstruation may persist for longer than seven days. Excessive bleeding can result in low levels of iron, which leads to hair loss, fatigue, and anemia. Iron intravenous injections or iron supplements may be necessary for women who experience long or heavy menstruation. Taking birth control frequently can help many women with endometriosis.

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8. Abdominal Pain

The most common symptom of endometriosis is abdominal pain. A few women may undergo chronic abdominal pain that never disappears. The abdominal pain is usually accompanied by pelvic pain or lower back. Particularly, the pain usually gets bad right before the period and persists the duration of the period.

9. Symptoms Of Endometriosis – Pain After Or During Intercourse

One of the symptoms of endometriosis is pain related to intercourse. Typically, the type of pain is felt deep inside your body. The pain can increase during your sex or right after. Also, it can last for a few hours and continue into the following day. Talk with a doctor about the pain associated with intercourse.

10. Irregular Or Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

symptoms of endometriosis - irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding

Another common symptom of endometriosis is heavy bleeding without or with clots during menstruation. The bleeding increases when the growth of endometriosis get bigger over time. Besides, irregular bleeding, spotting or bleeding between menstrual periods, bleeding before a period and bleeding longer than normal can also show endometriosis. So, consult your doctor immediately if you suffer from heavy bleeding.

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11. Symptoms Of Endometriosis – Painful Urination

Painful urination is a symptom of endometriosis. The entire urinary tract may become affected, consisting of the bladder, urethra, and kidneys. The endometrial tissue can cause painful urination. Other bladder symptoms include pain in the kidneys, bloody urine, the urgent need for urination, the inability to urinate and frequent urination.

12. Inability To Exercise

A symptom of endometriosis is the pelvic pain. The scarring and foreign tissue can bind organs together, leading to tearing and pulling with certain movements. Exercises involving the abdominal muscles can cause the pelvic pain. Also, the pain can be caused due to running, walking, and standing for too long. This can cause shortness of breath and bloody coughing. This can feel like asthma, resulting in an inability to exercise.

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