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A male enhancement strip that only uses a limited amount of ingredients and is sold for a surprisingly high price. Our full breakdown will let you know of all its strengths and where it comes up short. To continue reading just scroll down a bit and click on the table of contents just below.

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Prolongz Overview

Prolongz is a homeopathic oral strip that is designed to prevent premature ejaculation within users and increase sexual stamina. It also states that due to the inclusion of ginseng, erections will be easier to achieve and maintain. The strips are intended to be taken orally, much like a breath strip, and are made to melt on the user’s tongue and absorbed into the system more efficiently.

The product is produced by a company by the name of Advanced Men’s Institute, and their contact information can be found through their website in the form of a physical address, phone number, and email address. The product is sold in packets containing 60 strips, and the user is advised to apply two strips orally every day, and one strip about 30-45 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. This means that each packet could last far shorter than a month and therefore drive up the cost users are paying for it on a monthly basis.

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Prolongz Claims

Prolongz has a professionally designed website that makes a series of claims regarding how the product will benefit the user’s sex life and performance. The main claim made by the product is that it will allow the user to last longer before climaxing, stating that the average man lasts around 5 minutes, but by using their product they could last up to 20 minutes, allowing for a more satisfying experience for them and their partner. The site claims this is achieved by engaging with chemicals in the brain that control sexual excitement.

The site also states that the product is medically recommended, though does not go into detail regarding what that means. It states that it is also fast-acting and easy to use, and goes to work within 20 seconds of application, which is strange considering that they recommend applying it about 30 to 45 minutes before having sex. Towards the bottom of the page, it claims that the product also provides longer lasting erections and increased ejaculation control. Additionally, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Prolongz Ingredients

The formula for Prolongz is fairly limited, essentially using just three active ingredients. It is rare to see a male enhancement product use such a limited amount of ingredients, but Prolongz is betting the idea that because it comes in the form of strips, the ingredients will absolve into the system faster and go to work more quickly. The product provides a full list of ingredients, along with a view of their supplement label, and specific dosage information for the ingredients that are used. Here are all the ingredients used in Prolongz:

  • Damiana Extract
  • Ginseng Extract
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract

Damiana is a wild shrub that is mostly grows in Mexico and Central America. It can be used treat a number of issues, such as headaches, depression, and constipation, while also increasing the sexual desire in several users. Ginseng extract can also be used to treat issues like depression, as well as increasing physical stamina, preventing muscle damage, and overall endurance. There is also some thought that it can help to prevent against premature ejaculation in users.

On the other hand, we are concerned about the inclusion of Fenugreek. It is an herb that can address issues such as digestive problems, cholesterol issues, and diabetes. Some believe that it can be beneficial in improving athletic performance and libido, though the research regarding those aspects are currently very limited. What we do is that is has the potential to create negative side effects such as diarrhea, bloating, nasal congestion, and even strange odors while urinating.

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The Science Behind Prolongz

The website for Prolongz offers a number of figures and images that are designed to look scientific, but when studied closely clearly don’t say much at all. They discuss their “Strip Delivery Technology” that allows users to last longer when performing in the bedroom, specifically stating that a high dosage of damiana and ginseng work together to change the proteins in the brain that give the user increased control over their ejaculation. Unfortunately, they do not go into any greater detail regarding the process by which this happens, other than an image of a chemical breakdown that will be confusing to most readers.

Elsewhere on the site, they offer a bar graph comparing the lasting time of the average male against the average lasting time of a female prior to orgasm. The lasting time of the average female is considerably longer than that of the average male, and the graph changes to show that when a male takes Prolongz their lasting time in bed can match that of the average female. It is an eye-catching graphic, but doesn’t really mean much without any confirmable science behind it. There are some specific figures offered as well, stating that the average man lasts about 5 minutes, but it is never explained where that number comes from. Additionally, there are no links or testimonials from scientists to support the claims made by the manufacturer.

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Word on the Street About Prolongz

Prolongz is sold through several different well-known vendors online such as GNC and Amazon, as well as its own website. This means that locating objective consumer reviews regarding the product’s effectiveness is a pretty simple process. Unfortunately, based on the reviews that we saw, most of the consumer reviews were negative.

The most consistent complaint about the product was that it simply did not do anything noticeable at all. As on user stated, “This product did nothing for me, and I think it may have actually made things worse. I used it as directed, but didn’t notice any significant change.” This sort of criticism was common, as many consumers said they were disappointed that the product failed to make any sort of change in their sexual performance.

Another common complaint that we found was that the cost of the product was far too high given what it delivered and the limited amount of ingredients that it used. As one customer put it: “This is an extremely high cost based on the ingredients that are listed. You could buy each of the ingredient separately for a much lower cost.”

There were a few kind words about the product here and there, but they were far outweighed by the negative reviews.

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Is Prolongz Worth a Try?

Because of a lack of effective ingredients, a high price, and lackluster consumer reviews, we recommend that potential customers skip Prolongz. As many have pointed out, the formula for Prolongz uses just three active ingredients, all of which are commonly available elsewhere. Those ingredients could be purchased separately for a significantly lower price than what Prolongz charges.

But even doing that we wouldn’t recommend because for one fenugreek can potentially cause negative side effects among users, and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the ingredients used by Prolongz will have a noticeable benefit to your sexual performance.

Additionally, because the product is sold through several well-known online vendors like GNC and Amazon, there are many consumer reviews available. They were overwhelmingly mixed to negative with complaints that there were no benefits and the price was far too high. Also, the usage directions for the product state that the strips are supposed to be applied twice per day, then also about 30-45 minutes prior to having sex, which means that depending upon how much the user has sex, each package could last significantly less than a month and make the consumer spend more.

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Prolongz vs boostUltimate

boostUltimate is a male enhancement and testosterone booster that focuses on increasing the muscles, stamina, energy, and desire of the user. Unlike Prolongz, it is a capsule and not a strip, and it uses far more ingredients, and many of which are much more established than the ones used in Prolongz.

However, boostUltimate is sold for around twice the price of Prolongz, and makes no promises regarding allowing the user to last longer in bed. It is sold through Amazon, and has nearly 1000 customer reviews available as well.

Prolongz vs Leyzene

Leyzene markets itself as the most powerful natural male enhancement product available on the market. It is sold in packs of 10 and user are advised to only use it as needed, which is about 30 to 45 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. Like Prolongz it uses a limited amount of ingredients, while also stating that it can allow users to last longer in bed, among other benefits. However, while Prolongz has received generally mixed to poor reviews, the consumer reviews for Leyzene have been almost universally bad, with 66% of the Amazon reviews it has received being for just 1-star.

Prolongz vs Promescent

Promescent is a desensitizing spray for men, that is similar to Prolongz in that its main goal is to give the user greater control over their sexual performance and allow them to last longer during sex. It costs nearly twice as much as Prolingz, however, though is only to be used as needed and can last much longer as well. Both products are sold through Amazon, and Promescent has received noticeably better reviews from consumers than Prolongz.

Prolongz FAQ

  1. Is there are free trial of Prolongz that is currently offered to users?

Currently, there is no free trial of Prolongz that is offered, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee for those who are unsatisfied with the performance of the product.

  1. What sort of side effects should I be aware of when it comes to using Prolongz?

Prolongz uses a limited amount of ingredients within its formula, but still there is the potential for some negative side effects including diarrhea, bloating, and strange urinary odors.

  1. Where can I find customer reviews for Prolongz and how have they been?

Because Prolongz is sold through several online retailers, objective consumer reviews of the product are easy to locate. The consumer reviews were mixed for the most part with many stating that they received little to no benefit, and that the price of the product was far too high.

  1. How are Prolongz strips intended to be used?

The strips are supposed to be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, as well as 30 to 45 minutes prior to engaging in sexual intercourse.

  1. Can Prolongz be purchased though GNC, Amazon, or Walmart?

Prolongz can be purchased through retailers such as GNC and Amazon, but does not appear to be available for purchase through Walmart at this time.

  1. Have Prolongz strips been approved by the FDA?

Yes, the promotional sites for Prolongz claims that their product has been approved by the FDA.

  1. Is there contact information for the manufacturer of Prolongz?

Yes, the product website for Prolongz, which can be somewhat difficult to locate, does provide contact information in the form of a phone number, email address, and physical address.

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So What Really Works?

This is the question that everyone eventually ends up asking themselves. After a long search through countless male enhancement products that either don’t deliver the way they are supposed to or are too expensive to continue purchasing, many men consider just giving up. We’re here to tell you not to lost hope, because we have discovered Viritenz, which has been rated as the most effective and reliable male enhancement supplement on the market today! It achieved this rating through evaluations of satisfied customers and comparisons to other male enhancement products on the market now.

Some of the benefits that Viritenz can provide include a bigger, stronger erection, more endurance in the bedroom, and enhanced pleasure while having sex. These benefits are achieved through the use of all-natural ingredients within its formula, including oat straw, pumpkin seed, and tongkat ali. The manufacturer of the product is Health Research Institute, based out of Los Angeles, California. The official website for Viritenz is full of details regarding the ingredients that they use and the process by which their benefits are achieved.

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