27 Body Weight Exercises For Men And Women To Get In Shape

body weight exercises for men review

27 body weight exercises for men and women are strength training exercises that do not require free weights. Losing weight or just simply maintaining healthy weight becomes more and more difficult in today hustle and bustle society. Not everyone have their own gym membership due to many reasons. If you are one of them, here is what you need to maintain a toned body right from your own home or office. Check out all of top easy body weight exercises for men and women to get in shape easily without effort now!

27 Body Weight Exercises For Men And Women – Keep Fit With Super Simple Exercises

body weight exercises for men

I. Body Weight Exercises For Men

1. Abdominal Exercises

Abs exercises could be done easily almost anywhere without complicated equipment. This is the type of move that looks so wonky. To do it, you can implement the following steps:

  • Sit tall on the edge of a certain sturdy chair, then place the hands on the chair’s edge with the fingers pointing towards the knees.
  • After that, tighten the abs and bring the toes about 2 to 4 inches off the ground. Next, lift the butt off that chair
  • Keep holding this position for about 5 to 10 seconds, as long as possible before lowering your whole body down and do it over again. Do this practice for about 1 minute.

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2. Push Ups

push ups

Start with the push up position, on toes or knees. Then, perform 4 push ups while keeping your abs in and your back straight. From the fifth push up, reduce halfway and keep that position for 4 seconds. After that, push your body up and repeat the routine including 4 continual push ups and 1 halfway.

3. Pull Ups

This kind of exercise requires simple equipment and creativity. You can go to the playground and look for a tree branch which is low hanging. It is a good way to build your upper body strength.

4. Squat Reach And Jump

squat reach and jump

Are you ready to add some pizzazz to that squat? Just do a normal squat, yet instantly jump up, reaching your arms straight overhead. Do about 15 reps. Before doing each next set, you should take a quick breath.

Don’t pooh the squat as a lower-body motion. Sore is relied upon each rep to keep your torso tall and strong; and because the largest muscle groups in the body like glutes are targeted. This workout rewards you to burn higher calories with a leg extension. Try adding small partial reps to the bottom to bring up the burn faster.

Stand with your feet first. Next bend knees and blend hips to squat. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, you stop. Then move to pulse up and down a few inches10 times before you stand. Do 3 sets. Each set lasts about 15 – 20 reps.

5. Chair Squat Pose

Firstly, stand with your feet distance equally to your hip and squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground whilst swinging your arms up.

Secondly, straighten your legs before lifting up your right knee whilst swinging your left arm outside your right knee. Lastly, return to the initial position of standing and do it on the other side.

6. Handstand Push-Up

handstand push-up

This movement is for the pros. You should start with the headstand position, against the wall and bend your elbows at the 90-degree angle. Implement the upside down push-up so your head will move toward the ground and your legs still keep against the wall.

7. Reverse Fly

Grab two bottles or cans of water. Then, keep your position standing up straight with your left foot in front of the right one or vice versa. Your front knees slightly bent. Place your palms facing each other and your abs engaged, then bend forward gently from your waist and extend arms out to your sides, squeezing your shoulder blades. Do this routine over again.

8. Chair Dips

chair dips

You need two chairs to do this exercise. Then, place these chairs opposite to each other. The distance between them is about 3 feet. Sit on one chair with the hands palm down and also gripping the chair’s edge. After that, place the heels on other chair’s edge and hold yourself up using the triceps. Next, slide forwards far enough that the behind of your body clears of the chair and slightly lower your body in so the elbows create a 90-degree angle. Do this set as much as you could.

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9. Wall Sit

Stand in front of the wall and your feet are about two feet away from that wall. Slide down until the knees are at the 90-degree angle and keep holding that position. Retain the abs contracted for about 20 to 60 counts. Return to the start position and repeat, hold the squat at various angles to work your lower body in various ways.

10. Abdominal Crunches

abdominal crunches

First, lie on the back with the knees bent and the feet flat on the ground. Place the fingertips to the side of the head, behind the ears. Second, push the lower back into the ground while flattening the arch. Keep that position. Then, you curl up slightly in order to let the shoulders away the floor several inches. Last, maintain it for 2 seconds and turn back to the initial position. Remember that you should not tuck the chin to the chest, keep the head up.

11. Supermans

The next one in the list of body weight exercises for men introduced here is called supermans. Lie down on the tummy with the arms as well as legs stretched out. Lift the arms along with legs off the floor for several inches; keep for some seconds before lowering. You can alternate the arms and legs as a choice. Do it over again.

12. Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch

Start by lying down and the hands are out to the sides. Bend the knees. Then, bring the knees toward the head until the hips come up slightly off the ground. Avoid rocking. Keep it for a count and repeat over again.

13. Plank Exercise

Set in push-up position on your elbows and toes, or hands and toes. Then, contract the abdominal muscles. While doing that, the back must be kept straight without collapsing in the middle. Hold the position for a long time if you could.

14. Squat-Thrusts


Initially, stand and keep your feet together. Next, squat down before placing the hands on the ground and close the feet. Jump feet backwards into the position of pushing up, jump feet back between your hands, and then stand up.

15. Side Jumps

At the beginning, you stand with the feet together. Then, jump to the right some feet while keeping your knees bent and landing in the squat position. After that, jump back to the left side and keep jumping from side to side. Make use of a small thing for jumping over, such as a book or a pillow.

16. Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Set your hands plus with knees into the start position of a sprinter. Keep the hands on the floor and push off with the feet so you alternate the foot placement. Make sure that you keep the back straight and still, not arched.

17. L-Seat

To do this exercise, seated with your legs extended and your feet flexed. Then, place your hands on the ground and gently round the torso. After that, raise your hips off the floor; keep it for 5 counts before releasing. Do the set again.

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18. Rotational Push-Up

rotational push-up

As a variation of the standard push-up exercise, you after turning back into the initial push-up position, you rotate your body to the left while extending your left hand overhead so that you are forming a T with your arms and torso. Turn back to the beginning position and do a standard push-up before rotating to the right.

19. Flutter Kick

Beginning in the normal plank position, lift your hips as high as possible, lower them down. Keep doing this routine as long as you could. Ensure that your back is kept straight and your hips do not droop.

20. Bicycle

With this exercise, you lie down with your hands and knees behind your head. Place your knees towards your chest, then bring your right elbow toward your left knees when your right leg straightens. Do this with the other side and alternate them continually.

21. Shoulder Bridge

shoulder bridge

Start with lying down on your back with your knees bent while keeping hip-width apart.  Then, place the arms at your side and raise the spine and hips. Just let your head, arms, feet, and shoulders on the floor. Raise one of your legs upwards, keep your core tight. Gently bring your leg back down, and raise back. Do about 10 reps with each leg, and bring your knee in initial place and spine back on the ground.

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22. Walking Lunge

walking lunge

Begin with the corner of your room; take a long stride forward with the left leg. Bend down so the knee is directly over your toes and at the 90-degree angle. Lift up and repeat with the right leg across that room.

23. Russian Twist

Firstly, sit on the ground with your knees bent and feet raised several inches off the ground and kept together. Set your back at a 45-degree angle from the floor, then move your arms from side to side in a twisting motion. The slower the wrist is, the deeper the bum will be.

In order to get in shape quickly and build a strong, healthy body, you had better apply the body weight exercises for men above properly and regularly. By that way, your dream body will be within your reach.

Feel free to leave your comments at the end of this post of body weight exercises for men to let us know your thoughts. We will feedback soon.

II. Body Weight Exercises For Women

Many body weight exercises are designed to work for both men and women. Some are made for only men and some are created for only women. This part will focus on specialized body weight exercises for women. Take a deeper look at this part if you belong to the second sex.

1. Spiderman Push-Up

spiderman push-up

Push-up is considered the best total-body exercise that engages the upper body, lower body. This workout is also good for women to do. Add balance elements to challenge the body and make every rep much tougher.

Firstly, get into the push-up position on the ground. Your hands are wider than shoulders. Bend arms to lower the chest towards the ground. At the same time, rapidly bend the left leg out, try to touch a knee to the left elbow. Next, reverse to the start. On the next rep, perform that motion with the right leg. You should continue for 3 sets, each set is about 10 – 12 reps.

2. Burpee


Burpees may be the toughest exercise that you do with no quire of equipment. Try doing it at home with ease!

Firstly, stand tall with both feet. Do a low squat, place hands on the floor. Next, jump feet back to bring the body to the push-up position. Hop the feet back towards hands. Explode into the air and as high as possible. Try to reach arms above the head for gaining height. Next, land softly. Repeat immediately. Do 3 sets. Each set lasts about 30 – 60 seconds.

3. Forward Lunge With Kickback

Lunges are king because with this type of exercise you can build muscle groups while tacking a kickback that helps your butt more incentive.

Firstly, take a step forward the left foot and bend 2 legs until they reach 900. The rear knee creates two inches off to the ground. Push through the left front foot to the start; yet instead of planting the foot, raise the leg as high as possible behind you. Be careful not to overarch the lower back. Then, swing the leg forward again to another lunge. Repeat.

4. Pull-Up & Chin-Up

pull-up & chin-up

While doing an advanced exercise like pull-ups and chin-ups, you use wide overhand grips to activate your muscles in the upper body, last, more than narrow reverse grips.

Firstly, grab and hold the pull-up bar. Next, bend knees and cross ankles or leave legs dangling towards the floor. Don’t swing the body, bend arms to pull upward until the chin clears the bar. Extend arms to the start and repeat for 3 sets of reps and more if you can.

In order to get in shape quickly and build a strong, healthy body, you had better apply these 27 body weight exercises for men and women above properly and regularly. By that way, your dream body will be within your reach.

Feel free to leave your comments at the end of this post of body weight exercises for men to let us know your thoughts. We will feedback soon.

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